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Are acne jeans worth the money for the quality?

Where do people get their jeans from? I've just been wearing jeans from Next which usually last me about 6 months before I need to buy a new pair.

Will I notice a difference in quality of more expensive jeans? Will they last longer?
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/fa/ can sugarcoat it any way they want, but the only reason they like and buy acne jeans is because they're tight. literally no other reason. they're not constructed particularly well, the fabric is usually of very average or subpar quality.

it really depends on what kind of "expensive jeans" you're purchasing.
no, i would say that their quality is generally levi's tier. they do make some really nice looking jeans (wearing a pair that i thrifted right now, actually), but i would avoid paying retail for them if "quality" is your main concern. buy a pair of wranglers or something if you just need your jeans to last longer
do people actually buy wranglers?

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Trump or Hillary? Thoughts?
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Hillz of course
In this specific picture, Hillary.

It is pretty ballsy to make public appearances in robes resembling your true reptilian flesh.
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Trump just wears suits but sometimes he gets creative

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ITT: we post why we'll never be effay

>tfw weak ass jaw line
>deformed asymmetrical lips
>too socially awkward to pull off anything anyway
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>be me
>have great jaw line
>beautiful lips that women complete all the time
>super confident and can pull off anything

I generally would kill myself if anything was less, how do you guys sleep at night and or jump off a bridge?
I've been considering suicide since late 90's
Coping mechanisms
This board =(

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>digital watches
Been looking for the all blacked out gshock 5600 for ages bro.

New tattoo thread
can someone post tattos for hands?
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File: 6-swallow-tattoo.jpg (71KB, 550x676px)Image search: [Google]
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it's that !!Schools Back!! time of year.

what are some good /fa/ backpacks
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not this.

I got one for walking around the bush, which it's great for, but it's way too bulky and autistic to be wearing around town.

quality bag though
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I'd use a clear one if I was underage
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either that or steal some valor with an effay camo pattern

I've had massive thighs since I was a little kid. I have a very athletic body in general. I've been on /fa/ for a while now but I haven't had any time to look around for stuff. The problem is that I can't find any jeans or other pants that fit me. I swear, I've been wearing joggers, shorts and compression this entire summer because I've got massive gains I can't fit.

What does /fa/ think would work with big legs and big chests?
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Also pic very related. Comparable to my body
For thighs like that? The only thing you would be able to look good in is sweat pants or wear mid thigh shorts for the rest of your life.
stop shopping for jeans at hot topic and topman and go to a levis store, you tard

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What's the best wash for a denim jacket?

Been looking at Levi truckers, but it's hard to tell what they look like IRL compared to product shots online.

Can't find light washes in stores.
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No wash or black. Stone washing is cancer.
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(1/2) Also been looking for a Denim Trucker jacket but in black. Might be a stupid question but I should definitely get the levis over this bdg one correct?
Found the faggot

Looking for some black shoes with white soles that are more affordable than CPs. Post inspo/suggestions.
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File: Filling Pieces Low Top Black.jpg (334KB, 1200x800px)Image search: [Google]
Filling Pieces Low Top Black.jpg
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I own these and they are nice
been eyeing filling pieces for a while.

how's the quality?
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eytys nigger

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What you /fa/ think about Patagonia?
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patagucci is cool i like their nano puff down jackets and snap ts
I bought some stuff from their sale not too long ago. Heard their customer service was pretty awesome since they have 100 year warranty on their clothing. So just wanted to ask if anyone on here had good opinions about them.

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Buzz or meme cut?
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I love that kinda noodly hair

undermemecut would look great imo.
it looks better with interesting texture and not perfectly combed shit
The only thing stopping me are protruding ears
File: shampoo-clipart-1.jpg (8KB, 316x300px)Image search: [Google]
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did I fall for a meme?

>search how often i should use shampoo because i used to use it daily
>see multiple articles saying to only use it once or twice a week
>been doing this for months

it gets really flat though, even when i use volume increasing shampoo + conditioner, i think i might just be using too much clay

rec me good shampoo + conditioner for volume pls

let's keep it apolitical, guys.
We're just going for aesthetics here
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File: 1472240078837.jpg (54KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1457996236375.jpg (165KB, 520x779px)Image search: [Google]
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recent cops

old one 3hunna
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pic related are back in stock exclusively at ssense

i coped immediately

gonna be perfect for winter
I hope for you're own sake that you live in california or any place with a similar 'winter'
i live in new york they should be fine with good socks. our winter was light last year hopefully it's like that again

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Do you shop at Ross?
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Copped some new Nautica kicks
I've got some logoless/basic stuff from there before. Some nikes to skate in (eric kostons) and a cool hoodie with a nice patterned print all over

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What are your go-to beaters that u wear for partying/dirty grounds?

Up to now mine were janoski max suede black & black converse high

Im thinking of buying pic related, safe pair that fits well with everything.
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File: multiple_monarchs.jpg (48KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
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the answer to every queston is "nike monarch". In the foreground I have two pairs that I alternate between. In the background, an old pair I used for dirty jobs or cosplaying
please don't wear these, major red flag for girls
>dressing for girls
>not dressing for style and comfort

girls can smell a tryhard from a mile away

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