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Post what you got
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Overkill, looks like an autistic gangbanger. Keep it subtle.
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I kinda dont mind the overkill full knuckles
Every one of those is total shit.

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Say you were a model scout. What type of facial/body aesthetic would you personally be scouting for?
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not her
Her, I like that smooth look and white skin, nice skincare but not makeup at least no more than ''natural-alike'' make up
Tall, skinny, white

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tumblr thread
post tumblrs
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dr jet jaguar.jpg
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When did you realize that good looks don't get you a gf?
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but they literally did
when I realized how much of a creep I am
please explain how?

I live in the desert going to uni with a bunch of fuckin prep kids, how do I be cool?
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is the Harley-Davidson 48 a /fa/ bike?

there's a Harley dealership near where i live, cop or not?

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julian teen.png
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What is the most effay age?
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Going by the average visitor of this board, 15.
14 for girls, 25 for boys.
I would say 16-17. Still a kid but with the feels of growing up. Is it even possible to be as effay after that without being a musician or artist or something? I don't think so.

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Is androgyny effay?
pic related its me. give me critiques senpai
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You'll get a lot of shit, I'm sure, but you have a nice face. I assume that you're biologically female?
Yes I'm biologically female
Androgyny can be effay but there's nothing effay about your looks.

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What does /fa/ think of Seinfield-core?
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Shitty show, boring jokes, ugly and disgusting people + they all look like Jews
I prefer Larry David-core
I bet you watch friends

>tfw 20 years old and still use a fucking velcro wallet

Someone help me, please. Post some good wallets.
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I have pic related. It's a bit of a strange design, but it holds all my shit together, and it's nice and small so I can put it in my front or back pocket.
i use some generic black leather shit anon
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theearlyhoursclothing has some cool card style wallets. been considering copping.

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What are good hoodies for the fall?
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Not this one
The new flames one in grey is alot better than that one, If you're gonna go Thrasher
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>only buying your outfits from zumiez
everyone can see through your trash tier clothing

get a normal jacket like everyone else (pic related)

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>jet black
>no headphone jack
>thinnest smartphone ever

Is this the most /fa/ smartphone of all time?
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looks like any other iphone
iPhone SE and Galaxy S7 edge are the GOAT phones

>Tfw when have to choose between clover and iMessage's effay blue bubbles

Who else got that dilemma I chose clover in the end
"Hey phone manufactures, we'd like bigger batteries that way our phones don't die so fast if we use a bunch of stuff."

"Fuck you, you're getting a shit battery in a shitty crepe-thin phone."

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What Cigarettes are the most effay?
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smoking is for faggots and asian men
and its not /fa/. stop making these threads I see at least one per day
they all look the same in your mouth, faggot
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disgusting picture.jpg
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i want to fucking kill myself every day because of my dumb fucking face how do i fix it please help /fa/
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those frames are cool but they are way too big for your face.
Average male face
Get /fit/ and buzzcut desu. Also lose the glasses.

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What product do you use on your hair /fa/?
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Any hair products that make curly, somewhat frizzed out and poofy hair look more smooth and more put together rather than floaty?
Murrays Super Lite actually

Are you my hair?

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Any other betas trying to pull it off?
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> Before
File: image.jpg (90KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
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are you implying that voting for trump is beta?
> After

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