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Cleansing routine thread, what products do you use? Rate mine

Shampoo: head and shoulders 2 in 1

Body wash: dove men + care extra fresh body and face wash, use this to wash my body and face in the shower with a muslin (lol muslim) wash cloth

Moisturiser: cocoa butter, am I meant to wash this shit off after I apply it?

Deodorant: Dove men + care extra fresh anti perspirant, thinking of switching to this

Aftershave: joop, davidoff, blue jeans, I like jean paul gautier too
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I guess this is the new skincare general

>Cerave hydrating cleanser
>Aczone (PM only)
>Cerave daily moisturizer

Good thing I went to a dermatologist, Aczone is the stuff of miracles. Old acne disappeared very quickly, almost zero new acne.
Still have congested pores and oily skin on my T-zone. About to start using The Ordinary's B3+Zinc serum for this, which will hopefully diminish post-acne red marks as well.
Pretty much the same as you for shampoo and body wash, though I use a loofah rather than a wash cloth. I don't use moisturiser nor aftershave.
Bump for interest

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i cant stop buying bape and supreme

what do????????
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1-.look for the most "low key" pieces, 2-.look for interesting collabs
3-.avoid huge logos, max is pic related, bigger in some exceptions, but never buy anything with a big bogo like beanies or the hoodies
4-.buy and remove the logos but leave tags
5-.question yourself "would i buy this if it wasnt supreme"?
1-.Avoid camos, they are easier to avoid than the sharks on hoodies and jackets,
2-.look for simple things, like the PONR pullover, is just the shark and nothing else, very normal compared to other bape pieces
3-.like supreme, remove parts like in this bomber i would remove the shark and leave WGM
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images (5).jpg
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wear clothes, not a brand, modify the shit you buy so isnt every single hypebeast outfit ever, like i said look for weirderd and obscure shit like this bape wingtips, or the Mr. bape non camo ties, avoid wearing more than 1 visible hype piece at thee time, for example, wearing the CDGxsupreme AF1's and the rest is normal stuff, ill leave some bape "neutral pieces

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Can I get a fit check?
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You look like a West Virginia meth dealer
better than most
worse than many
are those leather crocs?

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you know the drill

discounts available for effay
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bundeswehr pilotenstiefel.jpg
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gonna drop some inspo to keep this shit bumped
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1MB, 1067x1600px

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I notice how females have much thicker hair than males, this leads to stronger hair that doesn't fall out as easily leading to a fuller head of hair and therfore can do more with styleing it.

what ypu see in pic related is a thin hair that is representative of all my hair, that ungodly thing below it is an eyebrow hair of mine, all my other eyebrow hairs are thin like my hair except for this ONE.

My question is, is there any hope for getting the rest of my hair to be so thick and full?

How do women do it?

And, why the hell is only one of mybrow hairs so different?
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Im asking for answers, not excuses.
Funny, but we're not talking about you being a fat cunt, we're talking about hair.
>females have much thicker hair than males, this leads to stronger hair that doesn't fall out as easily leading to a fuller head of hair and therfore can do more with styleing it.
>How do women do it?
>why the hell is only one of mybrow hairs so different?
>is there any hope for getting the rest of my hair to be so thick and full?

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How autistic would it be to wear these trousers? Playing P5 and I'm in love with these.

Also what style of boots are these? They seem like Chelsea boots but not quite, maybe desert boots?
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yes. he's wearing it as a school uniform, you won't be.
if you're going to copy anything, copy his day-off outfits.
My philosophy teacher wore those
He was a cool guy
I think I'll disagree, I wore white oxford shirts as part of my uniform and I still wear them 5 years on and it's not autistic.

W-what did he wear them with

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Is there some sort of database of models which would contain their measurements?
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Also who is this qt?
honestly would give up sports to have a body like this

not joking

although usually it's the agencies that have more detailed measurements

avant models website is generally very good about this

Hi /fa/
It's not often i visit you but i saw no thread about my concerns.

How do you take care of your long and luscious hair?

I've kept to some simple rules like: no hairdryer, letting it stay fat and oily sometimes, and since i feel very uncomfortable when "not ok ppl" touch my mane i try to buzz my own split ends.

Hair care general?
Or just post people with well kept hair
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Use an oil of your choice on the ends.
Oh yeah. I've heard something about entirely oiling in your hair after washing it, wrap it up with a towel so you can sleep with it overnight and wash it clean again the next day
i'm thinking about complitely trim them in the back, is an autistic choice

What is /fa/'s opinion on leather jackets for men (especially this kind of style in the pic) if you don't ride a motorbike? Is it poseur?

I've read conflicting stuff on the internet about how a leather jacket is either a men's fashion staple or midlife crisis core. What is /fa/'s opinion?
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If you're fit, or thin, and it is made of decent material and fits it'll look incredible.

People that say "x clothing is lame don't wear it. You look like y!" Are tasteless idiots
This applies to all forms of clothing.
You have autism so I guess these subtleties are lost on you. I'll try and explain it. Everyone knows that it is possible for a man to look excellent in leather jackets.
What we are telling anons is that, since they are some chinless beta with no fashion intelligence, it's like a 99.99% chance they will look shit.

A guy that looks good in leather jackets and knows how to pick them and knows how to wear them is not coming on /fa/ and asking us if he can wear a leather jacket.

So I've noticed that my eyebrows hair is kinda sparse in places or otherwise thinning.

What recommendations are there to fill them out a bit? I read that applying some essential oils will help the hair growth.
Im not above using make-up to fill them out, but Im not sure how to go about that exactly.
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minoxidil your brows
Doesn't that make hair fall out if you stop applying it? Seems like more trouble then its worth.
It causes an initial shed of thin hairs and causes thicker hair to grow in their place. I believe if you stop applying it then the hair will eventually go back to the way it was before.

>mfw I fell for the buzzcut meme
>mfw went from a 7 to a 2
Help me lads now I look like I live on /pol/ and plan on running over a few muslims with a jeep
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lmao dude you look so fucked
>Help me lads

how? we can't make your hair grow back. just wear a hat if you think it's that bad. also on /fa/ we post all questions like this in the existing fuccboi general thread to keep our board less cluttered. I would suggest you head over there but as i said they probably don't have much advice either. just wait and grow it back out.
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pls help me

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Are raves effay? Any effay clothes to wear to a rave?
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ones like that pic are. going to EDC witha bunch of neon dressed basic ass college frat/sorority kids is not
Be sure to take lots of ketamine.
Lol I'm in a frat and going to edc

You can enjoy both outdoor music festivals and actual raves, don't be a grandad.

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Do you ever let people borrow your clothes? Do you share garments with anyone?
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idk man i have a pic of her tits but i'm not gonna post it because i don't want to get banned because i'm at my parents house for the week and /fa/ is the only thing i have for entertainment

if u want me to email it or something ican do that idk

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File: donald-ivanka-trump-retail-fb.jpg (143KB, 1200x628px)Image search: [Google]
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I like Trump's whole look with the overcoat.

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Official lifestyle mega thread (because there are too many fucking lifestyle threads)
Should results be put in the sticky? These threads are posted literally ever day

Reply with most effay
>Drink to order at a bar
>Cigarettes (if so, which type)
>Cities in the world
>Cell Phone
>Majors at uni
>Sexual Orientation
>Genres of music
>Language to speak/learn

If I'm missing any commonly posted threads please let me know. This is just what I usually see so it'd be nice to reach a consensus and move on
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>>Drink to order at a bar
Vodka soda
Beton (becherovka)
stoli or russian standard
Beer isn't effay
>>Cigarettes (if so, which type)
Camel Turkish Royals or Blues
gauloises brunes
H or Coke
>>Cities in the world
Hong Kong
St Petersburg
>>Cell Phone
iPhone 5/5s/SE
Central saint martins
Cooper Union
>>Majors at uni
>>Sexual Orientation
Bi or Straight
Bowie, Lou Reed
>>Genres of music
Proto Punk
Post Punk
Minimal Techno
New Wave (comme New Order, Front 242, etc)
stupid question
Wong Kar Wai and Godard
Mercedes w123
>>Language to speak/learn
English French Russian
red wine or pints
idk I don't drink that shite
golden virginia smooth
Only London
>cell phone
who gives a fuck, you're there to learn
super autistic ones or classical art
>sexual orientation
straight and nothing else
shoegaze/minimal techno/noise
percy walker, ernst junger, ayn rand
tsai ming liang, chris marker, benning, rivette
old school badboy cars
>Drink to order at a bar
Stella Artois
>Cigarettes (if so, which type)
Tigra rolling tobacco
Weed and truffels
>Cities in the world
Brussels, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki
>Cell Phone
Iphone 5s/Nokia 3210
>implying we're this smart
>Majors at uni
3 years in Tourism and recreation management, at most
>if you pinch your skin and the fat bulks over your fingers you're too fat
>Sexual Orientation
Yung Hurn, Woodie Smalls, ...
>Genres of music
(t)rap, r&b, house, drum and bass
Fante & Bukowski
Bergman, Tarkovsky
Honda Civic, Lada
>Language to speak/learn
Dutch, German, Swedish, maybe French

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