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Can we have a poorfag thread?
There was a pastebin for these but I don't have it
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You know what these threads need
Whenever we see a good ass deal.we link.that shit
Last month's finish line was selling Chuck 2s for 30 bucks
So these threads should be
People showing off their thrift cops
Good cheap brands
Good cheap items
>recently became poor
>couldn't afford trash bags for a while so just put trash in a leftover salad bag.

I can't afford new clothes for winter but luckily California will stay hot for a while and allow me to save. I'm also down to my last pair of shoes, and had to sew the heel back on.
this please.

I'm a poor college student

>Get cancer
>Get pale
>Dark bags under eyes
>Get thin
>Chemo causes hair loss
>Get to die early

Why is cancer so /fa/? How should cancer patients dress?
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hey good news is ur not fat which is #1 most important factor to being fa imo
All black, like death
Doesn't chemo also cause incontinence?

Are diapers effay and if so, which brands?

What pieces of clothing land on the line between fashion and weeb.

Looking for stuff based around shows like Evangelion and any other old respected animes
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Anyway, there's actually too many edgy online anime stores as well as the same thread ever few days. But checkout Apparlk if you dig eva although its pretty trashy.

Also wet jp store for akira and shopping with asian stereotypes has a few asuka t's (I think).
what is name of the anime?

Sherpa general.
Light or dark?
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I went to try on a levis sherpa today. Picked the corduroy one, tried it on, looked good.
Read the label, the sheepskin lining was 100% polyester.
Honestly, who the fuck do they think they are kidding trying to sell that for £100?
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Shearling boi
I bought it and i don't fucking care if it's polyester
The price is quite reasonable

How effay is your family guys?
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Op here, grandfather with Fidel Castro
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Prague '98
I don't have a family
is that /fa/?

I want people to look at me and instantly realize I'm a death grips fan, what is the best fit for this without wearing any merch or any direct reference to them?
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>eat butter sticks until you weigh 300 pounds
>use a mobility scooter covered in nra stickers and a jolly roger flag to get around
>shave head but leave some fur on the centre left of the back of your head
>get a tattoo of a deer with it's intestines out on your neck
>never make eye contact again
>never was again
>never have sex again
>chip all your teeth
>pick up dog shit with bare hands
>black jeans
>1461 monos
>dark top
>buzz cut
>black rain jacket if it's raining
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wash a fuck.jpg
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>face never feels smooth
>moisturize twice daily
>how to god tier skin?
What is toner, what products do i buy?
Why is white bread way cheaper than brown?
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>Why is white bread way cheaper than brown?

was that supposed to be funny?

little smartass prick
>Why is white bread way cheaper than brown?
Did you intend to post this thread on /fit/? Anyways, I'd suggest not to use a cleaner with benzoyl peroxide as it can stain your clothes
>MAN CAVE Face Wash


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Gio gio.jpg
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Once again, I inquire the help from /fa/ about this issue.

I wish to know if it would be considered /fa/ to be quite bizarre and my clothing and hairstyles? I've been wanting to look like a JJBA character, so I just wanna also find out if there's any bizarre shops which sell weird articles of clothing?
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just...grow up dude.
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Just let me live my life? Look, I know it's not something that normal adults do, but I'm not too normal. I'm one firing away from being essentially a hikki-neet anyway...
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I pre-ordered Kira's tie. I'm wearing this to work and nothing can stop me

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You are aware that fashion isn't just "clothes" it's a lifestyle.

Yet for some reason none of you can appreciate a landmark of industrial design and engineering like the ET66.

Care to explain?
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just use your phone you autist
>not the hewlett packard 12c
additionally it's one of two calculators permitted for the cfa exams
>you can appreciate thing you know things about
>but you cant appreciate thing you know no things about

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Why does every fucking guy's t shirt end mid bicep? Where can I find a t shirt that has sleeves ending around the elbow? Also preferably ones made out of good quality cotton and not ones that will be see through after five washes.
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Try a clothing store.
Buy long sleeves, cut to elbow length, voilà

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What is the best way to complain to a company about one of their employees damaging garments I was wearing? Pic unrelated.
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Tell us the story.
I'm not 100% sure if the damage has occurred yet. I was walking to my car during a downpour, with gutters flooded, and a courier company's van dove through a round-a-bout quickly enough to splash enough water on my to saturate the entire area below my knees. The shoes I was wearing had been waterproofed in the past, and have stood up to heavy rain, but I'm not so sure they can stand up to a full dousing of stormwater. They're drying now.
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kill yourself

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What are some cool looking shoes in the <$100 range?
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Vans authentics are basic bitch tier but are cheap and go with everything desu
Thanks senpai
kys only vans you should have are old skools

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Post OC fits
Others rate them.
Starting off with non-OC cause I dont have any
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>how to attract fags and not get girls

the outfit
Damn son where to cop those trousers
why the FUCK are wool pants so hard to get

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are they effay?
should I swipe right?
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File: tuck-in-shirt-02[1].jpg (270KB, 1824x1025px)Image search: [Google]
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My ass and hips look big whenever I tuck in my shirt for work.

I don't actually have a large ass and hips, it's only when I tuck dress shirts into that area. They aren't folded or bunched up either. What am I doing wrong?
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Show us a picture of what it looks like on you for reference.
probably wearing low rise pants baka
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