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What's the most effay color Trump hat?
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grape,but seriously these things are going to be so popular in 8 years after irony comes back into style.
canonical red
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i like my camo one... i dont think the red would really match any of my clothes

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Post the 7th picture in your inspo folder.
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desert man.jpg
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also I feel I should confess I lost all my /fa/ files the other day and Literally have nothing. /r/ old pic from the brothers from the garden both had bleach blond hair and were posing for some photo shoot.

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Fall is upon us. Post inspo, questions, cops, etc.
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I want a hoodie like this but picrelated is an older model and sold out/unavailable.

Any recommendations for something similar?

old thread finally hit its image limit
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1MB, 1844x1229px

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please tell me this isnt real.

>/fa/ will defend this
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From that angle it indeed looks pretty weird but it doesnt look like that irl
>sneaker in the streets
>george foreman pingpong paddle in the sheets
this is the holy grail of sneakers and you know it

the angular components give it a brutalist look that is very appealing to me

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Who here is focusing on dating only runaway models?

> 5 feet 6 - 6-7/10 here, the shortest model I've dated was 5 feet 10 and most of the time with high heels.

Share your best spots - advices - anything.

I personally focus on area near the biggest models agencies either around 1pm or 6pm. (street pick up, I'm not a PUA shit)
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Don't let this thread sink. If you don't date models you can /AMA/.
>Share your best spots - advices - anything.
how about you start?
is that you in the OP? you are so beautiful, do you have skype?

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. I'm specifically looking for some desert inspo, but all environments are welcome.
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Stuff like this, maybe bordering on cowboy but definitely no blue jeans or cowboy boots.
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File: DesertStories-w685.jpg (118KB, 685x557px)Image search: [Google]
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Napoleon dance.gif
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Where can I find decent cheap ringer tees?
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Bump because I really want help
american apparel
Never bought from them because I've heard the quality is absolute crap. Is this true?

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What are some cheaper, but still stylish, alternatives to Canada Goose and Fjallraven for winter coats?
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Deez nuts
> All these diamonds ain't nobody cold as us
> Literally I'm cold as fuck
> I need Canadian Goose
> I need to get a Moncler
> Diamonds so cold need some soup

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>Post pictures of effay girl looks
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Should I cop? I can't decide between this and the C 85s. pls halp
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Pic of C 85s
C 85 are much lower than you'd think
I also saw the club memts but they looked identical to the C 85s, are they higher?

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I've been trying and failing to get a good hairstyle for five years. Is there anything that will work with my head shape?

I always go to different salons and tell them to cut it and style it in a way they think will look good with my head shape and I always thing I still look like a loser. When I put product in my hair it looks like there's tons of gunk in it and I look like I just crawled out of bed.

Am I doing something wrong with the way I'm brushing it or styling it? The pic is me today, I tried to go for a "messy" look but I think it just looked really lame. I'm worried if I try to get a really flashy cut I'll just look like a try-hard and people will laugh at me.

What else can I do? Here are some more pics of me from the last few months with different styles: http://imgur.com/a/SN8ET
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Also, when I'm looking at cuts online, what kind of head shape should I look for? I have a small jaw and a big forehead, I've always thought I'm kind of weird looking and I can't find any pics of models with a face shape like mine
I think that's the best you can get desu. doesn't look bad desu
Your balding. Best bet is to shave it off, grow a beard and get /fit/. No other hair style is going to help you or cover up that fact.
t. follow balding anon

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Can anyone show me an easy way to look stylish without looking out of place or pretentious?

I can't seem to ever find good outfits at the store. I'm tall and a bit chubby. I live in Arizona.

Pic related is my standard outfit currently.
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Go to the fbg thread
lmao this guy isn't very funny. I have yet to laugh once at anything anyone ever posts of him. you can tell he tries so hard. good luck somewhat amusing man.
Who is this "trimp" person?

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Ok, so I'm attending my 1st wedding ever.
It's the 1st time I'm not a part of it somehow and I'm just another guest.

I told a friend I was going to wear a black dress and she said that's rude. That black at a wedding is saying you disagree with the union.

What's your stance on it?

Also, talk about general dos as donts.

I say white is the major don't.
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As an italian we wear black to everything so i dont see a problem with it.
Do not wear black. Do not wear black. If you want dark, wear charcoal. There are infinite colors in the world--don't pick one of two that are socially frowned upon at a wedding.
Why is it frowned upon? Black doesn't always mean sadness or bad luck. People need to break that way of thinking. It's obsurd.

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i'm a girl what the fuck do i wear to music festivals?
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long shirt, no underwear
whorecore obviously

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