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My hair is super dry and extremely lifeless, and every time it grows it just points out in every single direction. It basically looks like ive been electrocuted and just kinda stayed with that look. How do i fix this? How do i achieve pic related? Help me /fa/
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pic of your hair ? to see how the difference is
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you just have straight hair mate

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This is a fashion board were fashion as an art is discussed. If you come here to look normal or to fit in, you need to go back to r/mfa.
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Blame! core
So are you saying that fashion should only be available to the 1% and that everyday people shouldn't be able to enjoy fashion?

Art should be part of everyday life.
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I have those

Are Brazilian trannies effay?
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if you mean with FA 'Flamantory Aids'
then yes
thats not a tranny, pham.
Then why does she look and act like a tranny honey?

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Guys, what's an /fa/ lifestyle?

What do fashionable people actually do?

What type of lifestyle can be considered effay?

Surely the clothes are but one part of expressing a lifestyle?
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Posting on an autistic fashion board isn't part of an effay lifestyle. Everyone here is just trying to imitate the aesthetics of a life they aren't living.

Inb4 so r u
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We all know this.

What IS an effay lifestyle though?

It's a lot more normie than /fa/ would like to admit, but what does it entail?

Party/Club Scene?
>Guys, what's an /fa/ lifestyle?
What ever you want it to be. What kind of question is that?
>What do fashionable people actually do?
What ever the fuck they want to do. Dumbass question
>What type of lifestyle can be considered effay?
This is the same as the first question, kill yourself
>Surely the clothes are but one part of expressing a lifestyle?
Is this even a question?

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General Adidas thread
Also will there be a restock of these?
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probably but good luck on copping them
sold mine for retail they are nothing worth just look for some second hand
You're full of shit

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How come middle easterners are on average the most effay people? I'm not saying they are the most beautiful or the most effay there can be, but walking around the city you really notice that middle easterners on average dress the most effay.
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because they have an other work ethic. they live more hedonistic than materialistic i guess and its warm there.
iknorite? they take Rick to the next level.
I wasn't talking about middle easterners in the middle east. I meant those that are in the west. They generally dress better

How do I justify spending a weeks wages on these, /fa/?
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How much are they and what is the maker? Expensive shoes are generally good quality and they are a good investment.
Cheaney are the manufacturer, they cost £325
buying shoe trees, and taking care of them. They should last you at least 5 years using them 3 times a week. If you have more shoes to rotate, they will last you a lot more.

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In honor of the Fall, post your hi-top footwear grails
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Also, if anyone knows where to cop (looked everywhere) any of these, you'll have my eternal gratitude and potentially a small sum of money to your name
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If only I could own these :'(

File: 1475013165314.jpg (63KB, 564x846px)Image search: [Google]
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what is this style called?
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Rockabilly, greaser, Americana...?
Grease Remastered.
Im curious what shoes he is wearing.

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Anyone here into streetwear?
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Non-/fa/ here. What does that even mean? Clothes so casual and garishly branded they look ridiculous and would get you kicked out of a family bbq?
See all the tacky shit in OP?
That's streetwear
it's fashion for when you don't want to dress like a numale or look like you have autism

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is punk /fa/? How can I wear punk clothes and be /fa/?
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fascism in the new punk
Absolutely not
its sad how true this is

Sup /fa/, i have a chronicle "angry" face, i have been told by women before they met me that they felt i was "untouchable", what doesnt help either is that i dont laugh at things i dont find really funny and i have this natural eyebrow frown.

Are serious guys /fa/?
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Post pic of your resting face
i dont have any pictures of mine, no Facebook either, the only social media i use is email
Emails aren't social media senpai

I too suffer from Angry face, all female friends I've had told me I'm too scary to approach; but when I go out of my way to do the initiation everything ends up good and dandy when they notice I'm not a murderer.

Sucks DESU

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ny nikka
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wus good b
Deadass saw some timbs today b on my moms
File: 1449333866742.png (80KB, 329x306px)Image search: [Google]
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Boots for negros swimming in their clothes and 3DPD thots

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How does one achive this hair if i had pretty staight hair
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Curling iron, kill yourself and hope you come back as someone with that hair, wig
Is that ruby?
Ig just grow it out
suicideboys fucking suck. they're like almost 30 rapping about shit that appeals to 15 year olds

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Adam Kovic 1.png
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Whats should stay, also what products?
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Adam Kovic 2.png
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