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Hey everyone. I'm an artist / photographer. I have my own IG for art and my youtube account as well as a personal account for my friends which has most of my photography.
I really want to start a fashion Instagram with just pictures of OOTD's , shoe and watch shots etc, and just a general focus on clothing, outfits, and fashion lifestyle.

>Do I make a new instagram and sort of forget about my personal one/ make it a FInsta
>Do I simply start filtering my fashion pictures to my main IG until I have a theme and it's normal.

I don't use my personal IG that much but I feel like running a 3rd account might be too much for me to handle.
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Well one has the advantage of already having an initial base which is the hardest bit
go for it annon.

Do not use ur personal, bettter start from zero, ur personal u probably only do for ego , this new one could become a source of work for u, so go for it.

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what about bowler shirts?

and what if i dont bowl?
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Tbh though I think it looks pretty cool if you're lanky or so
They're like Hawaiian shirts, good on fat party guy types.
This, Kramer core is pretty dope
Bowler shirt and pleated suit pants can be had for like $15 total at a thrift store and can look pretty good on lanklets

>tfw want to wears hats but can't because I have a massive head
Anyone else know this feel?
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is your head so enormous that hats dont fit?
Yes. Most hats that I try to wear are too small for me, which is strange because I'm a small guy in almost every other respect. ALMOST. Cowboy hats usually work, though.

I am probably one of the most insecure people in the world and it really effects my ability to buy clothes. It's gotten to the point where I can't even branch out of my boring memeochrome wardrobe without just trashing it all and starting over. What the fuck do I do /fa/?
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just b urself
Thanks Chad

hey /fa/,

I'm turning into a hypebeast, and I am looking to get some inspiration from y'all. What outfits would go with NMD triple whites and triple balcks?
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nmds are shit
What you wear pal?
lmao you're wearing the roshe runs of our era
youre such a joke, cant wait for 2020 when you make fun of people who wear nmds when youre on the next meme shoe

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Suits that are cheap and also make me look not cheap
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Suits are expensive by nature.
Just buy what's in your budget and get it tailored, immediately makes it nicer.
What is the occasion and what's your height/weight?
I am going to Newark, NJ for my friend's wedding

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I've got a bunch of miscellaneous pics to dump here so that's what I'm gonna do.
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If you aren't a normie yourself, you should be able to pull it off better than them to the point they look like shit while you don't ;)
I just want to be angry, and I wanted you to be angry with me
you probably look like shit either way

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reddit atheist.jpg
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What can I wearr to let people who browse 4chan know that I also browse 4chan without telling?
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Feeling fit, buddy?
yeah kind of, I've been bulking recently
Get a pin with the futaba logo.

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If you could recommend just 1-2 skin care products what would they be? I dont know anything about skin care but my skin is generally not good and I'm interested in buying something generally beneficial.
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My skin is slightly oily on nose, and dryish everywhere else, as well as patchy.

Its not that bad, but I dont like it.
And since I dont know anything about skin care, I'm just asking for some basic entry level not that expensive products that can help
Visit your derm before anything else.

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Was at a party and saw someone wearing these. What purpose do they serve? Is having your socks show really that bad?
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The apparent lack of socks lends a more casual look to a person, as seen with boat shoes, low top sneakers, and loafers. However, going sockless is a sure way to make your shoes smell terrible. So instead of picking one or the other, you just cut down on the sock.
Ruins the 'casual' look you're going for when you take your shoes off and have these little things on.
In the same sense that any good-looking casual outfit is defeated by the very effort put into it, yes.

Your walking down the street and you see a guy in his early 20's wearing this jacket.
What is the first word that comes to mind?
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Start wearing Red Wings
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Recommend rusty color pull on boots
which ones are the redwing pullons that are a staple?
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I'm going to get Postmemes this winter.

How would a modern Patrick Bateman dress?
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>google: modern business formal
he was really just a conformist to the core in aesthetic, that was a pretty relevant them in the film
The same way he dressed in the movies. It's only been a few decades since American Psycho was released.

Unless you'd think he'd dress in "business casual" or some shit like that.
>I can't believe this fuccboi likes his nmds over my tubular dooms.

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What are some /fa/ skate brands?
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quite literally doesn't matter pham, get a pair that fit and aren't falling apart

btw im pretty hyped for the leafs 100th anniversary jersey, too bad all leafs merch is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much
What the fuck are you talking about?
>leafs fan
>talking gibberish
checks out

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