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New Tumblr thread. Post your urls. Rate and what not.

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Your shit has always been solid
im pretty new to tumblr i guess
here mine though

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ITT: Wintercoats. inspo.

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wat do wear to a bar??? i have bar tomorrow and no clue how to dress to bar??
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How old are you, what do you look like, and what kind of bar?

How do you expect people to give you advice when you don't tell them anything about yourself you retarded faggot.
That's a nice picture.
20 tall china bar contemporary museuam sydney australia 2000

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are there any good online shops for post punk fashion?

i'm talking about vintage looking henleys and button-up shirts, cool outerwear, that kind of thing
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>post punk fashion
this is literally just what normal people wore in the 70s-80s
if you're unironically going for the joy division look I suggest you start with a noose
Why the fuck would you wear anything ironically?

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keratosis-pilaris edit.jpg
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How do I get rid of this shit?
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There's lotions out there that will dissolve that shit. There's stuff in my bathroom at home that I could recommend but I'm away atm. Just do some googling tbqh
>asking a board that talks about fashion

You can now be a hypebeast in GTA V.
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sick memes
> $5230 for a Bigness hoodie
Fucking trust fund swag fags

Wavy hair inspo thread?
I want to get my hair cut but I have no idea what to get with this wavy ass hair.
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So I just got this denim jacket as an anticipated christmas gift, is there any way of wearing it without looking tryhard/cringey? Post inspo or ideas
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stop using those words
dude just b urself lmao
Wear it over a dark sweatshirt with the jacket's sleeves rolled to your elbow, usually how I wear those

Post shit you made and critique others

>How can I print out shirts myself?http://www.instructables.com/id/diy-custom-t-shirt/
>Where can I go to print out shirts?
>How do I make designs
>What do I do now?
Post some fuckin OC
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Hey how 's it coming along
would cop
the one looking less gay is better

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Are black iron rangers 6' memecore?

Cop or not?
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Just get them in amber like a normal person. Brown goes with more.
seemingly more meme-y these days
The black ones less so.

Been shopping for boots for about 2 months, and these have blown up in the past couple of weeks
Not OP, saw them on sale at the mall and I need to move past Timbs - cop?

Does anyone else think big ears are the most frustrating things when you have an otherwise acceptable face?
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His ears would look pretty normal if his hair wasn't so short.
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desu he still looks great
Height is

I believe I am getting a better and better looking face as I work on myself, but I will always be 5'8"

I went out today dressed so well I couldn't stop miring myself in the mirror before I went out. Still short.

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What are inexpensive things I should wish for for Christmas?
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maybe you should wish for your family to actually love you faggot
A noose
This hits too close to home

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Does this look good for the coming winter?
Winter coat/jacket thread.
Post your recommendations pls.
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Get a memetarn parka, my man
Do some squats faggot

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Where can i find this/ what's the name of this jacket?
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Olive bomber?

The Skinhead's bitch

Any brand recommendations /fa/?

I am not big into urban fashion, find outdoor wear much more comfortable and practical...
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Topo Designs
Camp Brand Goods
North Face (especially specialty lines or Purple label)
Epperson Mountaineering
best made company
hidden woodsman
Northern Hunting
anonymous ism
chup natur
madden mountaineering
BUCK KNIVES-Knives/Tools
POLER STUFF-Bags, Apparel, Limited Gear
STANLEY-Cookware, etc.
LL BEAN SIGNATURE-Apparel, Bags, Gear
OWNER/OPERATOR-Snow gear mostly
Also battenwear

go to thrift stores, etsy, grailed, you can find a lot of vintage outdoor stuff for good prices.

and check out Japanese publications like Go Out
such a pussy list do you even follow the brands

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