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What can I layer with this?
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Can't go wrong with a simple,slim dress shirt
I literally just bought one of these yesterday night

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acceptable american outfit.jpg
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>Americans wear khakis
>Euros wear chinos

Who are in the right?
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They're the same thing
Absolutely not.
I thought khaki was a color code ??

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what brands have sweatshirts/longsleeve sweatshirt style that doesn't wrap around at the bottom ur ass/waist/hips

pic sorta related

left hangs freely and doesn't stick to body

right hugs body at the bottom super uncomfy, especially if you you want to go for a look with a long sweater and its wrapped around ur ass

get it? kinda
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ex of sweater that hangs wewll

straight off the shoulders and down str8

am i crazy
You're not but you need to learn how to write properly.

Hey, OP here. I'd like to inquire you on where I would purchase one of these obviously higher quality long T's or sweatshirts. If you can't decide on one, and are unable to leave me with that information I'd highly suggest leaving a list of recommendations instead.


Your good friend!

Howe do I get the machine gun kelly look?
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Being retarded is a great start, good job OP.

Being retarded faggot is a great start, good job OP.
Being a retarded faggot loser is a great start, good job OP.

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Last thread went off topic and can't be saved
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Woowee that last thread was a stinker

I'll whip up some feedback once there are more fits ITT. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!
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Why is techwear so superior to all other styles?
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Middle dude is aesthetic as fuck, w2c everything
Because it lets you rape children and get away with it
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>tfw you realize there are people on this board right now who will try to defend what techwear has become
I miss old the /fa/

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Where can I find good red teashades like pic related? On the internet I just find cheap fake glasses, help!
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websearch "rayban"
You're giving a smartass answer but Ray-Ban don't make a model like that. They have ovals, rounds but no circular frames. And I don't think they do lenses like that but I could be wrong about that part.

which finger do you wear urs?
general 'rules' on rings?

>inb4 rings for the cock
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Rings look good if you look good. Otherwise they will look autistic
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Had this one since I was 13. What do you think?
Cute on girls but gay on guys, unless it's something sentimental

Is she /fa/?
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Of course
Correct answer.

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Recommend me a haircut
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fuck off casemods
Casey, it's been so long
Cut your ass back to 2011

File: _20170819_025923.jpg (389KB, 1080x1763px)Image search: [Google]
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20 yo
recently recovering from acne and now I have this shit.

any tips?
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I also have a forehead
boi, this is a 5head
oh dude thats horrible i feel so sorry for you. if i were in your shoes id probably kill myself

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How can these famous guys get away with it? They wear these suits that are skin tight and everybody thinks they look fine, but when I buy a suit that is somewhat tight everybody says it's too tight and doesn't fit me. IT ISN'T TOO SMALL, IT'S JUST A SKINNY FIT.

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That looks really bad imo, gives him a weird hourglass look
its cause ur ugly
i agree i think the pants are fine but the jacket is definitely too tight

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are painted nails /fa/
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No. Stop being a faggot. Your father is ashamed of your ass.
Women: Yes

Men: No
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im a girl you faggot cuck

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Does /fa/ whiten their teeth?
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Since when are white teeth effay?
Whitening your teeth is the gateway drug to bleaching your asshole.
and trust me you don't want to do that. You might get some bleach on your t-shirt and feel like a asshole

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F A D E D.png
3MB, 1920x1080px
So I want this tank top, but the site; d9reserve is a little dead. So does anyone know where else I can get it?

(Screen capped from a Movie: Kid Cannabis)
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you posted this a month ago
I have bad memory.
I think you mean sleeveless shirt?

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