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what "core" is this? love the nuetral/minimalist. Seems relatively easy to achieve. anyone have any inspo similar to this?
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you really have no idea how dated and lame this style is at this point

lurk more before you fall for this meme shit
the famous virgincore
cuck core

hey /fa/, name our band
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Eight centimeter screws
4 Jews and a kike
Btw Alessandro got fat as hell, anyone else noticed ?
What the fuck happened to him he used to look so good during the year zero tour

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Capes are one of the most fashionable articles of all time. They are functional to boot, keeping you warm and protecting you from the weather. Why then, have they fallen so out of fashion? I'm not talking about those petite batwing capelets women wear either. Bonafide big-ass capes. These days wearing a cape out would be like strapping a kick me sign to your back.
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that's because you're a pussy
Because they're clumsy and cumbersome, their function long since replaced with umbrellas and rainjackets and heated rooms everywhere, respectively. Wearing a cape meant, originally, that you're so afraid of cold and water that you still wear a cape, which is why people stopped doing it. Not it means you're probably cosplaying as some historical movie character because you're autistic and lacking self-confidence.
Stop posting this fucking thread I'm so bored of seeing it.

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What does /fa/ think about pocket watches?
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I like em especially when I'm driving my little train through the mountains.
goes nice with a fedora
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if you dress in expensive fitted clothes people might think youre a quirky hobbyist or something. mostly i just feel like an autist if i ever take any of mine out in public.

Are mirrors fully accurate?
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someones an insecure fag
It's just flipped. It'll look weird to you flipped but nobody notices any difference. 99% of the time of you are ugly in the mirror you are ugly irl, same for looking good in the mirror. Good looking people know they are beautiful when looking in a mirror, they question on their minds is to what extent are they beautiful. Sounds shallow and unappreciative but that's the mind of an insecure human
To add to this, some mirrors are different from others, especially in different types of lighting. So if you have acne, the lighting might make it more exaggerated, or softer/not as bad. But that could be applied without the mirror anyway. The shape and size of the mirror can also distort how you look. Compare how you look in a vanity mirror, vs. a full body mirror. It's never fully accurate either way.

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File: 5.jpg (459KB, 392x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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new w2c thread
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what's this kind of jacket called?
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anyone ?
what exactly?

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Young baldfags, how do you deal with hair envy? Should I just accept being bald or spend $50k on hair transplants and shit? Can being bald be /fa/ at all? I curse my life and wish for hair like pic related.
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you have to own being bald, the halfway is just disgusting and awful looking and that's almost universally agreed on. Plenty of guys are /fa/ and bald, it's just a matter of how much you embrace it.
Not full bald but on my way. I just buzz it down super short. I know it's cliche, but it's liberating to clip it and I should have sooner.

As for hair envy, you get over it. The only time I'm bothered is when someone has really good hair but styles it like trash. Especially long haired dudes. If your gonna grow your hair past your shoulders but don't get it styled and trimmed or even worse, you always have it in a ponytail, you're retarded. It pretty much never looks good. Actually, this shit bugged me even when I had full head of hair.
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I really think there is a point where you just have to accept it. Not to hijack your thread too badly, but the left pic is my current style and I really think my hairline has gotten bad enough that I'm just gonna need to go back to the right pic and stick with it.

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Big hair. Will it ever come back?
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I wish
One can only hope.

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what city has the best dressed people in the world?
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Monte Carlo
probably some smaller city in New England
Amherst and Portland are extremely /fa/

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Haven't seen one in a few days thought I'd start a new one
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File: IMG_0832.jpg (95KB, 555x494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bape fan.png
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why dont u faggots like bape. are u gay or something? maybe you just hate black people?
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We do indeed hate niggers
#not all faggots

Is my face effay? Post your face or r8 mine
>pls no bully
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Also face. Let's get a face inspo going lmao
>Is my face /fa/
>Covers face
What kind of paint thinner did you drink?
>rate my face, please no bully
>Let's have a face inspo.

Stop scoring yourself that high, you're not inspo level, not bad, but your weak jawline totally kills it.
And stop covering 1/3 of your face in a face rate thread.

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What are some Blade Runner-esque clothes/inspo? Classic BL obviously, not the new movie.
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The coat is cosplay but you might be able to get away with Rick's jacket.
that thing looks like it has been soaking in mud

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bad inspo lol.jpg
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Can we get an M65 Inspo thread? Need some inspiration, preferably with a black jacket
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are you asking how to wear a black jacket

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