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What's up with this look? Is it just my area? Or is this happening all over America?
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this has been a thing for a while now i believe. ive always thought it was kinda sexy in a way because it gives that vibe of early morning lounging at home with no panties on and just a big comfy shirt. its basic bitch as hell otherwise
When I left High School I remember all the girls would wear their gym shorts which were incredibly short, and for some reason the administration would after the girls that wore short jean shorts, but when you wear the gym shorts which are about the same in length it's OK.

Don't blame though, Chad likes it and it requires minimum effort
No just in the south.

Probably because their gym shorts are required for sport and they can't restrict women from sport.

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madewithOver (1).jpg
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is riding a bike 4 miles to college /fa?
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I like how you wrote 4 miles as if that's an impressive distance to cycle
only if its on a vintage semi running bike
How else would you be getting to classes? It's obviously more /fa/ than taking public transit, unless you arrive a sweaty mess or something.

Seriously. I used to bike around 15km to work, and people would be floored. It took maybe 35 minutes in poor traffic, which is really not a lot of time.

Let's get some OC going. Post your worst or best fit, show us how much you've progressed. Tell us why you started to look after yourself and improve your style choices.
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That's not even really bad desu. A bit basic but fine.
nice trips. Thanks for thinking that way. It's just the quality of the clothes I did not like. Everything seemed ill fitting, the jacket it self was horribly built and was too tight around the shoulder area. I never wore it since. Vans were sized improperly.
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First fit I ever posted

Doing layers in 90f just sucks, still dress simple and just try to focus on the pallette

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How do I fix my shit skin?

I've been using Bio Oil to try and moisturise and eradicate blemishes and uneven skin tone, but it's just not working. Someone recommended DPD-1 cream, but I've never heard of it. Anyone have experiences with it and does it work more importantly?
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Whoever is selling you that Bio Oil needs putting out of business. Try getting some sunshine.
Horrible slug of a man
Need you out of business sunshine

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It is almost autumn, and I can start wearing only black again without looking autistic.

Post some black inspo
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>without lookin autistic
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halt die fresse

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Manche haben halt kein geld, ok?

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We all know playing an instrument is one of the /Fa/est things. But what is the most effay instrument? My money's on the theramin
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Does fashion week make anyone else less interested in clothes?
I like designers like rick, raf, gosha, Alexander Wang etc. But I mostly wear mall basics mixed with less expensive stuff like norse projects and cdg But when I see all these fashion news sites everything seems so fucking pretentious and not like in a funny 4chan way either, it's like a an elite rich people pretentious.
Im insecure af when I walk down SoHo and it's a bunch of attractive people with nice expensive ass clothes and good fits and I'm in old skools, black skinny Levi's, a uniqlo striped tee, and a basic olive green field jacket
>Am I just a beta pleb
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My 2 cents, get a hobby outside of effay that will makes you feel you are worth shit like skating. Thing is, most people are low-middle class and average or ugly looking, you'll definitely feel like shit if you rely on looks alone and compare yourself to more good looking people who's doing the same thing as you.
Its more the wealth than the looks that make me insecure desu.
But I get what your saying about other hobbies and I do have hobbies but anime and vidya aren't that fulfilling and they are just side hobbies. My mind is way too invested in fashion desu.
>not dressing nicely when in soho
Your fault senpai desu

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ride wit me though the journey of more /fa/
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I scroll through my own feed because it's cathartic

>Dark aesthetic

No general theme, just stuff I think is cool.

Other one is pretty packed

What can I do with this mess? I like it the way it is, but sometimes it's a bitch to try to manage. I've had days where it's not frizzy, but where I'm at it's almost always humid as shit.

>Buzz it
I look shittier with short hair desu
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Just go for something more conservative that doesn't look as try-hard. Don't attempt a stylish haircut
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Dat SNES...

I'm not a fan of your style senpai, it looks a little too much like worn steel wool. Have you ever seen Troye Sivan? I think his style looks relatively good with the curls.

Try to layer it next time you get a haircut and experiment with wax or even gel.
See that's almost exactly (Except I have it swept to the side) how mine looks fresh after a cut, but it grows out to this after a few months, and I only go in every two or three months.

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For how long will patches be a thing?
They are getting popular at my country and I'm thinking about creating a brand and selling some...
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fashion is unpredictable bruh
band patches will always be popular. not sure about anything else.
if your country is full of tumblr fags then yes go ahead

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Just turned 23 and starting to feel alittle silly dressing up all the time. What age do you throw in the towel? are their any examples of /fa people past college age?
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why are you "dressing up" all the time? being /fa/ shouldn't feel like you're dressing up.
no honestly the only reason people dress up is to get chick's. after leaving college and entering the work force you will notice you don't have time to get chick's. it's also harder to get chick's at work and you probably won't feel like going to the bar or club a lot. so you might only dress up nice on weekends. but after 24 or 25 you will have grown out of that party life. so it's safe to say you don't need to dress fashionable after college.
Yeah I'm turning 24 and the only reason I'm still into fashion is because I work at a high end retailer, so we're expected to look nice and trendy. On days off, definitely just wear a t shirt and jeans though. I've stopped caring entirely

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Whats the most /fa color?
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piano black by far

too bad about scratches and oil though...
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piano black yeah

most people agree that the iphone 3 was the goat becuase of the gloss black. Which no iphones since really have done right.

The only downside is you can only get it in the 128, so itll be 299usd with a plan.

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ITT: Good music merch
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> literally all of my shit, bitch. http://dannymurrietta.com/
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Chief Keef shirt with tiny Glosun patch
I love LUM, but all his merch looks like utter trash, speacilly the recent ones.

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This witch appears in a cloud of smoke in front of you. She lets you have one wish thats /fa/ related.
What do you wish?


better cheek bones
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smaller feet
give me all the ricky i can get
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I want this one of a kind bomber

Thanks satan

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