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I feel like the leggings+shorts look is either terrible or great. Did I hit the mark? Also discuss leggings/tights on guys
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don't be an insecure faggot. you can pull them off.
Jus tno
stop cutting urself

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Where did everything go so right?

>most iconic bag in the world, resale value makes the Birkin a better investment than gold or vanguard funds
>amazing silks, prints are all works of art
>belt that's either obnoxious or perfect depending on the wearer, but never in between
>absolutely dank ready to wear if you're into the European look
>name dropped repeatedly in Archer
Why do other brands even try?
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Anyone who is truly /fa/ would stay the fuck away from this brand. It screams new money and is now mostly worn by rich gaudy chinks and the Kardashian clan. It lost its appeal long ago.
Don't forget having the best fragrance lineup of any design house, with the world's best perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena, at the helm
Nah, scarves are still properly upper-class and Herm├Ęs still makes them like they used to.

It's not like Raf, Rick and Bape scream aristocracy.


im a guy with hair like pic related, a little longer actually. i grew it out for the first time in my life and it was going great until a month ago.

NOW WHEN I GO TO TAKE A SHOWER OR COMB MY HAIR HALF A DOZEN TO A DOZEN HAIRS FALL OUT CAUGHT IN MY FINGERS. if i shower and shampoo dozens of hairs fall out. so i just try not to mess with my hair in general.

how do i fix this, or is it a fact of life
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my hair is maybe a inch or two shorter than this, i never comb or do anything to it besides brush with my fingers and wash it with conditioner. comb it behind your wars and let it do its thing, ive never had problems with it
wars was supposed to be ears. push it behind your ears. soz shite huge thumbs

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Why would anyone pay 5x for these when they're so much uglier then the originals?
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Money but no confidence

They're a lot safer for people who are too afraid to stand out compared to more interesting shoes
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You dont buy that colorway obviously
This is a good fit right here

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Hey /fa/, I don't usually browse this board and I need your advice.

I want to get pic related. I think the front side of the jacket is fine. But I am having issues with the back (next post)
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look dumb
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Something just feels off about what's going on in the back. Maybe the "Prepare for Trouble" text?

The guy that posted this on /v/ said you can get it without the text, but should the text be replaced with something? Or just left out completely? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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my shitty chin.png
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I fucking hate my chin. Is there anything else than surgery that would make my chin even slightly better? I'd honestly give anything for even a decent normal chin.
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its not that bad youre overblowing it man
What the fuck? It looks absolutely normal. Stop browsing this shithole, and go outside.
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No, I'm a chinlet

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Lose weight fattie. Fit is basic af as well.
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Where can I find this type of girl in London?
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youtube meetups
I wonder if she posts this herself to fish for attention

nice 5head btw
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I wonder if you're dumb or trolling

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How do I achieve Lukecore?
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Is this a good fit?
Its the best one, yet they only gave it 2/5
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Is the all-black gothjedi look still fashionable?
About to buy some Rick pieces from the Summer 1983 collection

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the queue for supreme in Paris
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pussy ass niggas wearing all black
...what? so you're saying to wear a particular colour you have to be a violent idiot leading a destructive gangster lifestyle that adds nothing to society

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Where is the best place to buy decent affordable plain t's. I want to tone my tops down and need to buy 5-6 in a veriaty of colors.
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AsColour are great quality and the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Otherwise I hear American Apparel is good too
Alstyle Apparel has some spotty stitching if your lucky you get ones that were made in indonesia the mexico ones are fucking garbage.

American Apparel shrinks too much and is fit as it is.

Gildan is fucking cancer I throw away all my band shirts that are printed on gildan, oddly sized and over sized.

Old navy is lit. Everything else there is whatever but their tshirts 60/40 and feel and look great.

These are great too but avoid 100% cotton ones at all cost
if yuo're going to buy t-shirts like the ones in your pic, you should probably just go back to /v/ or wherever you came from, because you're hopeless

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Is there any way to be /effay/ in a place like Phoenix? It's either hot as fuck, or hardly cold at all. any layers and you get scorched, feels bad man
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I live there. Wanna fuck OP?

It's easy. Summer dress palewave, or 80s metalhead (use deodorant for your feet) boots in summer makes them stink.

Winter just do some sick layering during winter, best season for fashion. Period.
i look like a boy, can't pull off 80s metalhead but maybe palewave
not sure what to start with desu tho, trying to save money right now so it's kind of clashing with my effay wants

what part though? Just curious; i live in really north phoenix
ASU boyz?

Anyway, just learn to dress light- light fabrics and light colors and you can get away with some ok layering. Cotton shorts are your friend. If you want more technical garments, dig around REI and snag some summer items there. (Or hit up sufu or something)


Like Deer Valley north or Anthem north?

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How does /fa/ deal with friends/associates blatently copying their style? I have a couple of pals not really into clothes, but as of late whenever I get a new piece they will buy the closest thing to it as soon as they can, usually less than 24 hours.
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They're not exactly /fa/, they're a little overweight and haven't really been into clothing or anything ever, but whatever I have, they have. If it's haircut, shoes, or any type of clothes, they'll usually buy a more normcore version of it (i.e. my GATs resulted in 3 of them buying white sambas within 2 days). I wouldn't mind, but it's starting to look a bit weird.
cop stuff that the average peep would have trouble finding. It's gotta be something where Zara/H&M knockoffs don't exist.

What do we think of the Y-3 Qasa?

Bleeding edge? Taken over by hypebeasts? Ninja-tier?
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its great

its too expensive for what it is though

and if you ever owned one, you'd know that the sole gets fucking rekt after a heavy walk
what pants to wear with it? thinking of purchasing a pair
it's the only non normie thing I've worn that has actually gotten me compliments from basic sorority girls at my school

i know most people on /fa/ just shit on you and tell you to leave, but i genuinely want to get into the type of fits that i see here. The only problem is that im kinda broke. is there any possible way to acquire sick fits with little money?
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p o o i n l o o
try ebay/grailed and look up whatever brand you want along with "nwt" in the search. also end of season sales maybe. thrift stores might have some good things
fits here are absolute shit but a broken clock is right twice a day. only stay here for shitposting anon

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