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Anyone have any luck with aliexpress? I was looking at some super cheap bootlegs and stuff, the pics look good but its all so fake and so cheap that I'm worried they will fit terribly or just fall apart
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If you're into some streetwear stuff then it's ok. There's pretty decent fakes of stuff like CDG, Palace, Thrasher, etc. Most stuff isn't perfect 1:1, but a lot of it is passable if you know where to look and what to get. Taobao is a better option but it's a bit of a fuckaround finding shit.





^^to get you started.

Try r/fashionreps on reddit. Yeah, its reddit, but its actually pretty fucking good with reviews and finding reps and shit.
try taobao
go lurk cgl's ali thread
there's loads of blogs with buying from taobao, where to find replicas and reviews. Same for ali

also no. I dont buy cheap clothes, much less chink shit
I bought some fake oliver peoples sunglasses on there for around $35, they're pretty good. The lenses are polarized too.

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we share this board with people who literally think the new uniqlo u collab coat is better than pre 2005 helmut lang
i didnt believe anyone when they said the board was dying until now
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Anyone who posts after this reply is going to get curbstomped tonight unless your only reply is "what a BAD THREAD"

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Dump winter/fall inspo here. I have a bunch of money I've saved and I desperately want to overhaul my wardrobe.

Plus I live in Montreal and need some stuff to help me look somewhat /fa/ for the next basically 6 1/2 months.
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nice photoshop gaylord here's your (You)
That's not a photoshop, it's completely legit.

I've inspected the pixels.

No seriously, kanye put out a hair kit and distributed it to certified exclusive barber shops across the country.

The Yeezy 350 Fade Boost is available at a certified barber near you and is in fact real.

Listen, here's the deal. Yoh can't just call things that are obviously completely real and serious fake, ok. You are so stupid, you tinfoil fedora wearing fuck.
Is it available at my super cuts?

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What do you think is the best color ?
Post & R8
Green brown central heterochromia
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i don't think you know what heterochromia is/ your shitty skin isnt fa
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Rate my doughy fag eyes.
Idk why that postcard things there
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sneaker of the year?
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damn that post from 2012 only just now came through? uuuh time for an upgrade on that cox bro

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Any good guides on bleaching your own hair, or having a friend do it for you?

Also what product?
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People still doing this, I thought the meme died last year/early this year
it's cool
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if u can pull it off like this than go right ahead and bleach ur hair otherwise ur gonna look memeworthy

>Didn't see a thread so thought I would create a space for inquiry.

I'm ready to buy a sewing machine and could use some direction in my purchase. I'm willing to blow up to $100 on something that will work for school next year. I hear that Brother is a trusted brand but I really know nothing about it. Any suggestions?

Gonna bump with great pieces I enjoy...
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I'm a complete novice when it comes to textiles btw. My only experience in working with fabric is in screen printing.
I made my own version of the bare bomber by iise
because i'm broke not to long ago. will post pics when its out of the laundry.
cool anon

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Is it possible to be effay if you're autistic af?
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Autistic but self-aware? Yes.
Chris-chan level autism with no self-awareness? No, you're fucked.

>Chris-chan level autism with no self-awareness? No, you're fucked.

You could let someone else dress you.
Interesting.. Define self-aware-..

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Can we have a beanie thread? I'm overdue to buy one and I need to see some examples
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Great board!

beanies are gay
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johnstons hat.jpg
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how's this nigger

Why didn't you tell me about argan oil /fa/?
>makes your hair soft af
>makes it shinier but not greasy looking
>fixed my wavy ass hair's frizz
>gives great texture especially if you combine it with sea salt spray
>protects hair from heat
It's like the ultimate hair hack, holy shit
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I was recently made aware of it too, truly is magnificent stuff

Yeah man it's good stuff.

If you have long hair it's best to use it on the ends to tame the frizz. Too much on the scalp though is a greasy mess.
>sea salt spray
What's that?

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Is Carhartt /fa/?
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not all carhartt but some stuffs are good and durable.
Like almost every clothing company ever, some stuff is and some stuff isn't.
Carhartt WIP is nice

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wallpapers thread
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Original pic?
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>everyone will be posting their home/lockscreens

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Music for walking down the street looking /fa/ as fuck.

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we own the sky - m83
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This is the look I want. What does /fa/ think?
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honestly it's not practical and this is bait but I still think it looks sick. everything works so well together. that guy looks dope.
Wow this is a fucking incredible fit
neat hat!

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