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Last thread is nearing 300 faster than my blood pressure is

LAST THREAD: >>12012806

Check the new pastebin before asking!
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if you have questions for the faq ask them here okay love you bye
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was Hunter S. Thompson /fa/?
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No, but he did his own thing and that was cool.
Fuck the "I watched Fear and Loathing five times and I think I smoked laced weed once, so I'm pretty much Hunter S. Thompson" types though.
>doing your own thing
>not the ultimate form of effay

fuck off back to tumblr with your doc martens my friend
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anyone know where I could cop the jacket he wore in fear and loathing?

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Alright /fa/ i have a question

So i want to dye my hair black but i have dark blonde hair.
Will it look bad if it grows out?
Hair kinda looks like in the pic.
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you should do it and not give a fuck
But what if it turns out to look like utter shit.


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Is Tyler Durden effay? Also, post Tyler-like fashion.
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pinstripe trousers
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lounge suit maybe
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having trouble finding this silver leather flight jacket

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Waywt thread:
Last one nearing 300 and replacement thread was made by an op who's the product of why cousins shouldn't marry
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Swag is for boii, class is for man
very nice fit
>blue lights on christmas tree
burn it
ID on pants and shoes?

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Hey /fag/ what's the optimal bf % for being a fashionable cunt
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Reminder every pussy that will say you have to be a literally starving twink to be fashionable are scaried bitches that won't step their foot into a gym.
<5% probably could get away with <10% too but this varies on how much overall bmi. Fat sucks cause it takes a lot of work and effort to lose so it's best to not gain any in the first place.
Is that pic from Blade & Soul?

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Looking back, What were your fav. fashion trends of 2016?

for me, it was the end of tattoos, finally.
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Everyone who got a tat at any point in their lives still has one most likely and people keep getting them all the time. Lots of those in the fashion industry, so please explain how tattoos are dead?
the trend at the end of 2016, going into 2017 is to be tattoo free, have clear innocent skin.

too many pornstars and models and nobodies got tattoos, being without is now special. It also fits in with more retro 90s looks, as they didnt have tattoos so much then.
According to who? To you? To /fa/?

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Is Robbie Rotten /fa/ ?
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is that the new vetements x canada goose?
Well fuck he looks good
Is he okay?

Last I heard he was recovering from cancer or something, did he make it? Is he gonna make it?

Why are italians the most /fa/ people?

No1 comes close the the italians when it comes to dressing well.
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pic completely unrelated??
italian fashion when good is very good
most of the time its just tacky overdone guido shit though
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Are you even trying anymore when you think up new bait?
Because we spend more, as a percentage of our income, on clothes and haircuts.
Even so, it's not an effay paradise, but on average we put that bit more effort in or appearance.

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i don't normally post outfits on here but what do you think
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clean your room
>I'm not like the other girls
i dont like it. dont wear leggings.

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Is that le linkin park man
is that the other linkin park guy?
Mike Shinoda, honestly dresses pretty decent

Can you guys give me advice on a good haircut for a medium tanned asian I honestly have no clue what to get because my baby hairs always make it look weird, I have a big forehead aswell so fringes are an option to hide that. I really like bob haircuts tho kind of similar to pic related
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just get that m8
Do you cake your face all white? Or just the same color of your skin?
File: asian-eye-makeup-05.jpg (54KB, 280x420px)Image search: [Google]
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nah, I don't really wear much makeup and I am like this color

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>nigay already ruining their meme boots
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Olive and Black are awesome.

Those and white, I dont think so.
These and LF1 duckboots are hideous and I don't know why anyone would want them.
Why is olive and black such a great combination? There are very little things you could do wrong with it.

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When I first started shopping here I thought, "oh, well it's a decent looking department store, and the prices are pretty good"

But HOLY SHIT, every piece of fabric is utter trash.

Each t-shirt is so short feels like I'm putting on a halter top so I can go get assfucked later at the local queer-club.

Even Peter Dinklage would put on one of these and be like "You know, perhaps you should make these shirts a bit longer."

The shirts are possibly the worst shirts ever. Paper thin made in some god forsaken 3rd world country for 10 cents and the price gets jacked up to like 16 bucks for a decent looking one.

The fabric is usually itchy and this goes for just about all tops.

Luckily you can't fuck up pants, but every single shirt or top I've ever bought here had corners cut, there were strings hanging off, too tight in odd places like in the chest or arms.

Fuck Kohls, it's the worst fucking store ever.
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I've never had a problem with it. Good basics and flannels (Croft and Barrow). Fuck the Levis they sell there and some of the tshirts are bad. I actually work there too.
The flannels are decent but I usually cop way better shit at thrift stores desu famalama.
nice try costco

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Any idea where i would be able to find this Lingerie set to purchase it?

Only image i can find.
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"Hey I really like that lingerie set, where can I get a set for myself?"
Hey that looks like a nice set. Where can I buy one?

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