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Where I can find this hoodie? only one picture
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you can always make it, looks like its from a print-on-demand store.
Nah i brought it in addidas shop few years ago. but i couldnt find on internet any image of this hoodie

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Is Russell Westbrook effay?

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He looks like the Pink ranger undressing
Have you guys brought his fashion book?

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Anyone else watch this?

>wanted to know more about the bob-haired woman
>pretty sure yohji yearns for death
>he's mum is still alive?
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No but it looks interesting. Does it go into any detail about his construction or process?
Got a link where I can watch/rent/buy this in the US?
Is it on amazon prime or something?
nah, it's more biographical.

I watched it at a film festival in my city, so not sure how to watch it.

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looking for a /fa/ black denim jacket. can I get some help? nothing too bulky please
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given your price range, location, size, style and preferences, literally anywhere, my dude
just looking for recommendations senpai, something that looks cool that maybe I haven't seen yet. feel me?
Levi's, Naked & Famous, Nudie, Acne all have nice ones, depending on how much you wanna spend

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I need some boots for everyday wear and a 25% off would come in handy. Thanks in advance
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fuck off cunt
i got you my dude!


What is this type of dress called?
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some sort of ao dai
That seems to be the closest thing I could find.
fake and gay

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Post your worst outfits.
I used to wear these two shirts in my High School years (believe or not, I lost my virginity)
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This too.
can you photos to the side mate
Was she fat/ugly and lower on the social level than you?

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How do I into morrisseycore?

I really like the look he (and his friends) have in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDdQcfz6pbo pretty kino
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I like early 90s morrissey myself
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File: mozz.jpg (56KB, 707x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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arcteryx jacket.png
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Britfags, i am an amerifag with a weird interest in football casual fashion. i am not a casual fan myself and only seldom (not never) watch soccer (football). i do have a weird fetish with adidas sneakers (trainers) and sportswear brands. however for some reason i like the methodology of what brands casuals choose and what would make them choose one brand over another. i also like learning about obscure brands that almost nobody knows about. brands that you might see as trash in the UK are unusual here, and they have that appeal of no one knowing what the fuck that brand is.

there are some brands that i dont know the status of in the UK, whether you like it or not. whether or not casuals wear it. whether or not anyone wears it. but educate me about it.

These are brands i have learned about during my travels to europe and the UK

>de fursac (their clothing looks very classy but i am not sure on its quality, redpill me on this)
>jack & jones (i dont know anything about this brand, whether its good, decent or trash quality. all i know is all the foreign tourists here in new york wear it and they started carrying this brand in lord & taylor, a department store here)
>marc'o polo
>le coq sportif
>zadig & voltaire
>frankie morello (i have 1 t shirt from this brand)
>pretty green
>pepe jeans (i see tons of people wearing pepe jeans t shirts in paris)

inb4 chav, inb4 britaboo. i like the fashion of the casuals because to me its the cleanest, smartest way to dress without needing to wear a suit. i hate suits but still want to dress really nice regularly. i find the american prep style to be insufferable and borderline gay. i find the muted colors of the sweaters (jumpers) and polo shirts very appealing. i also really like some of the windbreakers that i see sometimes on european tourists, especially the british.
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pretty sure it's canadian
does anyone still actually wear arc'teryx?

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Which of these bags would go best with a wardrobe of charcoal/navy/grey suits?
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Same color as the shoes you're going to be wearing, whatever that is.

As of late, I've fallen in love with the British/Savile Row style double breasted suit as opposed to my usual Italian fare. The high button stance, strong peak lapels, and a straight, structured shoulder with a trim silhouette is gorgeous to me. However I've found it quite difficult to find any ready-to-wear/off-the-rack suits or brands that have such features. I've found Gieves & Hawkes and Chester Barrie currently sell some suits that are close to what I'm searching for but not exactly. I was wondering if anyone here know's of any places or brands that'll cure my lust.
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I don't think you're going to find anything with an Edward Sexton silhouette rtw or otr
Maybe not the sleeves, but good shoulders and a suppressed waist is all that's required.

Where can I buy heavy denim jeans that aren't like $350? Looking in Los Angeles but will order online.
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gustin has some good stuff, might have to wait a bit because drop shipping
Thanks, not bad, I ordered a pair.

Unbranded has 21oz denim for like $115 and N&F has a few for around $200

Is it wrong to flex 24/7?
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lmao this bitch out here wearing chainmail
Please flex with moderation.
>no gambeson
what was she thinking?

Any /fa/ggot know where the shirt on the right can be purchased?
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I know where, but I want you to post a pic of yourself first before I tell you

I want to see if you would be able to pull it off before you go wasting your money
Lmao I wouldnt wear that trash if I was payed for it, my friend is searching for it.

Tell me where or fuck off homo

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So what brands have the best cost to quality ratio?
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glidean - almost free and covers 100% of the desired area
surplus & thrift
other than that fastfashion, the quality is shit but the prices are ridiculously low
Jos. A. Bank has good sales
I've been copping their clearance knitwear and haven't been disappointed

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