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lets get a good skate thread going
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dylan rieder.jpg
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just waiting for this thread to be ruined by "actual skater here"

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What style are you aiming for? Does it work? What are your problems achieving it?
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Mostly casual/""streetwear"". Baggy pants slim jeans t-shirts sweaters etc. everything mostly

The only problem i have is with the sneakers. Good one cost a fucking ton and trying to cop some recent ones in a nightmare

>trying to cop yeezys, fail miserably
>trying to cop space jams 11, fail miserably
slav disaster survirior
gosha rubichinskiy kapital usually what im dressed in
Basically still dick riding Hedi even though it's nearly 2017: wyatts, chelseas, couple mmm gats, old Dior / SLP pants, western shirts, vintage leather etc

Last on archived
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This is OP
this stupid ms paint garbage shouldn't be allowed. MS paint drawings are not fashion
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Free Lil Uzi out the pound

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anybody got some rare shias they wanna share? ive got a few tucked away I'll throw out there.
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i wish i had his body

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Thoughts on this jacket and hoodie I just made? Also I was told they look like raf simons after I made them, no inspo tho.
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sick. how you do it?
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Also pics I used 1/2
dope as fuck my man. how did you pull that off?

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What are some effay music videos or artistes? I think the neighborhood is effay

Kanye is cheating
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Hahahaha, they're fucking terrible hahahaha
Busted and McBusted, and stuff like Allister and Gob
get cancer

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bleached hair thread, is it still punk?
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why not, if i like how it looks?

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I see a lot of the people on this board spending thousands of dollars on clothes unnecessarily. The thing is that some people are born with handicaps that will make society dismiss you as ugly wether you are a fashion god or dress like an autist. If you are any of these things you are pretty much done for and should save your money to spend on drugs or whatever:
- Manlet
- Ginger
- Any race other than white
- Acne
- A fatty
- A skelly
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>Any race other than white
your girlfriend thinks otherwise lmao
Define manlet. Being skelly is a must to wear most of high end brands like SLP.
>Any race other than white
I'm fucking white and even I disagree with this, blacks and asians get hella credit for dressing nice all the time

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elefashnts are the most effay animals
>hands down
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watch this, silly op
that elephants hands are up in the air retard
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cats are the effayest you dolt

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is it possible to make my forehead with fillers wider? like it'd be tops 1cm broadness required.
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laser epilation maybe?
my bone is narrow so id need to widen it thats why i thought fillers.
Post pic

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Is there any way to get these Stan Smiths outside of Japan? The only site I found that had them was Adidas Japan and they don't ship internationally
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>Is there any way to get these Stan Smiths outside of Japan? The only site I found that had them was Adidas Japan and they don't ship internationally

>outside japan
>they don't ship internationally


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Last Thread: >>12040087

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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How's /thinspo/ holding up with the holidays? Avoiding the plethora of treats?
Been baking cookies with my mom the last few days. Doin' well with it though. I've yet to devour a full plate of cookies, though I have had a couple in place of breakfast. And two to test.
>it's another "fuck me daddy" whore in the OP

This is the worst general on /fa/. You all have the ideal bodies for fashion, but can't fucking dress.

wtf. why is Uniqlo x Lemaire so fucking addictive.

I have every single pieces from both collection and the UUU.
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cuz its not designed by uniqlo therefore not boring
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seriously. i got this elasticated pleated wool pants last season, i dont even know what im going to wear it with, but i stil get it as it looks interesting.
people will scoff at actually buying lemaire or anything of notable quality but will shill out by the truckload for whatever uniqlo sells
theres literally like 4+ uniqlo threads active at any given moment i s2g
might as well rename this board /clothes/

I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow so let's have a thread. Also any pointers/tips?
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Posting few
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why the fedoras tho.jpg
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Is it just me, or is J Crew surprisingly versatile for starter shit?
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starter shit is meant to be versatile. that's why you start with it
its good for basics and little things to complete fits. hard to make a fit revolve around their stuff tho
I mean J Crew's quality, price, and selection; you can get almost all the essentials there

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