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Teenaged Gentleman just blows me away with his taste and timeless style. No one on /fa/ can even come close, sorry to say.
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It's a halloween costume.
"fashion disaster" isn't funny anymore
Post a fit you immature "fuck childrens".

Can I get some advice on acceptable casual pants for Fall/Winter? I've been wanting to get a new pair of slim navy chinos, but am not sure if wearing chino pants in the Fall/Winter is a faux pas.

I'd been thinking about getting a pair of these:


but maybe these are a better option in terms of material/color?

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Jesus Christ, how can chinos ever be faux pas?? No wonder you're contemplating apc brand chinos. Clueless fuck.
Well the description on the first pair specifically says "summer trouser"

What brands would you recommend for a similar slim cut?
All pants work in winter.
If you feel cold, get a long john, wool socks, and winter boots.

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Who else /bright colorful button up shirts/ ?

I particularly like perry ellis and the english laundry stuff.

Thinking of starting to wear a blazer and a scarf with them.
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they only work if they have room to breathe, i.e. you use them as an accent piece

if your whole outfit is garish you'll look like a faggot. if you're wearing a scarf and a blazer with this shirt, people are going to smell the homosex from miles away
>accent piece

right now I just wear them with regular jeans and sneakers.

>people are going to smell the homosex from miles away

I actually am gay so...
>I actually am gay so...
well, if you want to be one of those super obnoxious gays that attracts other obnoxious gays like honey traps flies, then go for it

if you actually want to be fashionable keep it simple

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W2c a sherpa hoodie in EU for under 100 €
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US too
this, ive been trying to get one too
use the right thread

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Photo 2016-11-06, 10 26 25 AM.jpg
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I just bought a pair of skinny jeans yesterday and I wasn't sure about sizing. The pair I currently bought was a 30, but I noticed that after wearing it for a little bit it really started to stretch out, now it seems to bunch up around my knees and my legs. Do these look ridiculous, or is this how they should look? I've got such shit self image that I can't even tell, since everything looks like shit to me, but I don't want to walk around looking like a clown.

Also, is there any hard and fast rule I can use to determine if my skinny jeans are too big or small?
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why are you buying skinny jeans in 2016
File: Photo 2016-11-06, 10 26 47 AM.jpg (1MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
Photo 2016-11-06, 10 26 47 AM.jpg
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huh, it rotated the pic. It's vertical on my computer. Here's another one that kind of shows the baggy knees better.
Mostly because i'm scared of changing my image.

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Hello friendos
Please post baseball hats and other head wear inspo in this thread
Share links to cop if you have them as well
season doesn't matter
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File: cuck1.jpg (19KB, 324x324px)Image search: [Google]
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moot's hat

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ITT: /fa/ makes Vineyard Vines fashionable
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Vineyard vines is rich white prep fuccboi shit that should be erased off this earth, it is degenerate shit, the only cool thing about it is its pastel colors but thats about it
But it's for frat boys and rednecks
It's the fuccboi cousin of Polo.

Is this a good look in your opinion?
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Yes, but not on him.
Really? Why is that? I think he looks sharp.
He's just a bit chubby, I suppose. Seeing a thirty-something man wearing something like that is also a bit weird, but I shouldn't judge someone for their age. I'm sure you'd be able to pull something like that off, if that's what you were wondering.

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If two of the Ys in Y-3 are from his name, what's the third Y for?
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I just think three stripes??
his middle name duh

That's what I heard. Y for Yohji, 3 for 3 stripes in Adidas.

After trying to fight it for so long, I've come to accept that the colours I feel most comfortable in are grey and black.

I want to convert my wardrobe over time into a mostly-monochromatic one. Any advice/inspo? I am 5'11" grill trying to slim down from 70kg to ~60.
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Resist the urge to toss your whole wardrobe right away. Start collecting solid basics (black and blue jeans, white, grey, and black tops, black and grey outerwear) and do your best to make your current wardrobe work until you have enough mono fits.

what's yr budget?
WOW!!! You're a huge bitch aren't ya?
That's right.

It fluctuates but am poorfag until the new year. Do you mean per piece?

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should i?
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It's like $10 you fucking faggot just do it
I swear to god there's a cop or not thread with this cunt watch every single fucking day. It's a black watch that costs less than $15 you fucking fag just buy it
Get the F-94WA-9

Just fell for the calvin klein meme and they're actually pretty comfy.

But there has to be a better quality/price ratio for male underwear right ?
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Ever considered not wearing underwears at all?
What happened in 1975. He wasn't even born.

What do you call this kind of shoes?
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penny loafers
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cartoon ones

/fa/gs help me quick im late

I want to have a similar look to pic related and the other pic ill post

How would I go about that? I have two shoes that go with me sweater, sneakers and nike shoes

Should I shave my ankles?
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File: 20161106_122631.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
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Also what about socks?
File: 20161106_122649.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
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I should shave my ankles shouldnt I

Hey guys. Now, before you say anything, yes I am making an effort to lose weight, it's just slow going. That said, here's my info:

36-38 inch waist, depending on brand of jeans
30 inch inseam
Large to XL t-shirts and untailored button up shirts (Large Dickies workshirts, XL dressy shirts)

I'm trying to find some clothes that are somewhat stylish and classy while I lose weight. I like dark, militant / sleek looking clothing which is hard to find when you got a big guy. Most jeans and such fit really awkward, and you end up with super baggy legs because of the waist size. And it's hard to find button up shirts that aren't either like huge tents or too tight in the stomach area.

Any suggestions for stuff I can wear in the meantime? Getting tired of black jeans and dickies workshirts.

Photo is of an example guy, except my belly is a little bit bigger (I don't have as much upper body muscle to even it out, so my gut looks more disproportionate).

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white t-shirts, black jeans. fat people literally cannot pull off any outfit that I can think of, they make the clothing look shapeless and deformed. sorry breh, good luck losing weight.
I was once this exact weight and height and I didn't have a belly or look like that picture. what the fuck
Seriously. I've topped out at 205 (6'), and I never looked even close to that. I only hit a 34" waist briefly.

OP, you sound like you dress fine. Don't waste your money if you're in the process of losing weight. For pants, you can tailor them to fit a bit more trim. Same goes for shirts. A good rule is that shirts should fit in the shoulders and chest, and pants in the waist and especially the seat/crotch. Most everything else can be altered.

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