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Old one at 297.
Should I get this jacket from J crew. I would have liked to get the slim fit M65 by Alpha Industries, but even the XS was way too baggy on me.
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Found these for 70 bucks. Not a big boot guy, but I want to try something new.
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Thoughts on having moon runes? I want a shirt that is primarily a gym shirt, but can also be worn outside the gym and look normal.
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I don't really like it but everyone has their own style. It looks nice but it's not something i would wear
look very cheap and will probably last for a very little amount of time dnc
only wear at gym t b h

I posted this in the last thread but i need some other opinions. Should I cop?

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Any Canucks here fucked with Le Chateau of Montreal?

Only looked at the mens stuff, seems like a decent place for the basics. How do I go about gauging their quality?
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Well I'll let you know their quality is shit is what it is

Everything you buy from there will fall apart in a couple of weeks
>Everything you buy from there will fall apart in a couple of weeks
This is posted so often it feels like hyperbole. Seriously?
Le Chateau is for plebs kids to get their grad suits and whatever disgusting colourful shiny post-grad shit they can get.

Fuck that place.

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/fa/, I feel my fashion sense is lacking from wearing a uniform almost all the time. what kind of clothes and style do you think my face would go with?
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>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

Xe is clearly in the military u stupid ass motha fucka

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2016-12-13 22.01.49.jpg
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Is there any way to make this jacket work or should i scrap it?
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You cant even see my face.
wear pants

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How can incorporate more yellow into my fits?
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Buy more yellow pieces

wear an apron with mustard smears for next lvl hotdog-vendorcore

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What are some /fa/ dopp kits?
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i have that in black, pretty solid
Monocle is p good

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Where do I get clothes like this?
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Just buy any black v neck and tear that fucker a new v
As for the pants, black pants, chop bottom parts off

the problem when I buy a shirt is it fits like this (pic related)

but if you look at original pic, the arm length is the same but it is much more spacious.
so where the fuck do I get that big shirt?

File: Bouguereau-Linnocence.jpg (698KB, 912x1774px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's have an art thread
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Are doc martens the ultimate meme footwear?

Pic unrelated.
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someone said my 1461 monos looked like church shoes today
if a certain brand makes you look like a meme then you aren't pulling off your fit

people should be taking note of how you look as a whole, not something as trivial as the brand of your footwear

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hello /fa/, girl here, my workplace is throwing a christmas party and I'm planning on attending but I'm unsure of what to wear since I've never gone to one before.
Could you guys post inspo or give me your opinion on the outfits I have in mind?
>pic related
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depends on where you're from i guess but you'd never see anyone wear something like that to a workplace christmas party where I live...
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I also have this one but it's a little bland.
This is a girl from eBay who posts pics of herself in the stuff she sells you imposter, stop posting this garbage, yeah I have a thing for tall skinny white girls too but god damn, your cosplay is weird as fuck my dude

File: IMG_0456.jpg (345KB, 900x630px)Image search: [Google]
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Black shoe recommendations?
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rick's own
nike roshe
adidas matchcourt

File: bay.jpg (332KB, 961x973px)Image search: [Google]
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Are people going to call me a homo for wearing this, /fa/?

I got it all on sale at a great price, they're all a nice wool blend and really warm. I'm Canadian and I'm worried people won't understand the history behind the colours and will think I'm wearing gay pride shit. Will I be okay? I don't want to get gay-bashed when I'm heterosexual.
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If you fit it in a good fit I think it'd look pretty dope.

Idk like brown wooly top coat and a turtleneck
Sew a huge swastika on the back of all your jackets. And little rainbows with lines through them on your shoulders. No one will think you're gay then.
Don't forget these for that touch of militarycore

File: 20161213_161826.jpg (1MB, 1944x1236px)Image search: [Google]
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This is what I've got to work with, lot of hair on chin, neck, and sides of head not much on mustache area. Can't just shave it too babyfaced, what are some styles I can go with?
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whats up delrith

work out you fat fuck
Not delrith, am fat fuck though
Live on heroin, water and cigarettes for a month and come back.

>tfw they no longer make Speed Cats in your size.
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only pakis wear puma senpai
I think these are pretty effay
get reebok classics instead f a m

Is Jeff Mangum /fa/? Mahogany guitars are for sure.
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