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I'm moving to Paris this week. What should I pack to attract French QTS? Any tips before I go?
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Speak French
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tears wojak 1.jpg
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>born in Montreal
>go to France
>they all pretend they can't understand me
>mock me to my face acting like I'm speaking gibberish when I can understand them perfectly

F-Fucking frogs
if you went to paris, this is to be expected. every paris people hate each other.
>been to Straßbourg, people were generally fine there

Is it gay that I've begun to always tuck my tshirt in
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only if you are gay

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It's ok.

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>0 artistic ability
>want people to think i'm an artist
What do?
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might as well do modern art
like take a shit and throw some flowers on it
become a poser
How though? I'm thinking black turtlenecks, black slacks, and one of those french striped sailor shirts that Picassos wore. Another look I'm thinking is to splatter some paint on my clothes but not sure what kind of paint I should use.

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/fa/, please don't ostracize me, but can someone please explain to me the purpose/meaning behind some designer items that are very expensive, but look like something a child in the '90s would wear to someone who isn't into fashion?

Is that the point of the design? To prove that people will buy anything for the name?
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monitoring this thread
something about ozweegos makes my mouth water whenever i see them
Some people genuinely like how they look, you obviously don't, that's alright, you can buy something else
But generally these shoes somewhat unique and offer some sort of style/design that you won't find in lower priced shoes
Of course you will get some fuckbois that buy designer clothing for the name only and fact that it's expensive

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How much could I sell this for
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Is that gay bracelet included?
i don't know but i'd buy it from you

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Where can I find this type of girl in London?
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Looks like my ex
She was a cunt

Please be in London.
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>deliberately wanting vapid, uninspiring mallcore

top zozzle my man

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Hey /fa/
Since it's going to be getting hot soon, anyone know who makes a good lightweight jean?
Also how light is too light?
I've been thinking of getting a pair from Japan Blue which are 14oz
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That's not all that light. Raws are a meme too. Just get some nice light, softened jeans by Diesel Black Gold or something - most under-rated jeans brand going.
$400-$500 is a bit out my price range.
I'm looking for a simple pair to wear while I'm running errands and stuff. Not going out.
I'm looking for <$200. <$250 at the very least.

Check for sales and eBay. I've picked pairs up for under £50 new. They're comfy as fuck and made in Italy.

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Does anyone have Doc Martens 1460 Monos?

Mine just came in the mail and I like them, but I don't like the smooth leather texture. How does it age? Do they lose their shine with time? Do they always look plastic-y?
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i suggest googling your model and "worn" or check tumblr because they have tons of doc inspo.
I have those and i must say that i don't wear them too much because i am just like you : i don't like the smooth leather texture.
I do my best to destroy them a bit but it seems like they are indestructible.

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You can't go wrong with Oliver People's. Just ordered these.

Eyewear general. Questions, fits, inspo.
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Bate thread. Don't forget your Valentino suit.
Where's the best place to order Oliver People's online? They charge so much more instore + your prescription

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How to remove freckles /fa/ PLEASE help
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freckles are effay af unless ur ugly
guy / girl btw?
don't go outside

or wear makeup

so /fa/ I had a hair cut recently what does everyone think?
Do you think it suits my face shape (from what you can see)
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you look gay
looks like it's time to start shopping for a noose
You need to lift weights wtf

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rate my design
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but they will never take OUR FREEDOM/10
horrendous, give up your dreams.

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How would i go about getting white hair like pic related, I'm male with very thick dark brown hair.
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Bleach it back to platinum blonde and dye it with the tiniest sliver of purple

Otherwise I think you can actually buy a premixed white

Alternatively just get it done for you
There is literally no purple in her hair, where would i get something like this done?
Purple cancels out yellow undertones. Silver/white/gray hair is actually darker than platinum. It just reflects light in a way that makes it appear lighter.

Go to a high-end salon.

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How to dress well if you're heavyset.
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>Giving up, the thread
lose weight
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Does anyone know w2c jeans like pic related in that colour way/cut/style/fit?

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american apparel regular fit 100
they were discontinued

>tfw I bought the last size 28 American Apparel had. Had to have them shipped in from a store in Hawaii

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