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What the fuck happened to Zara?

Pic related is an 80s Zara Leather Jacket from one of the first shops In Coruña, almost 40 years and not even faded. I can get pics from the tags if you don't believe it's that old. Made in the netherlands with high quality, tough as fuck Cowskin.

What happened to the clothing industry? Nowadays everything is faux leather, shit denim, and everything is made by negros or indians. Tfw No Galician Homebrewn Zara clothing.

Zara Right now fucking sucks. And all the clothes they have is a bunch of /fa/ggot shit.
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Because they make shitty knock offs of popular (mostly the shit hypebeast trash) designer clothes that fuccbois and tumblerinas eat up cause they can't afford the real thing.
True this. I am hating all the girls over here wearing more inditex garbage like shitty Pull & Bear denim jackets with that shitty default patches pack. It's kind of autistic.

Sometimes you find inditex Jewels, like some good basic jeans, a nice jacket, or a good belt. But most of the shit is so generic, cheap and horrible that I just want to end its poor misery.
That's their whole business model m8
making stuff that lasts is only worth it if you're selling it for high sums, Zara makes fakes of stuff that lasts, prices it for a fraction and you can wear it for a maybe a season or two tops before it breaks down and you have to buy a new one.

File: ronaldo 2.png (833KB, 932x597px)Image search: [Google]
ronaldo 2.png
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its over, monochrome can't possibly recover from this.
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are you saying he looks bad? because he doesnt
yeah, you're beat as fuck. He looks like shit. Look how sterile he looks, absolutely no personality or glow to that outfit at all. This nigga walked into Zara with $100 and walked out a class-A fuckboy. And the fact that you think he looks good is indicative of the state of this board and, dare I say ,fashion as a whole
>$100 at zara
>buying more than one of the pieces shown
pick one

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How tall is too tall /fa/?
im about 6'8 and nothing looks good on me
what do?
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You don't have to look good, just look decent, practice good hygiene, and the ladies will swoon.
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yo, towering anon. i can understand your problem in a small way. i'm 6'4 and probably look awkward a lot of my fits

since models aren't so extremely tall you should look to athletes. there are many super tall athletes who make it work well. obviously most of them would be basketball players although most NBA players wear gaudy trash

peter crouch is a good example to follow i think. he's 6'7 and usually looks good
File: slendermanlookinass.png (594KB, 492x595px)Image search: [Google]
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thanks anon
have been looking at NBA players because im not the tall skinny type of tall and most NBA tend to have a bit more muscle to them
pic related in brandon ingram who is tall and skinny and is decently effay imp

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told ya. look at these clown shoe proportions. these are in manlet size 9 and look how long and shit they are. imagine a normal size like 11 or 12 hahaha
cant believe faggots on here were lusting after these
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File: 1477932960137.jpg (409KB, 584x777px)Image search: [Google]
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Angles, what are they?
yea nice try manlet techfaggot
stop samefagging

File: RM5017001B-screen.jpg (76KB, 740x740px)Image search: [Google]
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Just ordered a pair of these
What does /fa/ think
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Way too much going on for a shoe, imo. Respect to you anon if you can pull it off with a good fit.
these are whack
Are you from the US?

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What do you wear when the weather is way too hot for siqq layering?
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that's irrelevant cus it's winter
stay inside
I just wear some light shorts a t shirt and vans. I wear jeans for as long as I can though. But I finally gave in today and wore shorts australia

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Are these socks effay?
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no, but it's my fetish when a shy smug 2d qtp2t trap wears it while stroking my dick.
For me it would be the best rainbow footjob, with tickle torture as punishment for unsatisfactory work
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Show me her crusty milf feets, i would love to nibble on her hard skin.

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What is /fa/'s opinion on wearing a tie with a polo shirt?
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what the fuck, you might as well wear a noose
VERY (((( IN ))))

File: 6OS4MTv.jpg (277KB, 1067x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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incoming 1/???

feel free to add
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File: 40TIgj8.jpg (251KB, 2048x1365px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 097.jpg (308KB, 1600x1066px)Image search: [Google]
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Sup /fa/. I need a new jacket for motorcycle riding. I need something really warm, and ideally really soft. I have super sensitive skin, that gets extra dry in the winter so a lot of shit irritates the fuck out of it.

The jacket has to be able to break the wind, too.

I've been looking at Belstaff and The North Face, but I don't know if they're any good.

Didn't see another thread for something like this, so yeah.

Any recs?
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ignore north face
Perhaps an actual motorcycle jacket?
File: 7373[1].jpg (97KB, 800x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Embrace the naziboo core

What do you guys think? If these come out it might be my first boost purchase. These look more lifestyle than Ultraboosts and not as basic as NMDS.
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what is with these shoes that have the rubber/plastic bottom or whatever that looks like styrofoam? it looks so shitty and cheap. why do you people like this.
i dont think its necessarily the look that people like, its just the material thats supposedly really comfy
okay... then why is it on /fa/

Post eyewear inspo, cool shades, r8, ask questions...

also, w2c something like pic related at decent price?
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I'm not very effay but does /fa/ like my glasses at least?
Out of curiosity, what are the thoughts here on non-prescription glasses for fashion purposes?
File: angrycashew.jpg (57KB, 700x465px)Image search: [Google]
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It's ableism at its finest. If you do this you are delegitimizing impaired vision.

help me out /fa/

im looking for a dope new look, i know very little about fashion

what general styles would look good with my face?
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can post more pics
what are best jean brand by the way

File: s-l1000.jpg (128KB, 744x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Thoughts on the crombie coat? I bought pic related.
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I like it, but those red pants trigger me
File: grailed.jpg (285KB, 1100x1467px)Image search: [Google]
285KB, 1100x1467px
Anything like this with big villian like lapels but under 500? or Cheaper than SLP prices ?
The coat is nice, just don't take inspiration from the guy in your pic, his shirt and pants are horrible.

File: BapexMincraft minecon exclusive.jpg (214KB, 1254x1500px)Image search: [Google]
BapexMincraft minecon exclusive.jpg
214KB, 1254x1500px
where can i get cheap bape?
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Just because it's new doesn't mean its better. That print looks like something a child would wear.

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