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Latex and rubber thread!
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Post only the best ya got.
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>starts the thread with a censored image
annnnnnd it's dead. you tried.

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At this rate 4chan's server will be filled with henai- oh wait too late.
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I love brown girls
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Well, in that case, odds you are now one, evens, you're her new toy.

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Couldn't find an excessive cum thread on here or /h/, and thought it'd be safer to post it here. So, share your excessive cum images, preferably from h-manga/doujins, here. Can just be huge plain ol' cum overflows, or excessive cum inflation (though let's try to keep it no bigger than pregnancy), and huge cocks doing it to the girl is a bonus, but nowhere near necessary. Gonna start with some images from [Sakai Nayuta]'s "Overflowing with Cum".
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Guy/futas cumming just from being fucked in the ass, no dick contact involved. Here's the twist; it's from their Pov. Really hoping someone has some more of this.
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The op image is really the only good one I've seen. Second's not bad though.
Second is a girl's POV, though.. That dick is attached to the green-haired chick.

Also six images to start, sage, etc.

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Have not seen a single nipple penetration thread so why not start one now?
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last thread
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To try to keep socializing, drama and general faggotry off of /d/, we have created an external site, where many of /d/'s pets, subs, switches, doms and owners now reside! We also run and contribute to several other sites which you can get links to, from boorus to boards. Our site is:


It's built off of the /d/ community, and is an increasingly more open community, and was started by us as a way to help potential pets and owners on /d/ to meet, as well as a place to get advice about Petplay and BDSM or just get to know more about the kink! Whether you're just curious, well versed and experienced, or just beginning to explore BDSM and/or Petplay, all are welcome! Even if you have no real interest in Petplay and just want somewhere to discuss your favorite kink, come say hello.

We have a lot of lovely pets, and equally loving owners. Ever wanted to own a puppygirl IRL? What about a kittyboy? Ever dreamed of your owner cuddling you close and patting your head? Well we can't guarantee that'll happen but at least you're in the right place to meet someone!
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Rip old thread :(
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What happened ?

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Apparently the last thread was murdered for some reason, so no link.

Anyway standard rules, girls much larger than their surroundings or others. 5'11-20ft area roughly (although as always if you've got a 5'10 girl with a 5'0" guy it's fine too).

And as always, futa and muscle are allowed but are probably better served by the threads that already host them (especially hyper muscle) and no crap /aco/ shit here.

Also most important rule is apparently now don't do whatever the fuck got the last thread killed.
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New thread for massive gravidness.
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A thread about girls who have issues dealing with their odd bodies
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Was wondering if there was/I should make one

Warcraft futa Posting as well
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I have a bunch of toys, a apartment to myself, and no idea what to do. Time for a dare thread.

Tell the anon above you how their next fap will go down. The one below your will be your next fap too.

Post relevant pics if you can and other than that all you need to do is post your preferences and if you have any toys.

My inventory:
Leather Wrist and Ankle cuffs
Leather Collar and leash
Double ended trigger hooks (https://www.pjtool.com/media/catalog/product/cache/7/small_image/205x205/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/4/7/477.jpg)
Latex hood with mouth opening
Latex Blindfold
Spandex hood (No openings)
Spandex kneehighs
Silicone Mastrubation Sleeve
Tentacle Dildo
Bad Dragon Vergil dildo (Small)
Chico Lil squirt with tube (With lube, obviously)
Anal beads
Two Buttplugs
A bunch of clothespins

Into Bondage, degradation and a bit of a masochist. No public nudity, CBT, scat or piss.
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eat the toys

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