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Hey /fa/ I want to dress better for my significant other. I've never been very fashion savvy (hence the gross polo and sweatpants) and I was hoping I could get some advice.
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If a man your size can get a girlfriend, what is my excuse
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Hair advice would be nice too
You have none

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Yesterday or the day before, someone started a thread about how they found their dad's old clothes

Anyone know the brand that makes the shirt that anon posted? Pic related.
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One of you on here has to recognize that label.
you can do it, we believe in you
I can't. I really can't.

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Show me something punkish to draw and/or spray paint onto a bright pink t-shirt
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Considering either a Black Flag or a Husker Du logo
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the rugged child.jpg
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what kind of hat is Shyheim wearing here?
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Durex Extra Safe
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i eat ass.png
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Same as your boy Sam "The weak should fear the strong" Hyde

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Where does /fa/ buy their fits?
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Whatever store or website carries what I'm after?
salvation army
>buying clothes

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Arko shave soap $1.60 last 2 months
Witch hazel $0.99 lasts 3 months
Omega synthetic brush $10 lifetime
Astra razors 100 pack $10 lasts 2 years
Scotch & Stowe safety razor $20 lifetime

After the initial startup cost, I pay under $20 a year for my shave expense. With the added benefits of not having any shave bumps or razor burn. What is /fa/ shaving with?
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Upside down. fuck
Use Proraso Green, derby blades, some omega brush I got in Italy and clubman as aftershave. Feels pretty good, man.

Proraso Green

Hey dude that's my favourite :D

Seconded advice, best way to start your day.

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>girl keeps checking me out
>ask why
>it's because of my white vans apparently

I wish memsters would just die
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hello tigero
hello tigero

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raf copy.jpg
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reddit streetwear is literally cancer
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so is /fa/, so what
this straight up got 1000 upvotes, 10/10 absolutely cancerous
this is beautiful. am i missing somthing? is ths a fake raf simons all shadows and deliverance piece?

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>tfw too intelligent, nihilistic, and apathetic to care about fashion or how i look


Why couldn't I have just been born narcissistic, feminine and dumb like all of you homosexuals?
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*too much of a loser
why cant u just let those threads die in peace

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Are you the main character /fa/?
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no, i'm the token grumpy weirdo or le funny merry-go-round clown depending on the situation

Which is best, why?
>SLP SL/01H, all black:

>SLP SL/01H, all white:

>SLP SL/06M, all white with black heel:

>Or, the completely different Supra Society 2:
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all black > all white > mixed abomination
all black
all white

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When will the emo/scene aesthetic make a comeback?
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hopefully never, I'm too old to be turned on by girls that age now
The biggest driving factor is/was the rise and fall of MySpace

We will never see a true reemergence of that particular style, but will certainly in the future see a style of its own merit / appearance come and go
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Don't lie bud, everyone knows that 20-and-under women are objectively the most attractive

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ethan bradberry edition
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pic unrelated, Cilian Murphy has some a+ aesthetics
Is chubbin and tuckin effay?

>tfw you will never reach Shoshipoyo's power level
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So glad I live in the US, my puny round eye mind can't comprehend these fits. I just don't understand.
There's nothing to understand, you can only admire

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Who still /gothninja/

Now that the hype has settled only the ones who truly appreciate the style are left.
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I would not know how else to dress myself. I only ever wore black in my life and cheap outerwear with a pair of converse just doesn't cut it for me.
I'm glad the hype is over though. Fucking fuccbois
How can anyone wear this past 30? It's essentially a cosplay that scream edgelord.
i want to meet someone who dresses like this someday

it'd be like meeting a real life RPG character

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