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Who /FastFashion/ here?

Why does anyone buy expensive clothes anymore when stores like H&M, Forever21 and Zara have the same shit for $20?
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I find the jeans I used to get from h and m fall apart really quickly. so I pay a slight bit more for less shit levis
Dont their stuff fall apart quick

A lot of people seem to be convinced that acne jeans are the best pair of jeans you can get but I'm sceptical. Are there any other pair of jeans that can match up against the acne ones?
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Levi's 510

the most /fa/ jeans are levi's 501 tapered acid wash grey.
can you tell my why it's better than acne?

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So I recently figured out why I dislike the fit of my pants from Uniqlo and why Dickies pants, despite my reservations about their overall look, fit much better; It is the pant rise. The dickies have a rise of a little above 11 inches, whereas the uniqlo pants are barely 10. I didn't think an inch would make such a big difference, but it definitely does. Now knowing what I should be looking for in pants, I am unfortunately having trouble finding pants, specifically chinos, with a similar rise. I'd really appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction of where I can find what I'm looking for.
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try o'connells or brooks brothers
Low rise was a mistake. Some faggots started wearing girl pants and ruined pants for a decade.
skinny jeans only look good on skinny people, and skinny jeans look retarded with high-rise

Plus if you're very skinny, low-rise can show off your v-line and hip bones

All other body types should not wear low-rise, however. You're correct there

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mark renton.jpg
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/fa/ movie characters thread

ill start by posting the most effay character of all time, every fit he had was fantastic.
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mark renton 2.jpg
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Do like
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What do you think ?


itt: post your favorite pictures of you, enjoy subsequent comfiness
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saying comfy makes you gay, that pic confirms it
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the only picture of myself which I like
nice jaw clenching

highly punchable face

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What color Chelsea boots are the most versatile and can be worn with a good amount of fits? Also brands that have them for a reasonable price.
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Probably tan.

Represent makes a good boot, but for even cheaper just look around. Everyone has jumped on the Chelsea Boot trend.
Assuming you're going with suede boots I'll say either tan or some shade of brown.
Thanks I'll check them out for some

Suede opposed to what?

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Any fans of retro Casio digital watches here?
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Pic related is one of the best Casios out there.

Any idea on what model is in yours, OP?
No, but I'm a fan of that hairy hunk of meat, who is he?
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this one is tho

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Greetings /fa/, I come in peace from /k/.

I just got out if the military and need to buy new clothes, I got rid of a bunch of clothes that don't fit and all I was left with was a pair of carpenter jeans, a black polo, grey button up and a pair of low top brown chuck taylors.

I bought to pairs of jeans, on loose fit and bootcut, when I realized this is a good chance to finally get a new look.

What do you say guys, help a guy out?

P.S I read the sticky, just wondering what advice you guys may have
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im assuming your budget isn't too high so im going to recommend you start of with basics and essentials from uniqlo

3 pairs of jeans
light wash
medium wash

harrington jacket
(in neutral colors such as olive,black or navy)

zip up hoodie
mock or turtle neck if you're feeling fancy

1 pair of nice dress shoes (mono doc 1461)
1 pair of comfy sneaks (adidas?)
1 pair of good boots (danners)
oh i forgot shirts

2 button ups

supima t's from uniqlo are decent and cheap
get any color desu

maybe a flannel too
Thanks man, never knew much a out fashion and always just threw on whatever I had, most marines have zero sense of fashion so no one really said anything.

I have a pair of Danners RAT boots but they're pretty rekt, shpuld I try to rock that "salty" look or should I get new ones?

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Was fascism the best thing to happen to the way we dress?
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Of course
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9kL4ry7 (1).jpg
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Can someone tell me which bomber is this?
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Ask that question on /r/streetwear, rather than /fa/. /fa/ is unhelpful as fuck sometimes.
it looks shit. color blocking, ugly shoulders

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Is the brand True Religion back?
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File: IMAG2683.jpg (912KB, 1836x3264px)Image search: [Google]
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I just saw not one, but two random nigs in True Religion jeans.
There's your answer retard
File: IMAG2686.jpg (1MB, 1836x3264px)Image search: [Google]
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$5 cop?
Could prob resell for 10x that

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Going to a wedding. Just need a quick check. Can't do skinny pants because I squat and can't to tapered because I used to be fat and I have large calves.
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looks nice have fun anon
that's pretty bad, man

i'm sure others can help you more than i can but here is something major:

the pants. there is absolutely no reason they should be that baggy. they should not be hanging over your shoes. taper them

you're committing a mistake that is very common here. you're going against basic, logical fashion rules because you think your body is so different

your legs are not massive. your calves are not massive. no part of your body looks particularly muscular or big

if your legs are so massive then why are you swimming around in those pants?
this guy angry but correct

You look like a dude that will probably slay a drunk wedding duckling.

ur just not fashionable cuz ur body isnt a clothes rack. Ur fine.

Does anybody here own a blazer?
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what the fuck is your problem?
Nope not a single one, try /toy/

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Is it appropriate to wear a small bag to carry belongings? I hate having things in my pockets and a bag or purse just seems more practical.

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it'll look fine as long as you wear it as a cross body instead of one shoulder like a purse. tote could go either way but nobody really cares about what you wear
i care a tote everywhere and nobody really cares, they make a lot of sense for all genders.

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