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Cop or not?
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Or hi-tops
cop, they are cheap and you support slavs if you buy them

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scared nazi frog.jpg
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>go into clothes shop
>staff starts talking to you
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>poop self to avoid further human contact
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>Hello do you need help
>Nah im good. Just looking around
>Alright tell us if u need anything
>Yeah sure.

Is like that 99% of the time

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Starting with a classic
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Drinking game:
down a shot every time a girl shows up dressed as a fridge
>dressed as a fridge
WHat is this a common thing?
Even better, take a shot for everytime you find a girl wearing that Harley Costume

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Why does /fa/ hate Supreme so much but slobber all over garbage Japanese streetwear brands?

Do you guys hate America or something?
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Mainly because of the fanbase.
Dude this is 4chan, this place literally has origins in Japan and is full of weebs. White boys on /fa/ loved Japanese text shirts and shit until "the fuccbois ruined it"
Supreme is good, the fanbase is awful.

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i know im just mean style wise not brand wise
y-3 my dude

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Looking for 10/10 shoes under 80CAD. Preferably all white. Thanks :)
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Reebok classics
Don't like the gum sole too much but it's a very good option. Thanks.

Also posting on 4chan for the first time so I can't tell if I'm replying correctly.
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Is her lip kit actually good or just a meme?
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what the fuck

that's what she looks like now? shieeeet
My gf has it, it's good.
Nose jobs and lip fillers work wonders

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Who /tracksuit/ here? Post the ones you own/recently bought. Pic related.
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Inb4 pictures of Slavs
Just bought my first tracksuit jacket, what pants should i wear with it?
>doesn't post a pic

Anyone else miss old /fa/, before it became hypebeasts, fags from /mfa/ and beta males crying because they've never had a gf?
I miss when /fa/ was about actual fashion.
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4chan has died many times dude

we are only here because there is nowhere else to go on the internet
Considering you've attached an image from the literal hivemind of cancer known as Tumblr, I wouldn't put it past that you yourself are also a part of the cancer that's killed this site numerous times.
>attached an image from the literal hivemind of cancer known as Tumblr,
Forget the file name, you probably don't even know the two people in the gif.

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Post your six panels below
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i have a few more but cbf getting pics
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R8 it boys
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>tommy hilfiger
>fuccboi tier

lets try this again, ahem....testing, testing....is this thing on, hello? can anyone hear me? how is everyone?
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Welcome back brother
hello martin, how are you liking the new janitors? the old ones used to constantly ban me for saying "nigger".
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well i tried to post an innocuous friendly thread the other day and i got banned despite the fact that my ban had expired and i hadnt posted since my last ban.

i dont think thats very cool.


How meme are these?
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pretty meme. it's really just a converse shoe with a brand that is supposed to show people that you are into fashion.

don't use individual pieces to show people you're into fashion, make it clear through the look of your outfit (if that's your goal).
i live in france, never saw anyone wearing those
That's not DRKSHDW

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why is /fa/ so fatphobic?
every time I post my fits people bully me because of my weight
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Because fat people contribute nothing to society
We should just burn you guys for energy
Yes to

If this bothers you so much why don't you just lose the weight?

Hey guys can someone help me find the name of these shorts, and give me a link on amazon or ebay where they sell them?

For the life of me I can't figure out and they are so cute!

>Girl is lissybarney on IG
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At least you tried
Anyone else can help out?

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If you could choose to be given any piece for free purely for your own use what would you choose?
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