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Post em
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copped today
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Damn Daniel killed white sneakers, and their end is here. Pay your tributes here.
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Wonder if Gucci foamposites will drop now

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Hey /fa/ so last year I got a pair Adidas Bbneo Raleigh shoes as a gift and they ended up ripping terribly within a month (still have them) Luckily there was a shipping error and I've had an extra pair unworn for a while now. Should I sell them or should I keep?

Pic related
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sup /fa/, just found out im going to some sorority's "date night".
any tips on what to wear?
was thinking just a button down and khakis
>not a frat bro
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that is exactly what you would wear if you wanted to look like a frat bro.
well what else do you wear?
Oh god I'm so sorry. I've done one of those and they turn into a genuine shitshow.

A button-down and khakis should work, but ask your date - the girls probably have some sort of idea of what they want their guys to wear and would jump at the opportunity to get some control over that.

But yeah, here's how it went for me:
- Show up with date (I went as a friend - she would otherwise have gone without)
- Men in khakis and ill-fitting blazers, women alternately in nice-ish dresses and fucking t-shirt fabric dresses. Either way, women showing way too much cleavage.
- Perfunctory attempt at "class" for about 20 minutes
- Fat girl gets drunk on wine
- Bad grinding everywhere on dance floor
- I try to keep date company, but she's obviously awkward knowing I'm her "stand-in"
- Sit around drinking bad champagne watching animal-like shit on floor

How would you call pic related's style? Specially the dude from the left, looks p chill.
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Are you being serious?
Maybe, don't know shit about fashion and I just want to clear my mind up.
>"I'm a 16 year old that's into alternative"

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Both incredibly annoying I cant fucking stand them or their audiences

I'm looking to print a few posters visually pleasing to put around my room.. Also poster general
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bump 4 interest
Also bumping out of curiousity

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I don't understand all of the love this brand gets in the world of streetwear.

Their in-house stuff is just bland, generic box logo shit stitched on to a Hanes or Gildan tee that couldn't have costed more than ten dollars to construct.

Some of their collaborations are the same bland, repetitive bullshit with the obnoxious branding of that box logo forcibly slapped on the product in one way or another.

Some of the collabs are stupid as fuck and don't even make sense. Supreme Doc Martens? Just the company slapped onto a pair of ordinary 1460 with an absurd resale price attached to it.

Everything they've done or are attempting to do, literally just about every other streetwear brand has done better.

Palace has better original shit with more tolerable branding attached to it.

Stussy's culture and what it did for streetwear will always be more rich and relevant than Supreme's.

Mishka collaborations while not always great, feel more genuine and less forced than almost everything supreme has done because they are usually intertwined with their own interests and not trying to push nostalgia. Big Black, Death In June, Yung Lean Collabs? Xavier Wulf?

And it's not like most of the people still rocking Preme are Odd Future dickriders, because OF has since fallen off. So why hasn't hype died down and why has it maintained relevance at all?
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You're a faggot
who cares

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Are you tryna cop any artists' merch? Is wearing an artist's merch even effay in the first place? thoughts?

ALSO w2c this black embroidered corduroy hat for reasonable price? TDE is only selling a shitty snapback version with gang iconography.. yuck
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fake tlop merch can be bought on amazon for ~$20 but it's basically real bc it's printed on the same exact gildan. was at MSG show but didn't want to cop bc the cucks waiting on line p much missed the whole show
They sold them for like a day on the TDE website, they show up on eBay every once in a while for cheap
will keep an eye out. thanks man

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Guilty pleasures, effay edition
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I always found driving shoes ugly. Especially those.
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these and bapestas
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Why do gays and women consider shopping a hobby?
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because they feel they need to belong to a vapid consumerist society
The same reason why people think "going out" is a hobby: they are fundamentally boring people.
I love shopping =(((((

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w2c this jacket
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Jacket designer?

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caterpillar ball cap left.jpg
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did anyone cop the hungry caterpillar hat? is it effay?
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it's effay if you're in pre-school
I have it. Get compliments on it pretty much every time I wear it desu.
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yea I got that hat,guy at my job thought it was neat. not all that effay but nice for just throwing on when u have somewhere to go I guess I received a few compliments on it

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So i'm watching this vice video on youtube when this guy living in Libya comes on camera wearing this gorgeous piece of clothing.

I want to buy one but my fashion vocabulary is limited; what would I search for online to find these for sale?

I love bajas/drug rugs but this doesn't seem to be quite a baja. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the video, if it helps:

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you're a fucking terrorist
Cut a drug rug down the middle
Bump, this is beautiful

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Guy on the left.
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Do girls find big butts attractive?


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