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Is removing branding from clothing, if done cleanly, considered a faux pas?
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I hate huge logos, so I usually don't buy anything where it's too big or too visible, bit of i found a perfect item and I could cleanly remove it, is do it.
Do you think it's ever possible to remove say a patch from suede? Would the seam holes be obvious?
Given that you usually have to use stronger and larger needles to work with materials like leather or suede, the holes left from the stitching will be bigger compared to something like cotton or linen. I would advise against it based on that alone, but I've never done it myself.

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Pic related iz me hello
Inb4 not 18
>I just want a fuckin beard
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Inspo #1
Avoid skater/streetwear so you don't look like every other 14 y/o and follow this mans inspo>>11934781
You're pretty good-looking, honestly.

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Does /fa/ like my new hat?
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All I really have is slim fit khaki pants and a plain white t shirt that I wear with it but I feel like I could do better
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You could do better by considering your purchases before hitting that checkout button.

If you feel you could do better then wait until you have the appropriate clothing, don't shoehorn it into a fit that doesn't work because you'll either look ridiculous (see below) or start to hate your purchase.

I saw a guy the other day with skinny jeans, brand new tan Timbs and a Canada Goose parka. Shit was embarrassing. Don't be that guy.
Agreed. OP here and I'm still new to the whole fashion thing, slowly learning but still trying to figure out how to put clothes together haha

Everyone starts somewhere.

I've bought pieces off of hype before and worn them once, felt stupid and they just sit there in the closet.

You'll get there. Lurk, don't read hate, google images.

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Thoughts? I'm gonna wear pic related on my first date with a qt classmate next wednesday, I'm a bit nervous fellas I can't fucked it up this time
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I think ironic humour is the worst, but you do you.
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Too casual? Even if you dressed it up it would look immature. Humor is fine and good and you can wear this when you see her in class, but a date is a date and you should show more care

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post some /fa/ non normie teir musicians

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Can't say that prog-metal is at all /fa/ but he's a great musician no doubt
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should i cop this fit /fa ?
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Never cop any fit
Make your fit with things you cop
im just asking if this is effay
That's it.

I'll turn you into minced meat

This is a group of video game collectors. What's the deal with these guys? I've never come across a less fashion conscious crowd. Any insight into what they were thinking when they get dressed each day?
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who cares
they just normal people living normal lives
Youve gotta agree though, nobody has to make it a large part of their lives but to JUST not care at all or even make an effort to look decent is pretty gross
A lot of people aren't so self conscious about there own looks. By being on FA we practically admit our own insecurities.

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My university has an embroidery machine that students can use for free. I just copped some wholesale basics in various colors. I want to make something like this, but with a different font, that says "Drink Water".

What do you guys think?
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Doing that with a machine is dumb, you should get an asian grandma instead

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any proud white men here willing to show me the way?
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based Jagr
Both of those guys dress like shit
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richard spencer zine.jpg
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>any proud white men here willing to show me the way?

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are there any /fa/ chelsea boots that are waterproof or good in snow?
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I think Chelsea look best when they're slim with a narrow toebox. Any Chelsea boot that can withstand the winter weather is usually boxy with really thick soles for traction. I'd stick with Chippewas or Red Wings desu.
No there aren't, because the elastic genuinely makes that impossible more than a centimeter above the sole.
>not using stretchy rubber

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What fashion of this days is going to look autistic in the future?
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I would say no but than I look at the WAYWT threads and say yes
Probably Kanye merch, yeezys, roshes, torn sweaters, Jeans with massive holes near the knees.

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Last Thread: >>11928002

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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helo fwamile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soooo muhch tanks bye
fenx frof luv u
tank u frof i luv u <3 <3

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give me real feedback
top is a grey sweatshirt
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pt. 1

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