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OK /fa/ I need your expertise here. I've come across a predicament in my life where I need a pair of good looking boots that I can wear everyday. Basically I shattered my left ankle while hiking (in sandals) and now need some shoes, at least for a while, that give me great support. I've already figured out what I'm going to do for short season so I'm hot worried about that. But, I seem to have fallen NJ love with the tanker boot style, but the only ones I can find are shiny black or desert tan, and neither of those fit my wardrobe. So, I come to you asking if you know of any easy off boots that look nice and can be worn every day. Not too expensive, but they don't have to be cheap.
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Maybe if I toned the shine down on the corcorans I could make them neutral enough to work.
If you want to go full autist mode and wear jump boots like the Airborne, at least do yourself a favor and get their side-zip boots instead of tankers with that Kingdom Hearts belt shit. I also can't really recommend wearing jump boots with anything but slacks/suits, but it could work once you break them in and give them a vintage look.

Also, don't go walking around with your pant cuffs tucked in/bloused in your jump boots, especially cap toes. Just a word of advice.
Mmm, I'd probably only blouse them if I were in the woods. I may cuff, but that's it. Like I said, everyday wear. So they'll get nice and vintage looking real quick, haha. By the way, do you know of any way to take the shine off of a black leather boot?

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Thoughts on Adidas Spzeials? Should I cop? They kind of look like German Army Trainers and are on sale in Adidas Outlet.
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Got the primeknit and they are god-tier

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OLD >>11497918

>Sale finds
>Runway talk
>Recent purchases

>Season list, Fabric and leather product code list, Leather jacket guide

>Notable Interviews

Sizing FAQ:
Footwear: This is all foot shape dependant, if you have high arches or are flat footed sizing may vary.
>Geobaskets and Cargobaskets
Size down 0.5 to 1 whole size
>Ramones (Highs, Lows, DRKSHDW Lows, DRKSHDW Highs and Vegans)
TTS, High top Mainline Ramones can accomodate sizing down 0.5
>Ramones Socks
Size down 1
>Basket Creepers, Sidezip Creepers, Limo/Spiral Creepers and Combat boots
TTS, old season limo creepers may require sizing down 1
>Adidas Tech Runners, Adidas Vicious Runners, Adidas stretch boot, Adidas Springblades (Lows and Highs)
TTS or down 0.5, Adidas stretch boots should be sized TTS to your UK sizing

>Drawstring pants
Size down 1
>Suiting Pants and Denim
>Blazers and Leather Jackets (Numerical sizing)
Size up
>Leather Jackets (Letter Sizing)
>Tees, tops and tanks
TTS, Sizing should take into account how garment is wanted to fit. Silk blend garments may need sizing up
>Knitwear, Hoodies, Sweaters and general Outerwear

This is only a guide, trying things on in store is the only sure way of knowing if it will fit. Sizing does also vary season to season.
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How tall is Rick?
6 ft

XS mustard tank for 100 buckaroos on grailed rn. I'd cop but not really a fan of the mustard color.

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How do I get thin slender legs??
I have big thighs and it's really awful skinny jeans look horrible on me. Any diets or things I can do??
If it matters I'm short 5'5 so tell me if it's hopeless
Pic related my leg
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Goal legs here
If it looks awful on you then don't wear skinny jeans.
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im 5'5 too here are my legs

i know how you feel. a month ago i started drinking water and eating 1 meal a day. i lost 3 pounds i weigh 120 right now trying to get to 115 but it's so hard to do with out exercise and im a lazy fuck

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/fa/ motorcycles?
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Triumph Bonneville T100.jpg
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Which cars are effay? Looking to buy some muscle
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Not that unless it's the fastback
>Looking to buy some muscle

I really doubt that's true to be honest.

To be more helpful:

How much are you looking to spend OP?

I can think of nothing more effay than a classic charger. Doubt either of us could afford one though.

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11499932

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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That person looks perfectly healthy and not starved like you mentally ill people. Please use a skeleton next time so I can better avoid your threads.
that's what a thin person looks like fatty

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review brah.jpg
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Face it. Everyone here dresses like shit in comparison.
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you are right but it is what it is as they say

want to buy white shoes

post pics

> white shoe general
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instead of bumping, check the archive for the 100000000 times this question has been asked. or ask in fuccboi general, where basic questions belong.
white 350s
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CK Igor

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>No tattoo thread
Tattoo thread
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eagle chest.jpg
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I grew up wearing long, shapeless shirts so I have no idea how to dress. I'm short and stocky (5'0 and 104 lbs) but not thicc (36-26-35) and no matter what I do, I look like a fucking dwarf. Real sick of getting told I look 12. Help me pls
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embrace it and wear oversized t-shirts as dresses
gain weight then

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Which one should get?
1. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/men-s-tees/products/space-diamond-mens-tee
2. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/men-s-tees/products/poltergeist-mens-tee
3. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/men-s-tees/products/sunset-harbor-men-s-tee
4. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/men-s-tees/products/lit-men-s-tee
5. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/men-s-tees/products/stardust-men-s-tee
6. https://www.intotheam.com/collections/mens-best-sellers/products/the-big-bang-men-s-tee
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Keep in mind I can wear these anywhere because my IT job is so laid back that I could probably show up in a banana hammock and my boss wouldn't give a shit.
is this bait? theyre all garbage
Don't wear these

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Hey /fa/, is there anything in real life that I can do that can give me a vibrant nen look?

Im refering to the anime Hunter x Hunter. Its a really famous anime. I dont want the actual psychical capabilities of nen(not now atleast), but i want to give off that glowing white look. It really looks cool .

thanks and pic related
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>buy uranium
>eat uranium
only other nen users can see your aura anyway you fucking baka
>tfw you'll never have nen aesthetics
does this work is there proof and where can i get some?
this was a really bad post anonymous

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These or Sambas
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Sambas fucking SUCK.
I replaced my stans with a pair after I lost a shoe and the squeeking noise they make is beyond annoying.
Donated to charity as winter ended.
What do you think about cop related? I kinda wish they had a gum sole
they're a bit pricy for what they are, but I think they'll age p okay. A yellowed sole would look neat on em

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Just got rid of my best feature. Post some inspo
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thinking of doing same, post pics?
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