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Are leather pants a hard look to pull off?
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Leather/PVC is classic peacocking attire. If you're not 110% confident and with a posse of people who are all looking to you while having a good time you're not going to get much out of them.

If you're built like OP's pic better to just wear normie clothes since your gainz will make them look better. Leave leather pants for the manlet/lank bros who have more of the marilyn manson charisma to pull headcase hoes.

>me = male model, wear PVC pants now and then and pull wimminz 17-45 EZ
where do you even cop these
Incredibly hard

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How do I ask the barber for Wally Schirra hair without showing him a picture of Wally Schirra?
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don't be shy. if you show him your wally he might you his
i get that haircut every time i go, it's pretty simple
>#3 on the sides & back
>cut the top until it generally blends well with the rest of the dome
>just use pomade to part the hair to the side (and because my city is windy as all fuck)
would show you a pic now but ive let it grown out a tad since the last cut
Jesus, I was making a shitpost but this was actually pretty helpful. I used to just say "I dunno, just give me a trim all around" but I'll ask for this next time.


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Ever been wondering what the best fit is for a discord server? Well it's actually the Personality Heaven Server, where people regularly look at selfies of others and point every little detail that makes you look like a dirty mongrel.

It is an mbti server so be sure to know youre personality type before joinging, fortunately everyone is too retarded to form any coherent thought about personalities anyway so don't expect too much judgement from that end.

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Wow that is such a great server I sure am glad I joined cause as soon as I did they gave me all of these anime titties
Pleasant place

What type of jeans is the middle guy wearing?
The silhouette looks cool.
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he's wearing two nooses dyed black
pretty sure they're slim dickies
>middle guy

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serveimage (11).jpg
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how do you go from this...
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serveimage (12).jpg
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...to this?
No one cares
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You will never be a chad and command an entire brigade of german soldiers like joachim piper.

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Fall is coming and I really need a new jacket. Help a guy and recommend some, /fa/

Pic related is the stuff I typically wear. Current jacket is a Rains coat
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What jacket is that? Looks good and I've seen the brand logo somewhere

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What are the best black nike shoes?
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Too bad they'll probably never make them again since an entire cult committed mass suicide while wearing them.
File: suicides.jpg (142KB, 1200x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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most effay suicides ever

wish theyd reissue the decades

Rick Astley...Fashion Icon??
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Jean w/ jean inventor
He looks like a jailed gangster rapper in that thumbnail.

File: BA8842_01_standard.jpg (15KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are these things worth the high price line?
kinda poor college student. looking to buy some comfortable but aesthetic shoes?
to anybody's who has bought them how long do they last? if not is there anything cheaper you guys would rec?
i usually buy 2 pairs of shoe max per year.
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honestly just look at them
they're fucking stupid and a meme no one will be wearing those dopey ass soles a year from now save your money and get something more classic
>looks at them

wth I love ultra boost now
I got this one the other day. apparently they are very comfortable

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where can i get this shirt
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This was the exact point sjws took over

what is the most /fa/ movie genre & why is it 70s-mid 80s Italian horror
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hey anon, can we argue about VHS again?
most /fa/ movie genre is french new wave
File: 1504281716216.jpg (5KB, 208x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yep, let's go, what's your starting point

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Is this shoe /fa/ approved?
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signature UK secondary school shoe/10
>it's alright, but overused to shit
I'm personally not a fan of black AF1s, they're too work-like and the tag just looks out of place.
I wear it to work and I really like them

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What are the best milsurp boots right now?
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File: IMG_0117.jpg (61KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All the currently available milsurps are DOGSHIT. Too bad stupid drumpfy won or we would have had some nice new models.

comfy pants?

im tired of wearing jeans and i cant just walk around in huge sweat all the time. what do you guys wear? cooler weather is coming and im really looking for something that looks kinda slim but sweat pants material. maybe some sort of track pant? im not sure what to look for. any recs?

also, im not a fat guy but whenever i wear jeans my balls get cut by the seam and im always wanting to adjust. i dont even wear skinny jeans i wear slim fit levis. is this normal?
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Skinny jeans are only for skinny people. Not slim, fit, or skinny fat/ fat people. Are you hiding some info about yourself?
i said i dont wear skinny jeans

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Was my hair fa
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what happened anon? And yes, your hair was effay.
I razored my hairline and also got it cut several times
Glorious hair

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