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how do i let people know im gay without being overly flamboyant and/or obnoxuous?
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Scarf and skinny jeans
bleached hair
slight gay inflection. it's pretty subtle but you'll still set off every gaydar in the room.

very very manicured facial hair

faggy earings is the easiest though.

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post w2c ITT
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w2c pants like these? I can't find a pair this dark
They never hold their shape, if you buy a pair, be prepared to dry-clean.
I got a pair ofold navy cycling pants that look exactly like that. I just cut off the ribbed cuff.

Hit your local good will cuz a good marled wool trouser is hard to find

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Am I the only one that's actually sad this board is dead? How many people are left? I've been here since 2012 everyday and I saw this place fall. This is potentially the funniest board cuz of how much of assholes we are and now it's dead.
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It's depressing honestly. These fucking redditor streetwear cunts drove everyone that mattered away.
Nah not even streetwear. I think it was us realising that the "goofnigga" we used to mock was now the accepted norm of current fashion and blowing our collective brains out.

I miss twerkit. This is the first time I've bothered posting on 4chan many months.
I'm still here though.

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Is he effay?
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Gold chains are too much

Everything else is on point tho

Steampunk is the fast-food of cultural style. It turns you into a pleasure seeking animal. - Samuel J. Hyde

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Looking for a new pair of pic related, or something similar.
Any suggestions about where to find them or for something similar?
In the UK if that helps, brand is 7 event, originally got them from ebay so I have no idea where to find more, but the heel has fallen off one so its time for a new pair.
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H&M, ALDO, etc
They look like your generic leather boots. Hope you didn't pay more than $100 for that.
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More info, a quick google showed nothing. I only know the brand is 7 event as I looked inside the shoes, but no joy. Pic related.
Hell no, got them used for £20 I think, I'll check those out.

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literally me.jpg
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cuck core

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What jacket do you currently wear? I currently have a goretex-core jacket and want to get a new one. If you wear a bomber jacket you can fuck off
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i wear a microfiber bomber jacket
Navy peacoat

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I blew my pair of Redskins yesterday. I know, it's a shitty brand. Stepped on a piece of glass in a club, completely fucked my sole up.

Made me think, with all the Chinese shit that's being fabricated today, what is a good brand that will give me a indestructible pair of shoes?
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Rick Owens
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military combat boots
steel toe boots

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What sneakers would you recommend to a person who have never had them?

Basically, what is the go-to /fa/ sneaker?
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Your pic
Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66
Rick Owens Geobaskets
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$165 shipped

Trying to decide between these and the discontinued 993s.

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What Nike shoes is Lady Gaga wearing in this pic?
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which year though? i can't find any model called "Bump"
you're joking right?
no? am I missing something?

is nike bump a thing?

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Business Casual Hate Thread
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I like "business casual" though.
I find "prep core" better but it shifts too easily toward plain frat boi which I find repelling.
The cringe is not the "business casual" thing but more the "hipster ironic" look the dudes on OP's picture have.
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I wanted to illustrate my post with this picture that illustrates prep core but can also pass off for well done business casual.
>The cringe is not the "business casual" thing but more the "hipster ironic" look the dudes on OP's picture have.
and also everyone except the presenter is just casual casual

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All their clothes looks a bit thrashy and low quality but I still kinda dig em so basically this is a c/n agora
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Post some examples
looking at the pale hoodies
this one for example :


those pullover or coach jackets too:


mostly its worn by poserkids who drink fiji and arizona and listen to music ironically

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How do you dress /fa/ without random people calling you a faggot in public?

I grew up in the 90s and this is a real concern for me.
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You can't control everyone, assume you're gonna get called things no matter what you wear, so just do what you want.
Hello Mr Snowden.
Get into the right aesthetics

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how much beer can you drink?
Beer is not fa, wine and vodka is the way to go

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whos sara.jpg
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Why is Zara considered shit-tier? Its pieces are made in Spain, Portugal, and Turkey - I dunno about anywhere else, as opposed to China or SE Asia.

What does country of origin matter?
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They blatantly reproduce designer pieces with exponentially less quality construction. It's also for fuccbois.
But also the you pay out the ass for clothes that don't fit properly unless you go to a tailor and get them adjusted.
Regardless of where they're made, they're blatant ripoffs of designer products minus any of the quality. Shit falls apart fast. The only saving grace is that they last longer than H&M, which isn't saying much at all.

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