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vil gerne eje.jpg
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Can't seem to find the shirt/jacket he's wearing, does anyone know what the model is called?
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was literally in a WAYWT just ask him you fucking faggot. Also its a vintage hilfiger half zip so you probably won't find the exact same one. Search on Etsy for similar shit.

Hey effay, got a practical question here.
I'm planning to hone my autism and record every piece of clothing I have before i move out to college, most likely put it in a spreadsheet. Just so I can get on top of my shit before I leap into renovating my wardrobe.
I need to find a way to record everything about what I have- and I'm thinking of everything that defines a piece of clothing. Of course you have brand and production name/tag like 511s, but what makes that Levi jean a 511?
So far I've got:
>Clothing category (usually it's exactly what the name is, but it can be misleading since it seems like nobody knows how to define dress vs casual shirt)
>Recorded size
>How it fits on the given person
>Material composition/type
>Material feel (This is sort of redundant with the last one, but I've had a lot of variety with cotton for instance)
>Material thickness (Again, usually indicated by material type/composition but it's sorta subjective)
I'm still new on paying attention to clothing in general though, so I probably fucked something up.
Is there more to put down? Anything to take off the list? You tell me.
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What is the actual point of doing this?
I would add price range, weather appropriateness, estimated durability and a rating your emotional attachment to the garment.

Are gats worthwhile to have
just ordered some and feel that i might not wear them when they get here because they seem very grandpa like now that i look at them
I'll pretty much only wear them with shorts if that matters because florida
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If you already question why you got them then no, it's not worthwhile.

I really don't understand why people buy things they don't like, what's the fucking point? To get extra points with your online fashion friends? Wear what you want to wear.
As for GAT's, they look 10 times better when worn out than brand new imo (pic related)
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How good are GATs actually for running. I like a nice trainer that I can both workout in and wear as a quick pair to go down to get some groceries or to my mailbox etc.

right now I wear pic related but they are getting pretty worn out.

>I didn't think they were hideous when I first bought them, I'm iffy now; but they are pretty good for my needs
the whole idea with surplus gats is that the quality is ridiculously good for the stupid low price you can buy them
it's also kinda the reason it has become a very classic look but if you don't like how they look, then don't buy them obviously

Have a date later today was going to wear

Fear of God Coach Jacket
Saint Laurent Black Denim
Zebra Yeezys

will she fuck me?
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idk, whats ur personality like?
You already fucked urself

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How do I into?
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Just be really cool, then Plisskencore will come to you naturally.
This movie had amazing costumes.

Why are the exact same items on grilled priced so differently? Some of them have over $2K spread seems weird
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People are stubborn and dont want to get a lower price than what they think is reasonable. plus some people want to sell things quick or the condition of the piece may be different
is dat some tiare
when i see something in my size for like 800 and another size for 300 i just wait and hope the dickhead realizes he needs to cut his price in half

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chore coat.png
440KB, 627x754px
Should I buy this guys. I want to buy it tbqhwy
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here you go, newfag. take your pick.
I posted in both of those :^)
Are you a Burger? They're selling this on the Australia site now but it's only listed in beige, green and navy.

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>Still wears supreme
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>Be OP
>Be too stupid and poor to buy Supreme
>Complain about it on /fa/
>G-guys Supreme is t-trash! R-right? Haha g-guys its 2017
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this is bait.jpg
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Only niggers and normo fuckwads wear Supreme
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Besides the hype, Supreme still does cool things.

File: 20170913_153409.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
W-what do you think of my glasses /fa/m?
Any reccomendaciones
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Oh I'm sorry I'm on my phone and didn't realize there was already a thread about glasses.
They look like you just put prescription lenses in a ray bans frame. not a fan, looks like an old man.

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glad i didn't fall for the heritage boot meme, but I still do need an effay pair of brown boots...

wtf is out there?

>inb4 timbs and clarks
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maybe something like these
File: 1461.jpg (119KB, 580x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dr. Martens
are you implying those beckmans dont look good cuffed or uncuffed? what the hell is wrong with you fucking retard HERPADERPADO RED WING IS POPULAR SO ITS SHIT I NEED 1000 DORRAR VIBERG MEME BOOTS holy shit fucking kill yourselfs im into american raw denim heritage baby yeah ROCK N ROLL MCDONALDS ROCK N ROLLS MCDONALDS ROCK N ROLL SMCODANLLS fear me

Is riri's fashion line 'thrasher' still cool
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nothing this gargantuan forheaded tart produces will ever be cool

i cannot understand why people think she's attractive, half the time she looks like she smokes a pack a day and owns an ethnic wig shop
nah, bunch of skateboarders have adopted it and everyone know skateboarding is gay as fuck

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What underwear are effay?
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>ever bring effay
Nice bait
Bonds briefs. Muscular.
Am I being an idiot?

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How do I look like a cocaine dealer? Cigarettes/Cigars, Briefcase/Backpack, Suit/Shirt only?
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get an 80's miami sleaze suit
like the ones in vice city
white jeans, flower shirts, jewelry, expensive watches, etc
if you can't buy a tacky $10k watch you might as well forget about it, but i guess you could get a properly made fake
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>I feel like Raf Simons is important for the culture based on the fact that he built a whole new religion around fashion. It’s to the point where kids, male and female alike, will get in full arguments over why he’s the greatest. And it’s amazing how his prior work, his archive, is more important and relevant than anything that’s out today. When you wrap your mind around the concept that he wrote the future of fashion and design in the 1990s and early 2000s, then you’ll also understand why Raf is the greatest to ever do it.
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boneless margiela
asap rocky. the man who single handedly destroyed rafs brand image
aLL kIndS OF cRaZY coLoRS

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Why do people care so much about his suits? This is his most popular video (1 month old and almost more views than his Domino's pizza review uploaded 4 years ago)
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because very, very few people of his age feel comfortable wearing suits all the time, and he has a decent amount of knowledge of vintage fashion. just my guess.
I see
Mostly b/c his confidence

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