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What are some good 70s looks? I'm finding that I like the the style and aesthetic of the 70 and early 80s.
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Look at pictures of 70's bands and their fans.
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Here's Harrison Ford in 1978

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mobile wallpaper & home screen thread
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Are dark circles effay and how do you get them ?
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they can look effay depending on how you're dressed imo
They can.
Anemia. Drug problem.
Lack of sleep
Shitty diet
Stop using face creams around the eyes that tighten the skin.
Stop using face makeup.
Don't use that stupid cold bean/rice trick to keep circles from growing due to heat.

Mine are from a shit-ass diet and a lack of sleep that's persisted for, oh, who knows, most of my life.

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What's it like to go bald at a young age?
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Looks like alopecia right? Atleast its more treatable than mpb. Assuming this pic is real
Ask me in five years
sucks. ive been slowly receding since i was like 16. ive always hidden it well but its a serious blow to my confidence. whenever i see people with perfect hairlines and thick hair i catch myself staring.

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what did you wear today
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gotta go fast
I-is that the...
The epitome of high fashion has arrived!
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I have too much clothes, shoes, fragrances and accessories
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Donate them
Same, I've got too many t-shirts and hoodies etc. But I like all of them so I keep them, and sometimes try to wear the ones I didn't in a while
Send them to me

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is sam hyde /fa/?
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when people compare CPs to GATs
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MMM GATs are autismo. They are too bulky making them look like clown shoes.

Regular GATs are alright but CP's are still superior.
thought they were bulky, tried a pair on in store, actually fit nicely on feet
lel regular gats are fucking shite
ugly cheap plasticky leather and awful construction

at this point i think this shoe is more of a meme than an actual fashion staple (which i never thought it was a fashion staple in the 1st place as a matter of fact)

also sneaker/trainer/shoe thread
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easiest way for "upcoming, minimalist brands" to make money is ripping this shoe off lol
poor fag tears. CP's are only for sophisticated individuals who actually care about outfits as a whole. CP's have the best silhouette and quality in comparison to any other white shoe.
minimalist fashion is a fucking joke. you want "minimalist" fashion in my eyes? go to target or walmart or primark and get plain clothing devoid of any logos or any distinctive characteristics. that is real minimalist fashion

How come he looks good in clothes with this gross shapeless body?

For some reason I thought he is fit. But he never was fit.
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I mean his taste in fashion is shit, but his silhouette looked normal. But underneath turns out is this?
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I need to see kanye shirtless lol
good genes: tall, face, hair. oh, and famous and rich

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Anyone? They look maybe like cowboy boots with buckles? Or is there a specific type of shoe this is called. Has like a square boxy king of look
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Those are called harness boots, you can find them at your everyday harley davidson store. but if you want some nice ones check out Story et fall, or if you have fuck you money, the wyatt boots from Saint Laurent are goddamn beautiful, though they are slightly more pointy
thanks thanks
i have a pair of miusa frye harness boots the toes are too square and they look cringy as fuck i have had them for years and only worn them a few times do not recommend

don't buy harness boots

Can I get a fit check?
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tired diamond quilt
Read the fucking sticky

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Guys should I cop these fire Costco sneakers?
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no its PU trash
Do you realize sneakers from Costco, Payless or Wal-Mart worns out quickly right?
i mean i would wear synthetic shit all day
but not PU made to look like leather

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what is the most effay instrument?
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Percussion instruments, particularly the vibraslap
Mini Korg 700 is the only answer. Created post punk
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new /hair/ gen thread

Are undercuts finally going out of style?
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Well, with everyone in the right making it a staple, I believe so.
the undercut will never go out of style. it never has and it never will. it might change a little bit but it won't go away.
We already have a /hair/ gen thread

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