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Haven't seen one in a few days thought I'd start a new one
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bape fan.png
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why dont u faggots like bape. are u gay or something? maybe you just hate black people?
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We do indeed hate niggers
#not all faggots

Is my face effay? Post your face or r8 mine
>pls no bully
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Also face. Let's get a face inspo going lmao
>Is my face /fa/
>Covers face
What kind of paint thinner did you drink?
>rate my face, please no bully
>Let's have a face inspo.

Stop scoring yourself that high, you're not inspo level, not bad, but your weak jawline totally kills it.
And stop covering 1/3 of your face in a face rate thread.

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What are some Blade Runner-esque clothes/inspo? Classic BL obviously, not the new movie.
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The coat is cosplay but you might be able to get away with Rick's jacket.
that thing looks like it has been soaking in mud

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bad inspo lol.jpg
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Can we get an M65 Inspo thread? Need some inspiration, preferably with a black jacket
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are you asking how to wear a black jacket

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Hey everyone. I'm an artist / photographer. I have my own IG for art and my youtube account as well as a personal account for my friends which has most of my photography.
I really want to start a fashion Instagram with just pictures of OOTD's , shoe and watch shots etc, and just a general focus on clothing, outfits, and fashion lifestyle.

>Do I make a new instagram and sort of forget about my personal one/ make it a FInsta
>Do I simply start filtering my fashion pictures to my main IG until I have a theme and it's normal.

I don't use my personal IG that much but I feel like running a 3rd account might be too much for me to handle.
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Well one has the advantage of already having an initial base which is the hardest bit
go for it annon.

Do not use ur personal, bettter start from zero, ur personal u probably only do for ego , this new one could become a source of work for u, so go for it.

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what about bowler shirts?

and what if i dont bowl?
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Tbh though I think it looks pretty cool if you're lanky or so
They're like Hawaiian shirts, good on fat party guy types.
This, Kramer core is pretty dope
Bowler shirt and pleated suit pants can be had for like $15 total at a thrift store and can look pretty good on lanklets

>tfw want to wears hats but can't because I have a massive head
Anyone else know this feel?
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is your head so enormous that hats dont fit?
Yes. Most hats that I try to wear are too small for me, which is strange because I'm a small guy in almost every other respect. ALMOST. Cowboy hats usually work, though.

I am probably one of the most insecure people in the world and it really effects my ability to buy clothes. It's gotten to the point where I can't even branch out of my boring memeochrome wardrobe without just trashing it all and starting over. What the fuck do I do /fa/?
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just b urself
Thanks Chad

hey /fa/,

I'm turning into a hypebeast, and I am looking to get some inspiration from y'all. What outfits would go with NMD triple whites and triple balcks?
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nmds are shit
What you wear pal?
lmao you're wearing the roshe runs of our era
youre such a joke, cant wait for 2020 when you make fun of people who wear nmds when youre on the next meme shoe

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