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How's the week been, broke PR this week by OHPing 7x1pl8.
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gr8 bait m8
Nice, still trying to get 10x3 for 40kg.
what's those glasses called they look cool

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There's fifteen threads on shoes, why not a hat thread?

Hats and caps general - men and women
Which do you wear? With what outfits?
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I wear a lot of balls caps or fashion hats with little sayings like this
Cool but sunny weather: Something like this.
14 year old highschool girl-core

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I have very curly negro hair how to get wavy like picture?
I can iron them to make them straight but how to wave?
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A) Iron then use large curling wand.

B) Learn how to do a shitty blowout with blowdryer and round brush. I have curly hair and I'm trying to teach myself how to blowdry them straight like pro hairdressers do, atm i can get them to last in a wavy state so i guess that's what you could go for. I learned it from a youtuber called Brittney Gray.
Oh yeah and you can technically curl/wave hair with straigtening iron but results will depend on hair lengths. Theres plenty tutorials on youtube.
Are those methods appropriate for hair lenght like the op picture?

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w2c pls.jpg
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$50 paypal gifted to anyone who can ID these pants.
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Those are asian pants for asians if you wear them while not being Asian you'll become maximumovercringe DO NOT COP
probably loewe fisherman pants

Has anyone used Spreadshirt before for custom printing? What's the quality like? Any other sites you'd recommend for custom prints?
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I got a hoodie with the berserk symbol on it, really like the hoodie but the symbol was way smaller than i thought and the colour started changing to pink (probably from being in with other clothes i guess. They are also really expensive, if you are gonna get one make sure the print has no thin lines and make it bigger than you think it needs to be.
Aight, got it. Other than turning pink is there any visible tear on the print from washing or nah?

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What I'm trying to get at is that the objectively best styles are formed from buying things that they like with little to no fashion influence/inspo and the most /fa/ thing to do is to not care what others think and being confident in what you wear, who you are, and what you look like so isnt browsing a "fashion" board that rates, provides inspo, and puts certain people on a pedestal the most un /fa/ thing to do.
am I reading too much into this or am I right?
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>I know the reason why people I dont know buy things
>my rainbow mohawk and leopard-print capri shorts make me /fa/, because I dont care if you think I look like a faggot
congrats, you are the faggot of the year
not what I meant anon I mean I love fashion it's a hobby of mine but what Im asking is; is browsing /fa/ "/fa/" or is it a means for people to look the different in the same manner, for example the most praised fits in waywt are usually the most distinguished ones

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Monocles aren't covered on the sticky.
Is this a good look for me? It isn't prescription yet, but I've found a way to arrange that.
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1. How does that even stay on your face without falling off?

2. It is impossible to wear a monocle without looking stupid. I can't even think of anything else to compare it. It's like utilizing a piece of cosplay for everyday wearing. Don't do it.

your mustache looks good tho so it isn't all bad
Also wear a classy hat. That's a must.
>1. How does that even stay on your face without falling off?
The original ones were all custom measured for the wearer's face. Morons buying vintage ones now without getting the proper measurements are retarded.

Just held in by friction, hence the old movies and cartoons where the monocle would comically pop out when someone's brows rose in surprise.

My father has one faulty eye. 20yrs ago an old school eye doc recommended a monocle.
This is the only situation in which I think a monocle could work, also the ones without the chains might actually be doable.

The ones with the chain are pocketwatch fedora tier.

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Do any of you guys have a pair of Sambas? Also, should I get the long or short tongue Sambas?
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i have both black and white. long tongue>short tongue by a wide margin
livestock or bust
Why do you feel that way about the tongues?

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while i was on a shopping trip in paris, i discovered this gem of a brand called de fursac. traveling around this city i found sevel store locations of this brand but didnt think anything of it, excep+t that the name is pretty hilarious. later on in the trip i went to paris's 2 most famous stores, printemps and galeries lafayette, and i found this brand in the menswear section. i laughed at the name again, but then decided to look at some of the clothing. a lot of it actually looks really nice. their knitwear feels like its pretty high quality. however sadly the only things that are in my size are the knitwear and the polo shirts. i guess another reason for this fatty to lose weight, right? haha

anyways, for you guys who know this brand better, what do you think of de fursac? is it high quality? do a lot of people wear it? is it generally worth its somewhat high price?
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inb4 pleb for liking galeries lafayette. i actually think their selection is pretty great. im sad that i wasnt able to check out the colette store, however. i heard good things about that place
The quality and cuts are great I've heard their suits are fantastic. still pricey though
>de fursac
I'm more of a lacoste man

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>Lebron Soldier 10 Bone
Are they /Lunarcore/?
also lunarcore general /lg/
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I'm no expert, but yes
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Goddamn..havent seen a lunarcore thread since I last made one almost a month ago
Also those sneakers are lunarcore acceptable carry on..

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>follow /fa/'s advice of edgy boots, black skinny jeans, milsurp jackets and dark circles
>now everyone in uni is saying that im a drug dealer
>woke up this morning to 10 friend requests from polish computer science students asking me to hook them up with weed

T-thanks effay!
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That's the price you pay for literally becoming a meme
What will you tell them?
I already ordered 20 grams off the darknet. I need the money so fuck it.

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Seriously, can anybody pinpoint what looks different?
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An additional pleat
u srsly dont see it?
kys go to reddit
no, on the first picture there are no pleats

on the second picture there are two pleats

I'm going to Croatia for three weeks and have no idea what to bring. What do I wear to fit in over there?
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where exactly?
It's a country in Europe, close to Italy
I know fuckhead, which part of it?

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any recommendations for winter jackets/coats?
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a warm jacket
a warm coat
warm puppy!

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i wanna make my gf a nice autumn/winter hat like pic related, i have several inquiries
1. where can i find some nice patterns for it/do any of you have any patterns for it
2. do you think it'll look good if i make it out of black fur
3. is this the right board for this
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Croatian fascists have awoken
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>do you think it'll look good if i make it out of black fur
fur hats are awesome.

You can get rabbit for practically nothing.

2 hats i made.
We have a diy thread, man

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