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classic thread go
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for sure m'gentlesir
Is that Sam Hyde

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Are Red Wings really a meme? I think I might pick up some Rw moc toes. But if they are, what are some good alternatives?
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They look like kids boots and they look cheap
everything is a meme, desu
Those look like the kind of shoes autistic kids wear

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Are Doc Martens really a meme? I think I might pick up some Dm lites. But if they are, what are some good alternatives?
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>being this insecure over a boots brand
What are you doing on /fa/ famalam

ITT: Rings and hand acessories.

What styles are the most effay?
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It's not a MVMT or a Daniel Wellington viral marketing bullshit watch, tho.
got the picture from oogle famalam

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Need new haircut ideas.
I have medium-thick hair
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Fucking self bump
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make sure to cut your hair with this
Hey matty b

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average day in moscow.jpg
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Bought a tank and long sleeve telnyashka on impulse. How do I fit them into my wardrobe?
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based vdv putting fags where they belong
and i guess, wear it with anything casually
how can you wear this if you're not from a ex-ussr republic and have never been in the army?
Unless you're a big Russian dude, you'll look like a gay sailor; and if you are a big Russian dude, then you'll look like a Tom of Finland sailor.

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>American Eagle Outfitters
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I'm wearing AE undies right now, what are you going to do about it??
i'm going to take them off!
l-lewd anon

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Before you start shitting:
>i'm vegan
So basically i've seen a lot of shoes/boot with leather, i don't feel confortable wearing them, until i got thi question clear:

Do the just kill the animal for leather or they also use it for the meat?

I mean, if the animal would be killed also to feed someone, i would be ok, but if it is just killed for my /fa/ no.

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it would be a waste if they only used it for leather
Depends, which animal? If it's cow, sheep, goat, or pigskin then I think it's safe to assume the animal was slaughtered for food. If anything else like crocodile or some other "exotic" shit I'd say it was purely for fashion.
B-but anon
i'm reading this:
It seem really cruel :( i don't want to partecipate in that.

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memi memfud.png
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Are colored eye contacts effay?

No one likes brown eyes
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they're fucking gay and you notice them from a mile away

like a terrible tattoo
You can get decent ones which don't look too obscenely fake. Just a get a natural bluish gray
Go for green, not blue. Looks less fake. You'll get called out on blue.

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Does it matter what kind of undies you have on?
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Once you wear merino, you can't go back to cotton.
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I wore AA underwear before I finally got the courage to wear panties like a slut, they are like training panties
Once you wear a jock, you can't go back to briefs.

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Alright fa, I'm going to a new year eves party at a hotel and dont know what to wear. least year when i went i wore a blazer, white shirt, nice tie, khakis and loafers. I felt like an out of place retard. What should I wear this year?
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Gee I dunno, how did everyone else dress?
I don't remember. How should I dress?
Same as last year, but a more casual shirt.
White is ok, if it works for you, but not as a dress shirt, get something with texture.

> went from L to S
> gotta rebuy everything
Next are basic button-downs. Between
> Zara (seems to be a low quality store, never shopped there)
> Gap (not really known for them, should I bother?)
> Polo Ralph Lauren
> Express
> J Crew
Opinions on those? Anywhere else I should consider? eg. Banana Republic?
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uniqlo or h&m easy care
Congrats on the weight loss. Sounds like you live in a small town in the USA. Try Banana Republic and get them tailored or J. Crew and do the same. Though if the Gap has a casual button down you like, go for that.

Don't buy anything from Zara if you want it to last you a few seasons. Even though Express may have temptingly "well-fit" (read: stretchy) shirts, they are unflattering, will look too shiny in photographs and wear very badly.
Thanks, anon. No opinion on Polo?
>Sounds like you live in a small town in the USA.
Wouldn't mind that. More like Chink-Pajeet City, Canada

How do I go about the tailor thing?

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Anthony Kiedis 2006.jpg
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Are there any /fa/ men over 40? Luckily I am a manlet, but I still want to avoid looking dad-core as much as possible.
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>Luckily I am a manlet
It sucks being short, but it's worth the trade off of not looking as old. It'd be worse if I were short and ugly, though.

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I'm not sure about all of you but I would like to see more discussion here

i'm sure some of you can relate because after all that is why we are all here for me my love of clothing stems from aesthetic design

id love to hear other posters of /fa/ to find out if this is a general concern of all or if everything is fine and things should remain as they are

post colors to keep it interesting and inspire others
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Thank you for the post anon how colors work together is the most interesting part of aesthetics
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How do you want to elicit more discussion?

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Where do I, a male, go to get my bushy eyebrows done?

Am I supposed to get them waxxed or threaded? What is the difference?

Please help.
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Your female friends
Post eyebrows. And be careful or you'll end up like pic related
How do I get bushier eyebrows

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