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Losing my hair fast /fa/. Fucking sick of it.

Every drug out there either causes heart problems, limp dick or other issues.

What do you think of cosmetic hair tattooing?

It would give me the appearance of a permanent life like buzz cut.

Better than looking bald, right :/
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I'd be worried about when the tattoo ages. Wouldn't the extra sun exposure to your bare scalp wrinkle your head faster and warp the tattooed hair?
trust me people will know its fake
get tattoo rabbits on your head senpai. so when people ask why rabbits?

you can say, "from a distance they look like hares".

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What are your favorite brands, /fa/?
mine's uniqlo.
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yeah uniqlo is great

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if any of you oldfags remember me, I'm back for my once a year post. Lets get this thread going. I'll still be in the thread answering questions.

Something I've noticed: You all worry about how to wear the clothes too much, as a result you let the clothes wear you and have no comprehension of how to wear actual pieces as well as, nobody here even owns anything too noteworthy. Always remember It's the Man who wears the clothes NOT the Clothes that wear the man.
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why did you even come back to this shithole
it's beyond saving
nostalgia This is where I started

I only really lurk to see if any of the oldheads come back;
which they do, just very rarely.
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here's the template.... I forgot

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How to dress /slp/ without being rich?
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Gonna post some inspo
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save up for slp boots (essential) try and get a good 2-3 roto going

tailor whatever jeans, wear them out so they get gross stains and fade and naturally distress overtime

thrift shirts

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Need ideas / suggestions

Post some pins
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wtf this adorable shit

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Gimme your best weebcore, /fa/.
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its funny, im white and weebcore yet my gf is asian and ameriboo
I need this

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I believe that flannel is the only true fit.

may as well rename the board /fla/

>pic related
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It looks so bad though. It was awesome until they started brightening all the fucking colors.
I used to be that guy. You'll grow out of it.
flannels are ok but all of those colors look fucking disgusting.

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Why is it that all the Japanese foreign exchange students at my university are so fucking ef/fa/y?

How do I get the ガッツ to walk up and talk to them?
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nao a chink you baka gaijin
they usually have more money and their aesthetic sense is traditionally educated toward minimalism (architecture, industrial design, craftmanship heritage etc.).
Also wearing uniforms in schools I think it helps.
feel ya m8 there's a few korean girls around here, almost talked to one at a party, they were effay af

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No more specific threads to ask whether something is effay or not. If you want to know, ask here.
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Are threads about things being effay effay?
No, but containing then into a single thread to make room for actual good threads is
What glasses are most effay for this face shape? Every page online says something different.

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c/n sk8er wear and skate stuff edition
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That shit looks nasty asf.
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>Job, if you have one
Also, what's your favorite go to store / designer?
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> -$40K/year

>no job
>about $400 this year
i like levis they last a long time
a student who makes 40k?

yeah f your l alright

im on about 20k
random vintage stores and jay jays

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How do I not dress like this?
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It's called "Cucks Choice"
It's called "Edgy Clown Cuck"
This is the typical example of trying too hard. However, I don't think any of those pieces are ugly, it is the fact that they are all together at the same time! I think wearing only the suit, only the gloves or only the pants would have look awesome, as a statement fit. It just looks like a costume like that.

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what happened to him?
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gayness gave him aids
File: 5CRzj2s.jpg (421KB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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he'll be back
how come a manlet is the most well dressed person in /fa/'s history?

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woman in mans clothing.jpg
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A friend of mine is queer or something, and she likes wearing men's clothing. She want's to have the men's look, but men's clothing doesn't fit appropriately to women's bodies, cause women have curves and shit. Are there particular items of clothing or fits that she should get?

tldr: How does a woman get men's clothing that fits?
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Get it tailored. Nobody said it was going to be cheap or easy to be queer.
Option 1: see a tailor

Option 2: look for menswear inspired women's pieces

Option 3: work on a more androgynous body so you can fit in boys' clothing. If your body is too feminine of course men's clothing won't fit it.

We know you made this thread so please stop hiding behind the "friend" guise

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Goddammit /fa/
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>fell for the CP meme

6 solid years of constant memes. It's almost like they are a staple.
what the fuck even happened

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