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Currently looking for a light coat for the winter. Instead of making an absolute fedora edgelord ass out of myself can you guys tell me if these picks are anywhere near good?
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Any one of them is good senpai, pick whatever matches up the most with your current style and colors.
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Fuck you
Dont buy clothing like that please. You probably think that this is stylish and all that. You are better off purchasing a coat from Zara or H&M if you are that clueless.
Those brown coats don't look bad on them.

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Thinking of getting some Tim's.
Which color should I get I'm thinking the 2 on the right or the red one.
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Deadass? The only timbs a nigga should wear are the wheats. FACTS my nigga.

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here we talk about generic popular pleb fashion, doesn't even need to be cringey, just popular fashion trends amongst most of the public
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these damn backpacks.jpg
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more backpacks.jpg
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supreme in general.jpg
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just in general...

Asian fashion thread
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Japanese have the worst fashion in Asia

They are called "charao" guys with tall blonde hair and big wallets
>boutonniere in one lapel and badge on the other
>cane, umbrella
>straw hat
>moreover the suits are inhabited by douchebags
Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn impressive fits OP, what style, what class, wow, sage goes in every field

looking to get a pair of white trainers to keep clean, got some low converse but they turned into my beaters, edging towards either pic related or gats, any other ideas?
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Get something leather like an AF1, a Reebok classic, Sk8 highs or stans
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are bulges kino?
what are the best pants to wear to enhance the bulge?
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rub cock constantly so as you always have a semi

The best way to enhance the bulge is having a bulge.

I have a light switch penis and for me is practically impossible unless I rub off my cock a bit before going out.
Whenever I have a boner in public and try to make it go down it has that awkward semi phase where it looks like I have a huge bulge. I think most people just see a bulge and assume you're just getting rid of an erection, no?

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What are some good boots for a harsh city winter? I like the look of doc martens (I know they're a meme). I had black timberlands, but they fell apart and are too bulky for my taste now
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when chippewas are on sale, they're pretty much just as cheap as docs and they're going to last a lifetime.
What about Red Wings?

Accidentally bought a different pair of Docs. Looked too big on me. I'm just about done.

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hmm how do y'all think about this?
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>learned to move the threshold slider
does anyone here have any reasonable argument for either Gosha or Supreme being anything but trash?
Gosha is fine. The items that you never see in real life are usually the best ones, while the ones you see everywhere are the most tacky. He's quite a good stylist too, I think he did something recently for Topman.

Supreme is grotesquely overpriced given that its not cutsew. They still release some good items now and then but I think I would avoid wearing it so I'm not associated with their majority fanbase.

You can't really argue about this stuff given that its subjective

The the topknot /fa/?

I'm Asian and I think it will match me well
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looks better on east asian men than white girls, says I (a white girl).
>i'm a girl

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What are you thoughts on Gabber-core? Potential for a revival?

Some more pics here http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/gabber-eleganza
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Another general vibe of the aesthetic:
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post choons lads

What type of boots are these?
I know the brand is redwing, but can I get them from any other brand for less than £100?

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Moc toe. Thorogood has em but desu red wings makes one with a nicer/more distinct silhouette compared to the others i've seen in the market with a lower price range
Thanks, I appreciate it.

What /fa/ thinks about uncaged ultraboosts ?
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can never get past the ultra boost styrofoamy sole. why not make it a different texture honestly
Everybody thinks its the best sole that exists. I dont know what are you complaining about

What do you guys think of this "rockstar" look?
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my hero.jpg
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I just shiacore tbqh
Are you incredibly handsome or incredibly talented/famous?


Don't fucking wear it, you'll look like a fucking goof.
The "I'm an Emo beta white numale" look

The "I wear gay things but i actually like girls" look

The " i am not gay at all trust me, let me go suck a cock" look

The "i whine about my high school relationships but im 25" look

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Discuss, post inspo, ask questions etc.
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How would you guys define terrorwave?


it's terrorwave if you're a fucking autist who wears tight ripped black jeans with eyeliner , it's normal clothes to the rest of the planet
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>You will never be crowned Terrorwave king with the .50 Cal Crown

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not really, no

only techwear cosplayers wear them right now
They're a function thing only.
Rarely, if ever, are you going to be doing something where it's cold enough to have gloves on, but warm enough to where full fingers would be too much.

Even cheap dollar store 'magic gloves' usually come with that texting finger shit.
sure, if you rocking that homelesscore

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