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Is my girlfriend /fa?
Does she have a nice style? Is she hot?
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>implying I have one

though there was this girl/guy transitioning that in this sweet cute bulliedcore outfit that I almost talked to today.
U got yeezys 4 sale?

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Welcome to Nordstrom, anon. What can I get you today?
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go away
You signed up for "Nordstrom at Home" service, anon.

i would like some rick

i would like some cdgh+

i would like
i would like you to suck on these DEEZ NUTS

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>model is 6'1" and wearing a medium
>tfw 5'10" and wear medium

do models just have really small torsos?
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yes, models usually have longer legs because it's more appealing. it's the whole reason why low rise jeans are in right now.

models have been seen wearing low rise jeans after calvin klein has made them popular because he wanted to equalize the torso/leg ratio of his models in his ss2004 runway, by elongating their torso by a couple inches and reducing their leg length, through tucking in their shirts with low rise jeans.

i dont know why /fa/ hates the idea of having a long torso, or tucking in shirts with low rise jeans, because personally i think it looks fucking awesome. i try to find the lowest rise jeans i can get, sometimes i even sag (with a belt of course to keep it in place) so i can make my torso look as long as possible.
I am 5'9" and use L, i like to dress comfy
Post fit? Also why are you here, w that actual knowledge n such

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Would I look good with a buzz cut?
Or maybe a shaved head?
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We would have to see more of your head shape.
How do you mean?
no your face is too ugly

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How many of you wear these when inside?
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Is it effay? Is it douchey?
It's fine niqqa, but wear some faded old shit desu. Looks 10 times better.
here, why the fuck would I take it off after wearing it outside, shit messes up your hair

Who here /Mac Demarco/?

Also fall slacker inspo
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sad how much of a meme he has become but yes love
Who here doesnt know who this fucking faggot that the cock gobbling OP keeps posting even is?
holy shit this is a fucking meme

So what do you figure will be the next trending color combo?

Last year was all about black & red. Then it was quickly about everything remaining in the primary/secondary color spectrum. A color per week. Black & green, orange, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, burgundy, etc, all done.

At the moment, every clueless pleb is already hip to the black & brown, black & cream.

So what is nxt lvl?

We seem to be out of colors. What are you gonna do?
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Try thinking for yourself for once.

Always Black. Maybe some grey and white but mostly black.
Prove to me that paying attention to trends like these is anything more than being tricked into buying new clothes. Give me ONE good reason to change the colors I wear because of what other people are doing.

At least with trends relating to styles or brands you occasionally want to avoid wearing something everyone finds ugly but come on.

This shit is fucking stupid and I'm looking forward to anyone trying to prove otherwise

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Post your outfit
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Are ukuleles /effay/?
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Don't listen to >>11810794

Ukuleles are really effay if you're not basic. They're especially cool if you dress in all black/full rick or something like that.
Do NOT listen to >>11810838
Ukeleles are at the very least quirky, but if you don't have that quirky random personality then you can never pull it off.
they can be cool if you are genuinely good at playing it and don't walk around campus with it

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Winter is coming up and I've decided to buy myself a pair of boots other than some pretty thin Bass Moc boots I bought. I want a pair of shoes that'll be my go-to for rain and snow for cheap. Something stylish and purposeful.
My budget is on the lesser side of things.
Only alternative to these duck boots are whatever Clarks can offer for less than $160, but that's not that much.
Also post duck boot inspo.
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10 inch is overkill, 6 inch looks dumb, and pic related on the male is retard tier.
8 inch is about perfect.
You can feel the privilege in this pic and i love it.

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What are /fa/s choices for jeans in the relatively cheap (but not shitty) range? I'm in the EU and looking to pay under 120-130e a pair ideally.

Levis here cost about 90e and the 510 fit is slightly too wide around the ankle really.

Nudie has horrible pocket detailing.

Considered APC but I don't want raws. I want my jeans to stay the same colour and size as when I buy them and I don't want them to bleed onto my shoes.

Acne seems ideal but are they really worth 180-200euros a pair? The stay cash do look nice with minimal designs though.

Edwin didn't have much in the way of light washes in the slimmer fits.

Topman are too low rise and choke my balls.

Uniqlo don't have a light blue wash in skinny/slim.

What do I do?
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H&M should seriously be considered as an option

Their shirts and other basics are shit so don't bother, but their black skinny jeans are actually surprisingly nice looking and hold their shape pretty well

I get many w2c's in WAYWT from dummies who think they're pricey pants

ill give them a look, always went for topman when i was buying super cheap jeans before and passed up h and m
I wear cheap monday, and i love it
>new black
>tight new black
>spray him

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cant see a w2c thread on front page so new one here

ill start. w2c this jacket
(shoes are Vans X NF i believe)
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look up their website desu, something similar isnt that hard to find
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Pls help find
the logo is rlly blurry but i think its the polo horse

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hey /fa/, how do I keep my ears warm in winter without looking like a homeless person or a beanie-wearing teenager?
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just get a nice cashmere beanie, they're worth it
or you could try to pull off a ushanka, but might be hard if you're not a slav
I want to buy a wool cap with ear flaps this winter.
Is that Holden?

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>sit in class
>look around
>that guy with oily skin and acne all over his face
>constantly touches his face
>hands rub his oily, pimple-filled forehad
>hands go back
>and forward
>see the oil on his pasty fingers
>moves hand to a big pimple
>please don't do-
>presses on it and plays around with it until it bleeds
>licks the blood away
Anyone else know this guy?
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>presses on it and plays around with it until it bleeds
what the
yeah that guys name is OP
tfw this was you during middle school and early high school

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Thoughts on this?
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I see the new boy london collection is here
His breasts are smoother than how my life is going atm. So its a win.
>Those steroid lactating tits
Mishima hasn't look this gay.

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