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Any other /fa/gs on HRT?

I'm starting to get boobs from HRT, so I can't wear tight shirts or anything like that. Looking for some fashion inspiration.
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I just saw all you fags in the underwear thread, bump dammit.
Fags are not trans-women. Stop oppressing me.
wear a noose

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cop or not?
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best supreme drop of the year tbqh senpai
damn that's effay
no because if you wear it, it will look like the photo of a man's torso is actually your own

where the fuck is this jacket from, found it on reddit, been googling random assortments of "yellow" "padded" and "bomber" , can't find shit
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here'z the back
is yellow the new meme colour?
not sure, i just think yellow is a nifty color. i really just wanna find this in any color :/

>tfw adidas is bringing samba back
what a time to be alive
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just buy some gats already
thrift some or get the margielas
sambas are objectively shit and subjectively basic

nice dubs tho
>these low quality basic shoes are shit
>go buy these equally low quality basic shoes they're better because they're more expensive and are from a brand normal people haven't heard of

kys my man
what do you mean bringing sambas back? they never stopped with sambads

Are all-over-print sweaters effay?
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only if they cost over 300 dollars
God no
only if they're that vivid
(read: no)

*previous one is over 300*

gotta find the ideal one.

Anybody owns picrelated? It is sold out in my size everywhere.

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gotta cop a rain jacket, don't want anything to flashy just functional. Any rec's on some good brands?
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Would buy that S&S, but it is a little expensive. Any cheap alternatives?
Arc'teryx or Norrona.
The dryzzle jacket is cheap, will look cheap and will not keep you dry for long.

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this is literally the outfit of the average /pol/ poster.
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add a MAGA hat and we've got a nice fit.
Better than /fa/ which is basically just a $900 garbage bag, a bowl cut and some thrift shop tier shoes they paid $2000 for
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no this is

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If your waist measurement is larger than your inseam, give up now.
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I wear 28 30
>tfw W31 L32

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Inspo thread winter edition

>Superdry black turtleneck jumper
>Zara man denim coat £80
>black chinos
>Fatface shoes

I want to see what YOU are wearing this festive season

P.s. these arr budget clothes, if I had more money, obviously I would buy better clothing
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First post in /fa/ blindposting r8 m8
You are wearing a school uniform. You're probably an exchange student

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What does /fa/ think of carhartt jackets?
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Get a sherpa instead maiman I mean wow Carhartt is so un/fa/ now these sherpas are like Americana/grunge/skate all rolled into one and they keep you toasty
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100 years.jpg
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anyone have any experience with the Detroit jacket from Carhartt? (more specifically the arctic quilted-lined one).
Tbh this is my first time on /fa/, and you'll look like a fucking faggot cuck if you were that instead of carhartt. Carhartt is warm and what men wear. Visit different boards

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do you guys have any experience with taobao? i want to order a kanken replica from there but i'm hesitant because i don't know how reliable they/their products are. any stories/experiences?
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shit quality.. but what do you expect.. also the fit is kinda weirdo most the time
i'd be ordering a backpack, so fit's not really an issue. do you think it'd be worth the effort?
order from a agent like basetao, They'll help with order and shipping. But ordering just one item isn't really recommend

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/fa/ I have thick wavy jewfro hair and this is what happens when it gets long unless I get it down. I'm trying to grow it out, usually I just buzz it down to like a 5

What is a haircut that works well for Jewish hair
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You just have to get it past this stage
What does that mean just let it keep growing?
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I have the same problem when it's this length

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Hi /fa/. I need some non-memey black sneakers that I can beat up. I'm more inclined toward chunkier silhouettes right now and so am looking at pic related. Which should I get? If none, what are some alternatives?
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burger king shoes

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What is it called when you have a piece of fabric hang down around the bottom of a jacket/vest like this?
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Can someone please explain the Gosha double cuff meme?
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It's dumb

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