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Post inspo, ask for advise, give advise.
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How can I make my curly hair not be frizzy as fuck? I don't use shampoo everyday, but I do use conditioner. I have healthy curly hair. When I dont use anything and just wash my hair, it has this amazing texture and softness, it's angelic. But it gets really frizzy and can't see my curls cause of it. What can I do about this?
Argan Oil

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Adult fits?
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Last WAYWT is approaching 300, time to start again.
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fuck off you ginger cunt
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facial aesthetics/rate thread
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overall facial structure is pre good but your skin drags you down a bit
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lol i posted myself again, shit i gotta get something beter to do.
btw by any chance, are you guy who asked for tattoo ideas recently?
this btw
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*lack of facial aesthetics

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Last Thread: >>11814993

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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Morning thinspo! What are you doing today?
Going to Cambridge with my mum to do some shopping.
i recently noticed there is a small store that only sell old shoes and a kiabi store opened near me gonna check them .
Those threads are shiz

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Is your background /fa/
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So you guys hate:

*menswear ("cringy r/mfa shit")
*streetwear ("gtfo gay hypebeast")
*palewave ("dead meme my man kill you'reself")
*90s-inspired ("Drop the cosby look, you nostalgia ridden idiot")
*lunar core ("stop wearing memes fucking freak")
*basic fits ("spent so much to look so boring")
*wearing popular clothing ("normcore bullshit fuck off")

So /fa/, you trash everything. What is it you actually like?
Can you post some examples because it seems that you hate everything.
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I want to lick her butthole desu
Avant Garde / Goth Ninja

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No interior thread? I'll dump a few I have
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New bread
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Srry for the shit lighting
Thrifted bomber/thrasher/cheap Monday/vans duck boots
meh, too tryhard

boring but looks fine

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second thread hit image limit again

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Rebost to get this going
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Screenshot (221).png
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Post a photo of you as a kid so we can decide if being /fa/ is in your blood.

I think I was fine af (6th grade)
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What age of ourselves should we post?
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>tfw dressed better as a child than i do now as an adult
w2c hoodie

Anon, can we have coat inspo thread? Post some.
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is this one good?
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Inspo, hair, make-up, actresses/models, advice, w/e. Please contribute anything that could be helpful.
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Cop or not: shoe edition
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Facial Aesthetic General
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do you have some vodkanigger blood in you aswell?
The purpose of this thread is what ? You can't change your face, face inspo is useless.
its not inspo, we just like to call each others faggots.

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