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Best sales for copping Margiela replicas? I heard Mr Porter has a good sale but I have no idea when it is.
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what is this stupid thing with people leaving their laces saggy and hanging out now?
sales after christmas are good. MR Porter and End
You can just buy a lightly used pair off grailed for dumb cheap

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I'm looking for clothing companies that combine high tech materials with classy tailoring. I found this norwegian company, but I don't like the looks of their products. Any suggestions?
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Meh I'm looking for a jacket which protects me from cold temperatures and rain but doesn't look like shit.
pic related: this is the look I'm trying to avoid while having at least some of the comfort such a jacket would provide...
forgot pic

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Can we have a thread about proper hair care, styling, and cleaning?

I need some help. I think I may have become allergic to the shampoo I'm using now. My barber says I don't have dandruff but whenever I scratch it, flakes fall out, especially if I've shampooed it recently. I used the shampoo again the other day and it actually felt like it was burning my scalp.

What do? Is no poo the only way? I have really curly hair, wish it looked like pic related but it's close sometimes
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sounds like you have dry scalp or psoriasis rather than dandruff my dude
I had something similar, went to doctor, took some medicine cream, am okay now.
Are those the same thing? I think it could be dry scalp, but apparently psoriasis is hereditary so I don't think it's that (assuming they're different things.) Thanks.

Were they a regular doc or a dermatologist?

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anyone here wears men bracelets/wristbands? can guys wear a wrist watch and nothing more?
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lol good job asking others for permission as to what you wanna wear

we're not your parents op wear whatever you want
I ordered a few bracelets off aliexpress just to try wearing them and seeing how people react if they react at all (i hope they dont)
i think it is safe to say that men can wear bracelets tho
Likely nobody will really care unless it's a wide cuff.

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1020 (1).jpg
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lagerfield is a hack
File: 1020 (2).jpg (240KB, 1020x1530px)Image search: [Google]
1020 (2).jpg
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What would /fa/ wear to a train robbery?
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File: Tunnel_Snake_outfit.png (563KB, 1052x842px)Image search: [Google]
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Cv-chIYW8AAi6HE.jpg large.jpg
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Does anyone know where I could get this shirt?
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Probably at any generic bargain "fashion" boutique
Buy a hello pink kitty t shirt and then just light it on fire senpai
OP only hard mother fuckers can wear that

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>*teleports behind you*
>*steals your rick owens so fast you don't even notice*
what are you gonna do now twink boy?
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*unzips long flaccid dick and uses it like a lassoo to get my shoes back*
Better luck next time, babby flap
*hunches over*


*clenches really tight*


*fills diaper*


*hot squirty poop*

I like to move it move it

*kicks you with the hardest kick ever in the world and get poop all over you*

Now give that back!!
cant teleport behind a shadow amigo, hah! *disappears while laughing at your broke doc martin h&m wearing ass*

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Man here.

Here's a quick question.

I have a dark grey topcoat, light blue scarf. Brown hair. Tall.

What trousers/shoes?
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>based rick poster
dark blue pants with black or grey shoes
or dark brown pants and brown shoes
This. No other replies necessary.

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Guys, how do I keep up with black jeans when all I wear are they? Black goes best with my closet, but I literally wear one pair of jeans all the time, washing them only when I have time to. How do people who wear black only manage their bottoms when it can only be limited to black jeans and black trousers...
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Please rephrase your question I don't fully understand
I have a pair of 511s and 510s that i rotate every few days, and sometimes I wear black shorts
don't wash them

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So i posted the deal on reddit in a corresponding subreddit (Danner Tachyons $105 shipped) and only got 2 karma. WTF am i missing? Am i crazy or are people clueless?

These were released years ago and still you will have difficulty to find any inspo of people wearing these with jeans, shiacore, etc.

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File: 1478396078001.jpg (285KB, 1484x1079px)Image search: [Google]
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These are ULTRALIGHT sfb style duty boots ffs. They are perfect for shiacore. They are called TACHYON. get it you clueless fucks? Why no one gets them in the current year of our lord 2016?

File: FW725_130_5.jpg (705KB, 1800x1800px)Image search: [Google]
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the gtx doesnt look as good as the the plain old tachyon duty boots, also black is the worst color if you want to style them desu

the tan is goat and sage n sage green are nice

ive been holding off on buying them cause tan is nowhere to be found and the lack of inspo and money atm takes me away from buying sage green
ffs thats not the tan ones
just cant save pic shown here

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Post amazon and e-bay links of the gems you've found.
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Aaaand I forgot the link.
get this shit out of my face you fucking pleb holy shit REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FUCKING KANYE DICK SUCKING NORMY FUCK
chill nigga and post something relevant

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Are key fobs /fa/?
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Only if you tuck your keys in your pocket like "Khloe" Kardashian tucks "her" penis in
just wear them on a caribiner hooked to a belt loop

>the poorfag minimalism is totally /effay/ meme

TRIGGERED! Forty keks

File: Patagonia Fleece.jpg (453KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
Patagonia Fleece.jpg
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Where can I find pic related? I've asked in probably 10 w2c threads to no responses.

Looking for a Patagonia fleece,m but with this texture/cuffs preferably in this color

thanks guys
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Lets make this w2c thread specifically about jackets to differentiate it from the other one.
Dude why exclusively ask here? Looks vintage to me so start searching on Etsy or Ebay.
File: 25450_ABRG.jpg (70KB, 750x750px)Image search: [Google]
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Found after 2 minutes of searching
Its called a "Patagonia synchilla snap T"

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the fucking NIKE website is so shitty it was near impossible to get these at release and now they're sold out
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damn senpai. u took an L diggity dog. mayb next time senpai
took the L on these too, so i went for the black duckboots
Can somebody tell me what the fucking point of shoes these days is if its almost impossible to buy what is advertised and wanted? These arent fucking yeezys.

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