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Carwash thread
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Pic unrelated... Got a weird fetish.... I wanna go through an automatic car wash, sans car, naked if possible. Have wanted to do so for years, either running through on foot, or tied to a car. Have a few saved erotic stories about it. So how 'bout it, /d/? Any of you sick bastards done it?
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The old one was taken down.
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>just calls it a flattening thread
>doesn't link the previous thread
Off to a good start.

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1st Day of June. And its time.

Previous thread >>7256125
More info: http://pastebin.com/FWm01NPB
SFW thread >>>/c/2889926 (will end soon)

Happy Summer, everyone!
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Will start off with some Iridian & Ivy. Will post some storytimes later.
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Last one deaded.

Feel free to leave a description or tasks with your post.
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I don't have kinky toys. Hit me with something basic.

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[rub rub.gif
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No rules, just right, out back, TG thread.

Drawfags/artfags welcome. Keep bitching to a minimum pls. Also, no sissy/futa.

Posting some images I've never seen on these boards before.
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Let's get a little creative, /d/. Imagine you happened to acquire a free membership to Deviant Cams, a fictional cam site with performers based on every /d/ fetish known to man. Lifelong futas with giant dicks, endlessly lactating cow girls, even shapeshifters and voreing predators. From the relatively mundane to the totally impossible, it's somehow all there like a dream. You click on one performer and start watching something you never thought you'd get to see a real person do.

Who are they and what do you watch them do for you and the other viewers? Pick and post from your stash of images (unrelated scenario is fine) or completely make something up. You can even talk with them or make requests if you want to. Do you? Maybe they talk about themselves or have a bio explaining how they wound up on Deviant Cams. It's up to you!
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For my first visit, I'll keep it simple. My camgirl is a shy futa being goaded on by a friend of hers to show off her enormous cock. She takes requests to compare it to various objects, pose with it, and measure it over and over. As she starts being less reserved, the measurements come back a little bigger each time, ending up at about 12x9" the last time she checks. Requests keep coming in to get the friend involved, and eventually the futa lets her friend start touching and stroking it. Eventually, the futa winds up sucking on her own dick while her friend holds her and strokes her cock from behind. She tries her best and fails to swallow all the huge loads of cum that pour out of it and the last thing we can see before they turn the stream off is the camgirl's friend pushing her down on the bed and starting to lick the rest off.

So what was your visit like?
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post the best fetish in town, guys and gals that can orally pleasure their own cocks whenever they want

implied or imminent self suck are okay too since otherwise we'll be getting a lot of the same old art
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A few years I got really into cross dressing and went afaik from pretty much straight to a total power bottom. I can't get enough, it's like a form of BDSM focused entirely on the asshole.

I like to be degraded too and though pissplay and daddy/dom type of "tell you when and when you can't pee" isn't a fetish of mine I figure I should go ahead and get into it because with the amount I destroy my asshole I figure I'll probably end up into that simply because the organs are connected. Y'all know what I mean or am I just rambling on some crazy hypothesis that doesn't make any sense?
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Sounds like you need Jesus
Ouch. Doesn't it hurt in the butt?

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demon/paranormal/goddess/deity femdom?
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enjoy [spoiler]your doom[/spoiler]
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The place for all strong dickgirls.
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suits that stimulate and bring the wearer to orgasm
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Weight gain edition?
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/D/ick girl thread
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