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which presidential candidate is the most /fa/?
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pick one
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I think we know who
Definitely not Trump, that is for sure

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Can we have a thread about rave/party/festival clothes? I'm talking about the clothes you wear to a rave club to impress rave chicks. I'm going to a local rave festival this year and I need inspo on what to wear. Pic related I guess.
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1. go to gym
2. achieve ottermode
3. wear comfy shorts, some runners
4. don't wear a shirt
5. awkwardly grind on ugly ravewhales for 4 hours rolling off molly
6. go home and cry because you're probably way too autistic to derive any joy from going to a rave
7. jerk it furiously to pure anime girls

You're welcome for the advice anon. If you're not autistic, steps 1-4 still apply.
Thanks for the input, but I'm pretty sure a lot of clubs here don't allow you to be shirtless inside. Summer festivals outside are, of course, different.

I started my /fit/ journey a while ago and I have pretty good noob gains, I can get cheat aesthetics by wearing a tight shirt.
holy shit that high test girl on the right

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Is there a new meme look yet or is everyone still dressing post-gothninja clean black and white/trying to push palewave here.

has /fa/ stagnated?
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ur a meme now

>I'm waiting for /fa/ to like something I can afford.

Another unfashionable person has been triggered.
what are you talking about, palewave is cheap af you dogshit

is this what they call projection?

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I'm going to Manhattan soon for a day. What stores should I hit up for spring/summer collections with $500?
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thirft stores
You can hit up the TJ Maxx on 8th ave and 56th st. Or the DSW in Union Square.

500 won't get you a full jacket, pants and shirt outfit from Bananna Republic, much less anything else on 5th and Madison ave.
Any ones in particular?

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how do people dress where you anons live?

Midwest university town dweller here, shit is awful.
>pic related
>green field coats on every basic bitch not wearing pic related
>full university gear 24/7
>Chinese exchange students wearing exclusively BOY

Kill me
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You are going to your uni classes, not on a fucking runway in Milan.

Saged, hidden, called the cops, etc.
girls at midwestern state uni
>oversized sweatshirts
>running shoes

idk how tf wearing leggings casually ever became socially acceptable but im not going to complain about 24/7 18yo girl ass.
basically this
often with a shawl/scarf

(randomly googled this one and then realised it was actualy taken in my hometown Antwerp)

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So far I've only been buying 'fast fashion' but I recently started earning enough money to be able to pay 500$ for a jacket. Which brands should I look for, any inspo or recommendations?
Please help me here /fa/.
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Thanks for the reply! Any other brands?

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What can I do about this forhead acne? I am 22 years old noe and still have it bad.
My facial routine is
1. Exfoliate with a Walgreen's blackhead cleansers
2. Cereve hydrating cleanser
3. Cereve moisturiser lotion
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Only exfoliate 3 times at most a week
this goes in skincare general


please read the sticky and check the catalog before posting, and delete thread.

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r8 me guys
should I change a scarf, does the color suit me?
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nah man looks good like that!
you're a big guy
David Byrne's son?

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About to get a new tattoo. A or B? Inb4: I'm a competitive bodybuilder. If tattoo covers most of any muscle part judges can give 0 point as if they did not see it at all. This place is one of the most neutral.
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Pic related copping soon.
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own pic related
Post some solid looking sunglasses. I want something nice and solid for riding to uni.
where from?

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undisputed king of /fa/
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holy shit dude
this guy is real af

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lmao so glad this autist shit is


Sufu put the final nail in the coffin
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this it would look good in a music video tho if the outfit fit the tone.

same, i think it was spurred on by the huge wave of graphic artists making dystopian future short films as well as the snowden crypto-wave fad from 2013-14

official techwear core

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I get made fun of a lot whilst wearing these shoes but I love them, continue wearing?
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dude the most important part of clothing is your confidence in it.
If you like the shoes, wear them.


Thoughts /fa/?
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Link to all of their new jackets instead you fuck.

Also bump.
I'm only asking about this one, chump.

Well I'm hijacking this thread you dork.

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Opinions on corduroy?
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annie smile.gif
1MB, 245x243px

a lot less indicative of homosexuality than chinos
cords always manage to look fresh
I hate hate hate the feel of it in my fingers
I don't think I'll ever wear them

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