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Let's have a thread about actual fashion, shall we?

>post pics
>talk about your favorite designers
>talk about your favorite shows
>trends you think will make a splash in AW17
>post cops (??? i dunno if there's actual girls here)
>modelfu-posting is ok i guess
People who don't know anything about all this shit are welcome! Start here: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows
Have a look around! Find something you like and talk about it.
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Issey is probably my favorite designer so far, his pieces are always works of art.
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I will post pics until I get some company and set a good example!

This look is from Alexander Wang's aw15 show. This picture gives an impression of a woman who's so rich she can wear whatever she wants- a fur coat thrown over some pajamas, with enormous boots just in case of any need to curbstomp a nigga like Ed Norton.

In addition, the pajamas and coat are both visibly of excellent quality- the texture, patterning, and (of course) the dazzling edges of the clothing alert the viewer to the excellent design and craftsmanship that went into producing it.

Also, the slouchy shoulders and cropped pants paired with the huge fucking boots produce a pleasing, balanced silhouette.

The more I learn about Issey the more I view him as the greatest designer of the 20th century desu
bitch looks depressed af, you right about the silhouette though pretty balanced

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halp need ideas on what I should do with this mess of hair, sick and tired of it
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go bald
Less volume and get some stuff thatll make your hair less frizzy, and try trimming your shit

Thank you.



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I like the aesthetics of Vans, but they have no heel lift so always make me feel short. What are some alternatives?
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cowboy boot.jpg
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Ted Cruz is only like 5'10 but wears pic related to bump himself up to 6'
File: 1478142086186.png (523KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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What are those?

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I stopped smoking cigarettes today. How long until my skin starts to recover from this horrible nightmare of addiction?
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For as long as you don't touch a cigarette
Starting at the last cigarette you had

Will it truly help my skin? I've smoked almost 15 a day for 9 years.

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Hello /fa/,

I have recently started working at a professional job, and in order to succeed and make the advancements I need I must present as professional an appearance as possible.

Dress code is casual outside of the rare occasion when there is an in-person client meeting, the men wear generally polos and slacks, my boss is nearing retirement and often shows up in khaki shorts, however I have to present as professional an appearance as possible in order to garner the respect and admiration of my coworkers.

I have an assortment of quality clothing, however, where I run into a problem is my hair, which I keep long for sexual reasons.

I am unsure what to do with it, I look much better with my hair down, but I am told that does not look very professional. I have been wearing it in a ponytail, but it is rather thin and frizzy, and I don't feel it projects the appearance of vigor that I am seeking.

For men with long hair, how do you present it? Is there a product you would recommend?

What is the most /fa/shionable professional option for males with long hair?
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Where's your hair though

File: 13S8O4KC[1].jpg (31KB, 344x400px)Image search: [Google]
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anyone know any cheaper alternatives similar to these barbour jackets?


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buy it used. these jackets are build to last a lifetime and they look even better when old.
But you can't return used if it doesn't fit :/

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Hey /fa/ where do you guys buy your clothes online?
Pic related is one
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hudsons bay
was thinking about perry ellis website
and nordstrom maybe
Thanks bud
Also, shameless self bump

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is wearing a fleece jacket /fa/
any fleece inspo?
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File: j3yNabe.jpg (728KB, 3360x5040px)Image search: [Google]
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cop, but if you're just going to buy a pleb tier brand you could find one in a thrift store
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File: retro x.jpg (213KB, 852x1136px)Image search: [Google]
retro x.jpg
213KB, 852x1136px

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Any tips on slicking back hair? My hair is really thick so I use pomade, a layer of wax, and another layer of pomade. My hair is in really thick strands and I want to make it even

How 2 fix
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File: hqdefault (9).jpg (10KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
hqdefault (9).jpg
10KB, 480x360px
I'm trying to make it more smooth and even like this
File: 20161106_143350.jpg (1MB, 1944x1551px)Image search: [Google]
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Over time the strands pop up
I can't help you with your problem but please shave whatever that is on your face.

Is it bad to wear mostly minimalistic stuff (Acne, Our Legacy)? I really like clean and simple stuff with darker color shemes. I normally wear Our Legacy and Ann D or Raf sneakers/boots.
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Nothing wrong with it.
Though it is interesting how omission of detail can result in a "fashion statement.
Its ok, but there is nothing about fashion in it.
People who havent accepted minimalism as the PINNACLE of fashion are just plebs without taste

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Epic Win /fa/shion thread?

Cmon /b/ros post your most epic winning fit of all time, heres mine :D
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do me a favour and dislike this bullcrap
if he was thinner it wouldn't be such a bad fit

Saw some guy get jumped by 3 black people. They knocked him out. He was wearing some old skools, so was eye and so was one of the guys who jumped him... What are some other cool shoes to wear
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Shoes are for privileged white men and privileged westerners. Fuck your stupid shoes!
a pair of damn daniels

File: basketball diaries.jpg (80KB, 564x795px)Image search: [Google]
basketball diaries.jpg
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I'll start first.
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File: 1lncqYL.jpg (66KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Can the middle part work nowadays?

File: IMG-20161106-WA0007.jpg (288KB, 2560x1536px)Image search: [Google]
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>shopping for a new pair of jeans
>only choices are lee, levis and rifle in this store
>browse lee
>slim tapered
>low slim
>regular slim
>regular tapered

And they're all stretch, wich I don't like.
Should have put a -TWINKS ONLY- sign in front of the store.

Wich brands or models should I look into considering I have pretty thick legs?
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You're welcome.
Levi's has a lot of slim jeans that fit just fine on non-twinks.

You're probably just fat, real talk.

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My superstars are missing
File: IMG_1971.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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fuck i forgot the pic
what the hell are those shoes on the top, the beat to shit adidas?

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