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Yesterday there was a thread suggesting an /fa/ film club where we watch effay movies and discuss them in a thread. This could end up being a one time thing or maybe a regular thing, depending on interest and viewership.

Tonight we're watching F for Fake (1973) Directed by Orson Welles at the rabbit link below.
There is also a discord link listed below where you can make suggestions/vote for movies for the next showing, assuming anyone is interested.
For those of you who want to take part but don't have the time right now, a youtube link to the film is also listed below.


I'll start the film 45 minutes after this is post is made.
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I'm down.
we're starting in 5 minutes
pretty cool flick so far

Would you buy this?
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I won't buy it.

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crying :dead:
saved 10/10 good meme fuck these grailed gobbledegooks, but at the same time they provide quality entertainment as long as you aren't the one dealing with a paypal claim

whats your opinion on septum piercing
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seeing a cute girl and then realizing she has one is heart breaking, it still looks awful on guys like the one you posted but it's soul crushing on girls
its an active way for them to display how edgy they think they are but as a look its pretty garbage
almost any type of nostril piercing looks infinitely better than an septum
i think that girls with baby face are ok using one
i have a resting bitch face and thought that look good, oh well

What is the male equivalent of this style? How should I dress to get a gf that dress like this?
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I assume prep everytime.
Dress like a conformist and have money.

Where can I buy pants like this? I'm tired of wearing jeans, and I don't want to wear chinos. I want to be comfy 24/7. I'm going comfycore from here on out. It would be awesome if I could find gray ones, tan ones, and maybe black ones! Notice the texture? It's almost like polyester or something. And no I am not looking for the $10,000 ones that a reverse google search will probably make pop up. /fa/ help? Thanks.
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that kinda polyester is not very comfy
soft cotton, wool, linen and technical materials are comfy
those pants look sweaty af family
please guarantee that you will never wear these pants with desert boots good god

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Show me your best silver jewelry
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Where do you guys cop your jewelry?

Pretty interested but i have no idea where to start.
Asos has pretty quality jewelry on the low.
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I made this out of Sterling Silver

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I have shoe sizing autism. I hate buying shoes because I can never decide on the size.

I am a size 12 on average. Just got AF1 Lows in the mail (12 and 11.5 so I can decide). 12 is comfier but they are leather and will strecth. 11.5 is more snug. Cannot decide. I don't want to look like a clown with the 12s either. Smaller is always more effay.

Who else has this autism? Why can't the industry follow a master size chart REEEEEEE
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I know how you feel anon, I can't wear any shoe but my sk8 hi cause they're so comfy for me and I like to wiggle my toes
If you're absolutely sure that the 11.5s aren't too small (i.e. you'll be able to put your big toe on top of the your second if it stretches out a little more, instead of it being way too difficult), then go with that.
I bought a pair of Ecco dress shoes last year size 44 and they fit nicely. I think I should go with the 11.5 because they are leather. Cheers

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Any advice on what I should do with hair
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Every time I see female fashion here, it's all androgynous and boxy. ITT we appreciate distinctly feminine fashion.

Men, do you like this type of look? Ladies, how about you?
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Saw this on another thread and it had a link to eBay. It has a buy it now price of 75 but it's currently in auction.

Worth it?

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I bid 99 cents lol
Don't wear anything you're unsure of.

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Is there someone who really inspires you or makes a huge impact on the way you dress?
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DI6 1.jpg
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Anyone know what kind of sunglasses arnie is wearing here?
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Who the fuck is "arnie" you dumb faggot and the picture quality is shit
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For a brief moment circa 1993 everyone was into the oval oakleys meme. So I guess this was circa 1995?
>tfw sat on my 90s ray-ban ovals and broke them

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Untuck your shirt and lose some cuffs on your pants.
better shoes (those are ugly)
Better fitting denim. Buy jeans that actually fit you. You can tell those dont at all
uncuff for fucks sake so unneccesary
Less lame tee
Better tuck
Vacuumclean your carpet for a start

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Attractive people facial aesthetics thread. Post men and women you find attractive.

Pic related is my pick.
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he's honestly just so boring looking. like, he's beautiful but too ideally beautiful yanno?
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That's a trans man
File: IMG_4548.jpg (150KB, 750x906px)Image search: [Google]
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Really? Interesting point of view, as I share pretty much the opposite. I don't think he's "ideally" attractive (he's got a wide nose for example), but I can respect your opinion. For me, he's captivating because he's not the average normie looking model. And I'm a huge fantasy aesthetic fag

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