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How do I dress ironic?

I love vaporwave, Death Grips, the internet, Shrek, Mac Demarco, neon lights, Japanese kanji characters, cigarettes, xanax, and nihilism. I'm better than you.
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DID you turn 18 this month or LAST month?


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ITT we discuss trends that shouldn't be a thing

I'll start: ripped jeans
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Distressed jeans are cool when they happen naturally
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Designs in hair make me cringe
I used to do that now I regret everything

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The other thread is a irredeemable clusterfuck of anarcho-communism or something. If you talk politics in this thread, you'll get the boot.

All things patchey go here
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Hey I'm considering starting a Big Cartel and I've spend the morning making some designs. Would anyone be interested in seeing them and telling me what you think?

posting coolest non-band patch of all time

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Buy one and post fit we wanna see it
Don't skate, don't cop
They're great.

Who cares. If you can rock it then wear it. Many skaters are in high fashion too(Dylan Rieder, Alex Olson) so.

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that's a big jacket
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shoulda put his feet through the armholes

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where do you live and how /fa/ is it ?
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No. People wearing Guess and Fossil while wearing those light scarves around their necks in late August.
lmao what do you mean, keffiyehs?

It's too damn humid to wear anything with a 2nd layer, shit I can't even wear long-sleeved anymore without sweating like a pig. I can't do any palewave fits because my skintone doesn't suit it (southeast asian), so its pretty un-effay right now. But Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world rn so its not all bad, city life is pretty dope.

Our chicks are pretty cute tho.

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which is the most /fa/ sports clothing brand?
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Right now it's easily Adidas
Adidas and Reebok are pretty effay.

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Is casey neistat effay?

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No, and I really wish you would stop posting about this hack.
this is the first time ive posted about casey neistat mate

anyways why isnt he effay?
He's an adult pretending to be a teen. Also i bet he fucks that slut cheating on his wife.

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>tfw normie friend tells me my reebok classics are shitty
>is wearing loose jeans, zara top with huge branding on it and fake chucks
what the actual fuck
>inb4 they are meme shoes
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some dude with funny mustache.jpg
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>mfw I realize people are genuinely autistic about fashion
why cant we arrest people for dressing bad

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>In USA and other countries Uniqlo is considered great mid-tier clothes
>In Japan it's considered to be at the same level as clothes shopping at Walmart would be in the USA

Why is this?
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I visited the Seattle one and was seriously disapointed.

/fa/ and /mfa cream over this nip trash.
I was more satisfied with the couple of Zara pieces I got.
Americans usually dress like shit so something that is considered Walmart tier over the boarder in America is nice
i consider it walmart tier as the quality is really bad

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Why are asian girls so effay? Are there any asians in your area?
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My aunt wants to set me up with a 22 yo Vietnamese girl she works with who's never had a boyfriend.
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It's getting colder. Let's see some inspo/questions/recent cops
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What color should I get https://www.ghbass.com/product/larson+weejuns+ii.do in? Also, how do they size?

Also what color socks should I wear with them + khakis?

Please help
Can't go wrong with classic tan, much more versatile in terms of what socks you could wear. Not sure how they size though.

Where should I get socks from? Also, would you say those shoes are inappropriate for the workplace?

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Post them

These rafs got my peepee cummin
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um no

Don't get me wrong, I like these shoes, but I don't think sexy really fits here - especially with those sharp points on the toe.
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God Tier Sandals Thread
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imo they screwed up by putting the prada name on the woven leather, but it's still an A to me.
File: prada1.jpg (7KB, 253x199px)Image search: [Google]
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wouldn't pay no 100+ dollars for em though.
File: s-l300.jpg (9KB, 300x221px)Image search: [Google]
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on eBay


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Why do /fa/ and /fit/ hate eachother?
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I don't think /fit/ even thinks about /fa/
/fa/ is mad because this board is 90% underage teenagers that are heroincore skeletons
Their cognitive dissonance when it comes to being fit is hilarious.
>girls prefer fashionable twinks uwu
t. neutral observer from /k/
Because fits here are shit but getting fit doesnt fit in here.
yeah pretty much this

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