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Cop or not
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Id go with vans era all white instead personally
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Which jauns are these?

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How do I into /cyberpunk/ without looking like these dweebs ?

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Just buy technical fabric.
Is techwear the only option ?


what is more /fa/: stoic and reserved or passionate and expressive?
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both are autistic
Expressive, introverted and mysterious
The latter
It's harder though
Takes genuine personality and puts yourself on the line casue world is a cruel and depressing place

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Any slim crossbody/sling bag suggestions?
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I'd say check out dsptch or Topo Designs.
>Fanny Packs
>Satchel (Purse)
>Messenger Bag

You using it to carry meds?

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New living space thread

Post your place, post your inspo. r8, b8 & h8

Pic related is Donald Judd's 101 Spring St, the first reconverted artist's loft
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Continuing the chi discussion. Where the thrifts at?

>Someone on here was boasting about finding some expensive shit in a wicker park thrift shop. I havent looked yet.
>The scene everywhere in chicago seems pretty shit desu. I just do my own thing by myself and chill out when friends come to visit.
Noise/techno/house is still limping on if that's your scene. check music for downer's listings on fb, venues always lofts/basements, basically the only thing going on this last year. Inga Copeland this friday, Laurel Halo & Steve Summers (off LIES) in oct. just had mike demaio at rectum last saturday, shifted friday. all north though, pilsen & bp have gone quiet.

Beau wanzer also still plays danny's in wicker every first tuesday though the crowd's turned trash. BW, Demaio & Brandi are solid local acts
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got some pretty decent advice in the last thread but more suggestions can't hurt
what can I do with this aside from moving out?

I'm looking for a nice shearling coat or bomber jacket. Any suggestions?
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He's a big guy
for you
You can't pull off an Elder Maxon vibe.

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/fa/ I have these fake air force 1s that look OK from a distance

I have 2 real pairs and when compared side by side it is obvious pic related is fake

Do you think i could sell them on the streets as the real thing or should I just go fuck myself
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dude niggers always know so
>go fuck yourself
>or use them as beaters

What they look like when I'm wearing them

Had to upland to shitgur because shitty 4chin only supports 4mb files
I live in the hood I'm not gonna try to rip off some guy that would probably kill me over it

I was thinking selling it to some kid or something for like 80

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other than staniel smiths
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same sole as cps/margielas, essentially the same shoe without meme letters
stans aren't even close in shape to achilles
cool i dont give a fuck nigga, thats why i dont want them as an alternative

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Post some short/medium length hair inspo. Do not post your own hair - this goes in the hair GENERAL.
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File: 1463189076552.png (503KB, 980x490px)Image search: [Google]
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So people like Luka Sabbat, Ian Connor, Gabe of Uzi, Mike the Ruler, K$ace, Bloodyosiris, Ray's Corrupted Mind etc; what exactly do they do and how do they do it? I've suspected that others, whom I haven't listed (except mike the ruler) are trust fund babies and spend their money on thousands of dollars worth of clothes. But they manage to hang out with bad bitches and rappers. I know for a fact some people on /fa/ hang with these people (you know who you are). So what do they do?
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Fuck off you skinny fat retard
>look good or dress well enough to have a social media following
>companies contact you to wear their shit or model for them
>get paid
>more people are impressed and follow
rinse repeat. It's not complicated. eventually you're at a party and a friend of a friend is a celebrity.

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Oversized black frames: /fa/ or basic?
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Basic but effective
They're /fa/, but not those ones you pictured. The nose bridge on the ones you pictured is terrible.
they only look good on defined faces, if you don't have a good jawline or visible cheekbones yoou'll look like >>11749614

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>tfw going to the barber alone for the first time
wtf do I do /fa/
how am I supposed to tell him how I want my hair I've never went on my own before
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show him a picture
also what do you mean you've never been to the barber on your own. did your mother always instruct him what to do?
How is he supposed to get it right from a picture though? This never makes sense of me. What if he makes fun of me?
Also yes, my dad or mom took me and just told him to trim it down but I've had the same haircut since I was kid so I want to change it.
>How is he supposed to get it right from a picture though?
he will if he's worth a damn. obviously it won't look 1:1 the same but if he's good he should know what to do to make it fit your face
>What if he makes fun of me?
then he's a retard who scares off people who want to give him money

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Is cuffing your pants still and acceptable thing to do?
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the correct term is 'bending'
bending is the silliest term, denim isnt metal ya gosh darn loons

It never was

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I want this haircut

What should i tell the hairdresser to do lads?
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>just final fantasy protag my shit up
be serious
early edgy dexter
just ask for layered razor cut then at home use a blow dryer and a straightener

Is fucking your Gf with your shades on effay?
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Only if you're coked out of your mind and getting ridden and being barely conscious with your nose bleeding. And gf's aren't effay in this scenario. It has to be some random girl that's gonna leave in the morning.

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