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Was thinking of eating just rice everyday.
how viable would eating only rice be in terms of staying healthy?
How much rice would i need to eat a day to get full and still lose weight?

trying to get thinner
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Stop being autistic. Rice lacks a huge number of nutrients you would need for optimum function. At best, you'd starve yourself BOTH in terms of calories and nutrition. At worst, you'd pack on the pounds and bloat through starchy carbs by overeating one thing to the detriment of all else.

If you really want an easy diet, just cut out a percentage of the volume of what you are eating now and continue eating a balanced set of meals. Doing so isn't hard and it'd achieve the caloric restriction you're looking for.
>Stop being autistic

As told by Patrick Fucking Bateman. The most persistent trip/fa/g. That's rich.
rice has hella calories

you should eat mostly vegetables

theyre good for you and keep you full for a good time and not calorie dense

>white girls dress like trash
>latinas dress in trash
>only girls that dress in designer are asians
>mfw they only hang out with themselves
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lmao how much of a beta cuck are you if that's stopping you?
sure, if you count outlet core as designer
yeah. yohji, rick, ann d, van essche sure is outletcore

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what is this aesthetic called?
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Energy Drink Core/ Spud core
i get zero pussy core

is this a decent bomber /fa/? i'm trying to find a reasonably priced minimal black one, but i'm a noob. should i cop?

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Topman is shit, stop being a cheap cunt
what's shit about it? also i can't stop being cheap. i don't have money. plus, spending over 100 on a bomber seems silly anyways
also, which would you recommend instead?

tubular doom lunar
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I would be harsher but that would just be beating a dead horse. Who ever buys Nike anymore unless you're some American tier highschooler? Honestly they've fallen off so hard and Kanye and Adidas really just put them in the ground with their collarbs and the amazing popularity of the ultra boosts. I just really think that Nike's time is up, and instead of growing up to want Jordan's, kids will want to get the newest yeezys or whatever hot shoe is coming out on this brand. The Meta is really changing family.
what the fuck even is this, fa'am?
it looks like this shoe has special needs

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so how come big name American producers and DJs dress like trash ?
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>I need a broccoli tee
>Joel Zimmerman is American

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who /wearthesamepantseveryday/ here?
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here I am

black skinny jeans all the time

...It's just distressing, right?
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same 3 pants here
Who /onlywearswhiteorblacktshirts/ everyday, I just have nothing else

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Please help /fa/, what do I tell my barber to get my haircut exactly like this? What is this hairstyle called?
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show him the picture
That doesn't work, I've tried it. The barber just nods and points to a picture of a different hairstyle they have on their wall.
Your barber may have the autisms.

Does it look gay when guys wear hoodies but roll up the sleeves? I have this hoodie I wear a lot, and I usually roll up the sleeves, but I'm worried that it makes me look kind of gay. Is this true or am I just being paranoid?
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File: 2016-03-03-042115.jpg (117KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Also, I usually roll the sleeves up a little bit past my elbow like this
No one cares, you are a paranoid young adult.
I'm just paranoid because sometimes I wear stuff that makes me look stupid or gay, but no one ever tells me it looks gay. Like I had this white shirt that was kind of tight that I wore a lot, and I wore it weekly for a couple of months and no one said anything about it. Then one day I saw my younger brother wearing my shirt, and I was like "hey that's my shirt." Then my dad interrupted and he said "oh that shirt's too small on you, it looks like a belly shirt and it makes you look like a girl." That just really pissed me off because I wore that shirt all the fucking time and no one told I was walking around looking like a fucking faggot. I wouldn't have worn it if I knew it made me look fucking gay.

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I'm planning a trip to europe in late September for two weeks, landing in London, and trying to definitely hit up greece, germany, italy, and if i can get a layover in Ireland that would be sweet, but is there anywhere you guys would recommend I stop?
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Considering this is /fa/, probably Paris and Milan. Copenhagen if you're into the nordic thing.
Yea I was definitely going there, I'm just looking for Extra fun stuff to do lmao
fuck chicks

What are some jeans that have extremely small leg openings? I've tried from gap to apc and most of them have an opening to wide for my ankles
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since when is porter such a fuccboi
What type of head band is that?
1. Buy pants
2. Go to a tailor
3. Get them tapered

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are zippo lighters effay?
what do you use?
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I have a few zippos but tend not to use them. The smoke is more important than the lighter, and too many times cigarettes have been tainted from using 'petrol lighters', stick to a matte black metal clipper!
The gas evaporates from zippos so fast that I can't be bothered with them.
true dat! i over filled one once to make it last longer and the shit started leaking in my pocket, leg went all red and started burning

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What goes in your front pockets? Back pockets?
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>Front right
>front left
Kershaw knife
>back right
>back left
>front right
>front left
either keys or my hand
>back right
>back left
>nothing or condoms
Back: unimportant things, papers, things that are okay with me sitting on them
Front: phone, keys, wallet (most of the time it's either in my jacket in a pocket, or in my backpack.) important things like receipts (temporarily), and maybe coins

Mine aways seem messy and assymetrical. Do you iron the jeans before combing ? Do you discomb and comb it again every time you wear ?
Comb Tutorial/General
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Do u mean bend
Someone post the bending pants collage
File: 105727.image1.jpg (22KB, 436x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Le bend guy

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Do chicks even dig metalfags?
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no metal, it's nice to listen to time to time but I have found that's it's something you keep to yourself or other cunts who enjoy metal. With girls wait till the bring it up first, unless they mention meme bands like Metallica, avenged sevenfold, iron maiden or something like that. People tend to get disgusted when you bring up metal for some reason.
I dress pretty normally most of the time. Mostly plain tees paired with denim Jean jacket, bombers, leather jacket, plaid flannel, skinny jeans , etc

But every once in a while I throw on a satanic warmaster or Filosofem shirt, or Jean jacket with huge Taake patch on the back. My acquaintances never ask about it so I never mention metal. Is this acceptable?
They think you're a huge faggot
That kind of silence speaks volumes

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