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PRIVET from Russia with love. Apologies for the translation on Google Translate.

I'm a guy, I'm 18 years old. A month ago, I dyed my hair cheap fukking painted black. Ammonia burnt scalp and my hair. The hair began to fall out, and began to be seen receding hairline. As a result, I shaved to bald, shaving off all his hair. Now they are grown up to 3 centimeters. I want to be painted again in black, but can not choose Freya ammonia men's hair dye.

Guys what hair dye you use, and what color to paint?
Ammonium or without ammonia?
Your hair is healthy and not fall?

Help me choose a good hair dye. Thank you.
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Why dye it black? If you have pale skin, it will be easier to see where your hair is thin.
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When I am painted in standard black color that look like Latinos.
I would like to be painted in dark brown to hair color was natural. About as in the photo

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Where can I get some reliable fake yeezys? I don't even like them for the hype. The all black ones just look nice and are comfortable.
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Give someone with no talent a factory and tell them to make you some shoes
you realize fakes won't be comfortable right?

hell the real one's not even comfortable
Check dhgate and ioffer

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Can gray hair be fa? I am 22 and noticed 3 strands of gray, idk if it is from stress or premature etc., but wondering if gray hair can be /fa/
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yeah there's something cool about having grey hair when you are too young for it

don't be a fag about it
The hair is really white. And if you look close at your mates hair. They will have a few too
so it's just a select few and not premature graying?

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All things Prep/Ivy/Trad.
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if you dress like this you just look like a poseur
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Rate my band's look
Me on the right
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pretty cool, not as cool as Desiigner though.

check this out, desiigner wearing ethnic rider
A lot of fags wear that stuff in San Diego.
stale af

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Since /fa/ is finally dead, what are other fashion blogs? No reddit pls
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only a small minority of /mu/ cares about fashion.
I know the internet is vast and all that but you might have better luck and certainly get more happiness by meeting other people in real life who are interested in fashion
you can continue to get inspiration from wherever blogs or tumblr or whatever but find a way to include a dialogue in your life

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Can anyone identify this jacket? It looks like a Barbour but I don't think it's waxed... Pic is from the Rancourt website.
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the fuccboi jacket
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Can anyone tell me what shoes these are?!?!??
Looks kinda like a typical harrington jacket with the colar popped

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Best Black skinny jeans under 60$ (pic unrelated)
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Levis 511s on sale
H&M skinnies 2 or 3 sizes up

Only works if you're skelemode but they're actually fantastic jeans, which is odd considering the garbage they usually make


I feel the need to incorporate more colors into my fits/different designs. I have a load of black/white and it just seems bland to me. Recommend me anything that doesnt have a black/white base please.
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You could do the classic skin color/Yeezy meme?
start with gray
then navy
then burgundy
then tan
then more gray
then light blue
then red
then forest green
olive green if that appeals to you
off yellow if you want to look 2012 instagram
why not orange cream or powder blue while you're at it
oh beige can be real nice too
do NOT wear yeezies

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Best website to buy jackets?
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you can't "buy" jackets
i love this women
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I already own every jacket on this Earth. All I must do is assert my power to control them

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Do you think this will be a good tattoo? I'll do it on my forearm. I'm a skateboarder and it basically means skate till death or something like that
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You'll regret it.

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I'm currently looking for a wintercoat. I've been looking at these two from hififink, but please feel free to roast me if they are totally ridiculous. I'm a girl from Scandinavia, so I'm definitly looking for something that keeps me warm, but is /fa/ at the same time. Any suggestions?
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Scandinavian girls are fine as hell. Post pics please.

Also, denmark, norway, or sweden?
Denmark. But I'm not particularly blond or typically scandinavian looking. I also have a bridge piercing and septum piercing which I think isn't all too fit for /fa/
I really like the one on the left. In fact, I'm a guy and I might buy it. Would that be weird?

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I saw this guy on a facial aesthetics thread a couple of weeks ago and completely fell in love with his beauty. I feel like a creep. Help.
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Can someone please explain why I'm such a slut for young Jewish guys
I just want to know who he is and what he's like to get closure.
This is hella gay.

Post Islam inspo
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>post baitcore pics guys hihi

weak thread faggot try harder

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Wtf, am I a furry now?
no don't do this

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