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Carhartt WIP
Naked & Famous
Norse Projects
Our Legacy

Soon to come:
Acne Studios
More Norse Projects
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For those too lazy to copy & paste.

Please cop. Will definitely consider an /fa/ discount just drop me a line.
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April 77
Acne Studios
Stephan Schneider
Rag & Bone
Robert Geller
Todd Snyder
Lounge Lizard
Billy Reid
T by Alexander Wang

pls buy senpai

Damn my guy I like a lot of your stuff but your a little fella aren't you

can we get some colorful inspo? ill start off with a couple
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going to get a tattoo pretty soon and i want one of you to make something and ill get it. wont get anything on my face or anything that could possibly ruin a whitecollar job.

pic related it me xDDDDddDD
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ill post my dads drawings, i think u might like it
maybe. i want a lot of submissions so i have a good choice. i don't want something retarded. thanks in advance!
you still look like youre in the autistic instagram meme phase
youll get some edgy shit that will stay cool for a year

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Seven Sisters Style (14).jpg
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Socialist thread / starving artist
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Great photograph. Who is it?
can somebody photoshop a laptop where the typewriter is?

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Opinion on chokers?
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If you wear one I'm gonna assume you're a trannie with a flawed understanding of female fashion that's mainly dictated by your MALE tastes.
if you wear one of those men are going to think you`re a bit of a whore
black belt in succ
looks like a dog collar
looks like youre a doll toy
great for hiding bruises and hickies
tumblr-tier trash
"my daddy loved me too much"
"i want to be a housepet when I grow up"
"i'm not like other girls" core
not-appropriate for employment
90s revival
most girls don't enjoy the hard fucking this implies

What -core is this?
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minimum wage core
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cherry picking bait core
but that fit is supposed to be ironic, down to the teeth

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Gonna post some of the overly reposted inspos, add whatever you got.

Also what are you guises fav. online stores?

I must've spent over 1k on Zalando on their sales.
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File: 1470722253809.jpg (1MB, 1280x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Looking for brands, guides, etc. to decode this look.

yknow, lounge pants (if that's what they're called? harem pants?), drapey shirts, sandals...being japanese...

here's a collection of pics on a shit website: http://imgur.com/a/T2gSN

help appreciated desu
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inb4 white boi, i am asian :+)
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hi i had a huge collection of this but my harddrive died pls enjoy the one or two pictures i still have
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Should I grow out a man bun? Have been putting off getting it cut and tucking it behind my ears. Usually do this side part thing.
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Don't know why it went sideways
Manbun looks bad, don't cut just grow out.
Please fucking grow it out more before you tie it up

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Just copped these fsb's for 85$, did I do good?
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go buy a noose with the rest of your pocket money
/fa/ in a nutshell

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These are really cool guys, please buy them. I'm a girl who knows a lot about what you need in your lives, and it's these VETEMENTS SWEATS.
Holla at me https://www.grailed.com/listings/961859-Vetements-Brand-New-Black-VETEMENTS-POUR-HOMME-Embroidered-Terry-Sweatpants
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Tell me you're from /effay/ and make me an offer I can't refuse.
>I'm a girl
Then why is there a black man modelling the pants? If you can prove youre a white or asian girl I will buy these off you if you cum on them.
I will show my literal breasts w/time stamp and include a pair of underwear with them if you buy these.
And that's my friend who agreed to model them, as they are a garment intended for men.

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Hey, /fa/. I have a quick question for you.

I'm starting a job as a grounds maintenance/labor tomorrow and I bought my first pair of work boots.
I was wondering what kinda jeans should I wear with them?
Are Levis 514 good, they seem baggy.

Pic is the baggiest pair of jeans I own, does it look bad for my job?
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what jeans guys come on i'm new to working man's boots
File: 20161003_154123.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
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It would seem I'm alone.

Echoooooo Echooo

Apply at Starbucks instead. No real man gives a shit about matching his pants and boots. Let me guess, you're afraid to get your clothes dirty too?

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these ugly ass boots https://twitter.com/igorgutman/status/782969248452837376

are they also Ann D?
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holyshit i know him LOL
xe is most probably doing porn to pay for this insanely priced inane shit
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>all dressed in ann d
>riding in subway

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/fa please help

I'm going to a wine bar with a women about double my age and I'm not sure what to wear

It's in NYC. I looked up the place and the attire is casual.

Are T-shirts alright? I moved from Miami, so I don't have any long sleeves. The date was made last night, so I don't have time to shop.
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Be a slightly better version of yourself, you want her to think good of you but of you change too much for a date and she likes it, you have to pretend for the rest of your life. Not saying it's impossible, just very hard to pull off for a long time. If she's a quick bang go for a turbo-chad outfit tho.
That's the thing, I'm not sure how the night will end up, or what her intentions are

This is only me second "date" ever, and my first was two days ago, with another way older woman

I said that I'm a Personal Trainer in my Bumble profile, and that she wants a session. Is that code? I'm very oblivious to these sorts of things

I'm thinking a nice designer t-shirt and BR jeans would work, but I don't want to be under-dressed

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Show your /fa/ backpacks
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backpack Rucksack i want to buy one... zeig mal deinen Rucksack... Heil Hitler
What the fuck? That looks like a ball sack or a piece of raw chicken.
I like Dakine for simple, functional, and wicked durable backpacks.

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