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Today i saw a shoes that its similar to the pic, but it was without laces, grey with disordered lines with a darker grey. It hasnt any nike pipe or anything to know the brand, so thats the problem
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the red lines represent the lines that has the shoes i lookin for
here u go, they're reeboks

also, post questions like this in the fuccboi general or the w2c threads

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I love edgy shirts so much but where do I find them?
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>where do I find them

literally everywhere
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as in? I don't mean the shitty Hot Topic, mass produced looking ones.

Pic related, it's normie tier.
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Math Powerland.jpg
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Pic related. Good kind of edge.

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Are Canadians the most fa race?
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Also the most powerful nation
2nd largest country on the planet after the russias, and none of the evil backwardness.
except that as soon as any of them make it big, they don't want anything to do with canada lol. Of course they keep saying how proud they are of being canadian... when they are on Canadian tv, then get the fuck out of this shithole and into USA.

Honestly, Canada should be annexed to USA and this will be the greatest thing ever.

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Post best fits.
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hahaha this faggot has his septum pierced

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>visit Europe
>nobody wears anything except Adidas

This company is literally the fourth Reich
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isn't it the same with US and Nike though?
mate adidas is amazing looks so good
Didn't Phil Knight started Nike with only sole purpose is to get rid off Adidas in US?

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hey dear /fa/ggots,

cant asked /biz/ but they're too fuking busy jacking off their cryptodicks.

My question is did anyone successfully started fashion or garment studio from ground zero and actually got sales ?

how long did it took ?
whats your average day like ?
how do you get sales/leads ?

>small time biz owner who's still in the process of setting up his embroidery shop.
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uh Phil from Dertbag

but technically he got big because he was friends with Tyler the creator before he got big and and in 2010 when he exploded he wore Dertbag and that got him an influx of sales.

Anyway its possible

I would listen to NPR's How I built this Podcast.

Some dude interviews a bunch of people who started business from nothing. Listen to the Patagonia episode (yvon chouinard)

/fa/ is 90% people in their early 20s living off their parents' money, don't think this is the best place to ask.
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yet we got the best of the best here

appreciate your advice and thank you for your time !

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Like everyone on this board.
>Waaah I am actually really attractive but girls don't notice me
>I look great but don't get any likes on social media!
You're overconfident.
>Caring about social media
You think you have nice fits but they suck. I can feel it.

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Is this the best leather jacket for < $2000?
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This whole fit is so bad it belongs in the WAYWT thread
Welcome to Acne Studios

what does /fa/ think of coloured eye contacts?
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They're the easiest way to see if someone is super insecure over their looks.
I kinda agree with this.

I flinch every time when I see someone wearing one of those.
Can only be good if they're obviously fake and bizarrely colored, as part of some weird look. It's never good when people try to pass them off as real.

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I want to get into layering but I get hot real easily (I'm used to cold weather, but where I live now is not really cold)

What do? what wear, and how to get into layering in general.

I always wear plain tshirt, and plain jeans (different muted colors though)
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Just man up and layer. Stay hydrated. Pro-tip: always wear a wife beater/undershirt. If you get hot, excuse yourself and take it off. You'll feel that much more cool and maybe your pussy willow ass.
this is pretty stupid
Either go with thin cloth or the type that have a lot of air flow. I really love long sleeves, but here it's rare to get cold enough to wear them.

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>be me
>they call me force boy
>i always wear af1
>"hey force boy wear the forces"
>never happier than when wearing af1s
picture related
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i have 3 pairs too, although not those acronyms
- special xxv anniversary edition all whites
- black mids
- lunar force '14 white

you have girl size feet tho lel

those are hard

>get a black pair

>upgrade to force lord

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Hello, /fa/.

I have never posted on this board before and know nothing about recommended styles, so plz no mean.

I'm a teacher and have to be on my feet all day. I am allowed to dress "casual" but usually dress up SLIGHTLY to differentiate from the students (dress shirt with nice jeans or khakis rather than sweatpants and graphic t-shirts).

I wear running shoes because they are literally the only comfortable shoe that I've been able to wear, but they do not look good with some of the things I wear. I've always worn Nike, so someone recommended pic related.

I don't know if these are comfortable or anything, but they definitely look more stylish than running shoes.

The problem is that I'm not a skater and these are skating shoes.

Any advice for a teacher? Can you confirm that this looks good with a slightly-higher-than-casual look? Or maybe you have a different recommendation.

TL;DR: Teacher is considering buying these, good idea or no? Any other recommendations?
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just get clarks desert boots and wear them with chinos and an oxford shirt

generic teacher uniform
janoskis are probably more comfortable and versatile OP. If you're looking for most comfy skate shoes though it's gotta be the adidas nestor judkins seeley ADV (although you normally go for Nike).
>clarks desert boots
how are these so popular. they are the worst ever.

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You may not like it but this is what peak fashion perfection looks like
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what the fuck

these devices are meant to be played and not to be strapped to some thot's ugly shit heel for vapid ass cringe fashion reasons.
set the vidya free!

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i'm sorry that you crave cold weather so you have an excuse to hide your skinny fat body. me and the all the other Chadleys are enjoying showing off our pipes and wheels
no idea why you felt the need to project something like this, i have an athletic build
sure m8

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painting your toenails ?
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are you a girl? ok. are you a guy? faggot
Wear socks
just noticed the leg hair. faggot

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