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Are my facial features /fa/?
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No they are not.
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So I've been looking to get a pair of boots for awhile and haven't found shit I liked. So I started thinking and realized, well fuck I live in Texas maybe there are some dope cowboy boots I can get. Ended up finding these from a local boot maker here in Dallas and wanted to see what yall thougt.
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do you ride horses?
I've ridden a horse once in my life. Wearing cowboy boots is really common here, even if you aren't the country type.
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I grew up in Arizona and usually had at least a couple pairs. Yes I can ride a horse, but who cares. Cowboy boots look fuckin evil when worn right.

These gay or nah? Rocked with like drapy looking tapering chinos
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Pretty gay to me man. If you get athletic shoes, they should be boosted.
Boosted? I just want something comfy without socks, kinda like a tech fit style

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effay or just a meme status symbol?
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dont ask questions you know the answer to

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>have to order literally every item of clothing online because stores are so barren here
Anyone else feelin what I'm puttin down?
>not even an H&M
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It's 2017, it's not like online shopping is a hassle. There's nothing in my city either.
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>the most expensive shoes in your country cost 250 EUR

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For me, it's ZuPreem.
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I got my two bags of ZuPreeem Primate 2018 F/W right here.

Will be reselling them on eBay at 500% markup.

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What are some lowkey streetwear brands?
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There's some weird looking guy called Rick Owens or something like that.
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What are some good casual/working class hoodies to wear for the fall? Nothing too fancy.
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literally any dark plain tone hoodie? This option is very cheap anon.

I have this theory that huge, overpriced brands like Gucci, Raff Simons, Rick Owens, Prada, Versace, what have you.

The "big ones". They make ugly ass shit like pic related on purpose because they know autists with money will spend money on them because of the brand name.

So you could make the ugliest thing in the world, slap "Gucci" on it and sell it to some rich dope.

Am I correct?
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no. it's because they are out of ideas. everything normal has been done. they simply ran out of ideas

see also e.g. bourdieu on distinction; coupled together you have a basic primer on the sociology of fashion
Not mutually exclusive, Ruski boy.

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How is the quality of popular skateboard brands like Volcom, RVCA, Matix, Vans and others?
Is the materials and stitching and all that any good? What are the best brands?
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For shoes or clothes?

If you actually skate you already know what to look for in a shoe. Don't bother with any of the clothes.
For clothes.

As a skater I am very particular about my shoes and know where the quality is.
Clothes though is where I'm not sure.
All of the brands you mentioned really aren't designed for skating in any more, I'd think their quality has gone. Workwear stuff (Dickies, Carhartt) is gonna be a lot more durable than any skate-branded clothes

>sites say that wearing makeup clogs your pores and ages your skin
>other sites say that wearing makeup protects your skin from pollutants helping to prevent skin from aging

So which is it, is makeup good or bad for your skin?
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Believe whichever site isn’t getting paid to support makeup
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I only wear tinted moisturizer and even then it's not daily. Ever visit a MAC cosmetics counter where the sales girls have to wear heavy makeup everyday?
High quality makeup won't age your skin unless you don't properly remove it at night, it may break you out if you're sensitive to any of the ingredients though.

What do you guys think about BBB?
Planning to cop this but it's fucking 100 CAD with shipping. Also I doubt there will be much resale value. Would you cop BBB?
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I play college level basketball in Europe and I would never support BBB. They are sus af, and I hate the grooming of young athletes, especially those coming from wealthy families. Whoring out your kids for sports.
Also their designs are mad wack and look like shit. Invest in proper basketball shirts or even better just don't wear sportswear.
That looks stupid as fuck for 100$. Buy some basic athletic t shirts with decent tech fabrics. BBB pushes their brand on young athletes and uses them as walking marketing tools. Same as beats being placed in every music video and on every young athlete. Invest in something tried and true, that shirt looks like it's worth 6$ at an outlet shop.
It's just a 50 cent tshirt with a 25 cent print on top of it. His dumb kid isn't even that good as a player

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Winter is coming & I'm currently looking for a dope jacket to buy that isn't super expensive either. Really want to get pic related but it's IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THAT SPECIFIC ONE ANYWHERE
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Just buy a surplus camo parka
Then you can pick a camo that doesn't have such boring colors
Life gets a lot easier when you stop looking for "that specific one".
U.S. Mil.-issue GORE-TEX® Jacket, Woodland Camo

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Post your /fa/ related infographics here
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Is this from 2013 or something?
The same old shit?

is adidas ahead of the game
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They would have been ahead of the game in 2011
>took them 5 years to catch on to the vaporwave aesthetic meme
>ahead of the game
Could this be ahead of the game in the case of normies? Probably.

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